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Saint Sharbel
From his Contemporaries To our Era

by Father Hanna Skandar
Sharbel Crazy by God
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Book: Saint Sharbel, From his Contemporaries..., 133 Languages

Jesus Christ, God Saint Maroun Saint Sharbel Sainte Rafca Saint Hardini
Sharbel the Blessed
4   Sharbel the Blessed 4
       Sharbel was proclaimed Blessed december-5-1965.
   At the closing of the second ecumenical council (Vatican II). In the presence of thirty five hundred catholic bishops, from the entire church around the world. After studying these following four miracles by the church, and after achieving a legitimate investigation with over twelve witnesses for each miracle. The church took in consideration two of them.

   We took the initial to put in details, the storys of these four miracles, knowing of how intrested some people are, to know details of the cause and the developping of illness. And the details of the healing, and it`s spiritual result. And also to make it known, how precise and definite the church are to determine a miracle.

  1. The healing of Akl Wakim

    1. He fell down from the bycicle
      Akl Wakim was a student of Al Hickmeh school. And it come to pass that one of his teacher`s father died, in the town of Bekfaya, in April-11-1940. So he went there with four of his comrades, for condolessences. He was at the age of fourteen. Coming back on bycicle, in a place called Jouret Al Zaitoun, the way back from Bekfaya, where rolling down the hill becoming very severe. He fell down of the side of the road at a height of 8 meters. He broke his hip, and a stone pierced his side.

       His friends, with the help of a municipal police from Intelyas, took him home, in Al-Quarantina-Beirut, in a complete loss of conciense.

    2. A Simple matter!
      When his parents saw him in this state, they were very troubled, and  rushes him to doctor Boulos Toutenjey. So he found his hip got loosend and his leg was turned out backwards. He also got deep wounds on his side, his chest and his face.

         The doctor tryed in vain to bring back the hip to its place, for half an hour. Then gave up, and said, to take him to some specialist. They aimed to doctor Rizk, and did not fined him. Finally headed to the American University Hospital. It was 11-PM. So they treated the wounds with bands, and said to wait for tomorrow till the physician comes.

          The next day, doctor Samy Haddad came and checked him. Then X-Rayed him, after that, gave him a surgery. And told his kin, his situation is a simple matter, he`s done. His hip was mooved of, and I brought it back into its place. He remained in the hospital for six days.

         Then came back home. And stayed lying in bed on his back for three weeks. Then when he tried to walk, he found his leg jamed, both the hip and the knee

    3. His leg don’t heal !
      Then his parents took him to what is called, Arabic-Physician, (Someone who practice ancient medicine, used back in the old days, especially for bone fractures. Sometimes are efficient) name Elyas Arbeed in Al-Msaytbeh. He treated him with a hot water bath, plus some variable steam warming, he massaged the injured leg with some creams. Now the boy start bending his knee, but not his hip.  Next Mansour Saab from Al-Rmayleh also an Arabic-Physician   treated him the same way, and did not succeed.

      Two months later, went back to doctor Haddad in the American University, and after an X-Ray, he proclaimed, his leg won`t heal even with an open surgery! And they asked him the cause? He answered: there are some blood that dried out in the the hole where the hip bone sit!. So they said how did you say last time he was healed?! In answering back said: I am responsible for my patient as long as he is in the hospital, after leaving I`m not.

    4. Shy to walk around with young ladys
      Akl went back to school to finish his scholastic year, and he stayed six months the way he is.

         One day he jumped from a locomotive. And not dare to tell his father, that he hurted himself, fearing him been severe in straighting his son.

         His leg got worse. And as he is growing one leg is growing, and not the other, and his walk got more defected.

         Now again they consult an Arminian (Arabic-Physician), from Bourj Hammoud. So he hung at the boy`s leg a bag of sand weight 15-kilograms. But also no benefit, with that treatment.

         Now his hip look bumpy. And the shortness of his leg forced him to wear a boot of 7-centimeters higher then the other. Even so, he was walking to much bended. And don’t want to walk around, with young ladys, because he shy.

    5. Carying a gun!
       A bumps showing of his hip, which makes every one that sees him think, he is carying a gun, or a meal maybe on his side. And it happen that if he want to sit or kneel down, he got to bend the natural leg to the back and the crippled one to the front, for the hip bone was jamed, and if he ever walked for five minutes, he feel great pain and needed to rest.

      Then people  was counseling his father, to take him to that great Surgeon, Rovrito for a surgery. But he refuses fearing that he may get worse.

    6. He became a heavy burden on his parents shoulders

         Finally they left him as he is.

         And he became like a dependent parasite. No one is able to give him a job. His application to join the departement of public works for the state was rejected. Nor accepted at the railroad company, where his brother got a job.

         The only chance left, was to open a  grocery store, in order to make a living.

         He had to ride the bike, only in the way down, using his right leg only, and could`ve not ride it back in the way up. And also could not bend to the floor, nor bow down, if needed, but by bendind his back, and his right leg, and stretch the left one to the back. He stayed like that ten years.

         Doctor Hanna Al-Ryashi`s wife, (Akl`s doctor), always told her sons, whenever they vexed her asking for bikes, in answering: look what had happened to akl from biking…

    7. Toward Sharbel

        Akl heard about saint Sharbel`s miracles. So he decided to visit him one Sunday.

         But when his brother heard about the healing of Mary Jamil Maalouf, and the fact that she was born crippled. He aimed to her house to verify that.

         And when he saw that. He went back flying to his brother`s store like crazy and told him: <Shut the store, shut the store now!, his language showed he was thrilled and amazed! Akl asked him why you want me to shut down now?! Repeated: Shut the store now, we want to pay a visit to saint Sharbel, Mary Jamil was healed! Akl felt great fever of faith, and now he got motivated for the visit. And shuted down the store.

         Here some people laughed, and said what possibly he`s going to do, or gain, ten years already passed, and yet he is crippled!.

    8. One Cabinet Minister is complaining

         Emile Lahoud minister of finance portfolio, rushed to the palace of the president of the republic, Bsharah El-Khoury.

         Mad! with loud voice said:

        -The noise that flares out, about that monk (Sharbel) is comic. And what is uglyer, that the press got infected by.

         It is our duty to put an end for these wiles!

         The first lady interfered saying:

        -We need to see plainly, what is going on there, this is the only possible way for us to know the truth.

         The minister continued:

        -It don`t smell good stuff. Must be some wile there.

         How shame, this is happening in Lebanon! Lebanon the civilisation, the advancement… And now we hear talking about some  denounced flagrant conjuration!.

         The president answer with intimacy:

        -Emile you are the favored one to clearify this case. Go up to Ennaya, and see what`s going on. And when you come back we`ll take the eligible action.

        -People are crazy! furtherd the minister, < Today one of my neighbors named Akl Wakim, who have been ill for over ten years. Now they took him to Ennaya. And the whole neighborhood have nothing else to talk about but him. Ar`nt these but just feeble minds>!?  

         With a hint the president cuted of his minister saying:

        -We are relying on you to go and bring us the good news. Verify by yourself. Comeback and tell us. We are waiting for you.

         The minister car rolled thrue the roadway curbs to Ennaya. By Toarzayya, Ehmej, Mesmesh, Ennaya (villages in the mountains the roadway to the monastery) he saw the crowds fullfilling the highways, the streets, the roads, even the very narrow roads, are all jamed because of this heavy traffic, flowing like rivers in the way to the sea. It was almost impossible to drive thrue.

      The minister resented from this slowness, and the fact that many people knew him and were surprised!

         The abbot received the minister and was surprised too! from such a sudden visit by a fame politician.


    9. Stood up and walked

         Akl and his brother Tanios, his mother and his two oncles, took a car straight to Ennaya.

         Akl took a vow that if he got heald, he will fast for a week, eating bread and drinking water only. And he was praying all the way long, in his heart, the (Our Father, and Hail Mary), without looking around him, nor to the left or to the right.

         When they arrived, Akl entered straight to the tomb, even with a big difficulty, making it thrue the mobes. And throw himself on the ground under a table used for lighting candles. He was praying with the audience, the petitions for our Lady Mother of God. His mother was wiping the tomb with her hand and rubing his side, then catching some soil from the grave and putting it in his mouth.

         They were almost half way yet reciting the petitions for the Theothokos.

         Then he felt suddenly, like an electric circuit running thrue his hand, passing from the palm to the elbow. Now at the elbow the circuit got stronger, he got scared and shiverd! He mooved shuddering! Then  found his crippled leg kneeling normaly next to the natural one! He was astonished! He implore much stronger repeating in his heart, I hope this will be the miracle. And kept praying back with the crowds. And yet he wasn`t sure of the occurence of a complete healing.

         When the petitions ends up. He stood up and walked. He was feeling he progressed. But he did not dare to declare that, fearing a scandle!.

    10. An Orthodox witness

         Doctor Antoine Al-Shamy, was the physician for the monks hospital in Jbeil. And sheikh Rajy Zakariyah, an orthodox man, inspector of the directory of tobbaco in Jbeil. And they Were discussing father Sharbel`s phenomenon. The doctor proposed the visit of the sepulcher. It was about 3-PM, arriving, right before the tomb, they found Akl Lying down under the candle table, and the candles melting down and dripping on his clothes. So they asked him, what`s with him? He answerd: I`m in pain I am sick. So they shared a prayer together for a moment, then they left and aimed to the hall to rest, along with the minister Emile Lahoud.

      Then sheikh Zakariyah said to doctor Shamy: Apparently nothing is happening today! No miracles?!

    11. The bells ringed

         When Akl walked out of the tomb`s hall with his mother, he said to her: It seems now I`m meandering on the right leg instead! Perhaps I`m heald! And he went walking fine, bending, kneeling and standing. His oncle start applauding from joy saying: nephew you`re heald!  Right there he took of the high boot of his left foot, and start walking well.

      Seeing that, the people was so amazed and zealous. Shouting applauding in the outside, and the bells ringed.


    12. I am a believer in God

         When minister Emile Lahoud heard the bells ringing, he thought the people are welcoming him. Grouchy he became, and said to the abbot: please! I`m not here in a legitimete visit, so calm down these manifestations outside, and stop the bells ringing. The abbot answerd with a significant smile he couldn`t hid it, saying: it is true you surprised us with your visit. But this is not on your account, your exellency, we was not informed of your visit!. Perhaps these good people have seen some miracle and start applauding.

         The minister screemed terrified! Miracles! And pulled himself out thrue the crowds, along with doctor Antoine El-Shamy and the orthodox witness sheikh Rajy Zakariyah which was squeezing from every side. Now while passing the courtyard, he saw a young man hastening towards him, vigorous, delighted, rejoicing, surrounded with part of his kin, and friends, applauding and cheering.

         He knew him: this is Akl Wakim shouting to him: you! Are here! Your exellency? So the minister answered him with a question: you are Akl? or I am wrong? Akl answerd: yes That is me, myself, as you see… I by the intercession of saint Sharbel am heald!

         The minister put a hand on his forthead, puzzled, trembling, mumbling as if he in a dream, and said: something bizarre like a dream! Then looked back to the abbot who was following him and said: father I don`t know what is happening to me. I know this man he had permanent disability  for some ten years.

         The power of God had heald him. And heald me of disbilieving!

         I believe in God. In saint Sharbel. In the Catholic church. In heaven…


    13. He gained repentance

         At night Akl came back home, and he was walking with fortitude.

         And now for straight fifteen days people filled the house  congratulating him for this marvelous event.

         No more meandering, no more pain. But the growth of the muscles of the left leg was happening gradualy.

         Akl`s behavior was not favorable, and a bit rebellious. He also complained and murmured little bit to much from having no job.

         He  wasn`t visiting the church repeatedly. He had no warmth towards religious dutys.

         After his healing, he changed and became a peacefull person, and start practicing religion. Repentance took place in his life. He was not letting go any spiritual act or obligation.

         Also whenever he got the chance and receive enough money for cab, he go visit saint Sharbel, to pray and work for free, in order to ratify and show gratitude, to the doing of saint Sharbel with him. So he do carry on his side which was the bad one, heavy bags of sand and stones, vigorously.


    14. The healing of an atheist

         Edmond El-Khoury from Sid El-Baoushriyeh testified:

         My brother Edward`s right hand was paralyzed. And did not receive healing, even after his visit to saint Sharbel.

         But Akl Wakim`s event, had touched me deep.

         When I always thought that, there is no power superior to men`s. But after that marvel, I start believing in a godly power, above men. And I happen to start longing and get ready, for worship and for religious dutys.

         My ideologys use to be, that: It is enough for man to achieve social courtesy towards one another. Without tyring myself thinking about religious facts or engagement in its dutys.

         But now my inner part has changed towards this concern. And if untill today I`m still behind, I know this is because of the way I was raised. Things that are rooted in, takes time to be changed.

         July-25-1950 I was shot mistakebly in my stomach. A bullet ripted of my intestins in seven spots. I was taken to the hospital under a critical conditions, and received a very delicate surgery.

         The best part of my healing was this: the minute I got shot  I took for refuge saint Sharbel, and I said to him, Oh saint Sharbel save me! Like you saved others! And in deed I was saved. And thanking God,  I got out of the hospital within fifteen days.


    15. A Dancing Walk

         Minister Emile Lahoud testified;

      I saw a man old in his days, entering the monastery, he could`ve barely walk, with big difficulty! Then after a little while, I saw him climbing the stairs that take you to the church, down in the buttom floor. He was making it without anyone`s help, without a cain to lean on. Then the hall of the monastery, he took it in a dancing walk!.

      Mymy karam from Baskinta, worke in tailoring. She had the muscle of her leg paralyzed. She walk hunchbacked, and catch her knee with two hands to lift it up during walking.

         But after her visit to saint Sharbel, she start walking just naturally.

          The minister added:

         After these Supernatural events: My faith got rooted, and my cult became fixed.

         The unsure and hesitaters, came back to the faith.

         The faithfull increased in faith, and their reasons facing athiests got stronger.

         The athiests who stick to their athiesim, got just shocked.

    16. Boulos A Akiki
      1. uncured blood pressure
        In 1943 he start having blood pressure. And after his brother Farres died, his sickness got worst. And caused him a (تكلس في شرايين) of  the heart. Bsharah Dehhan physician, treated him. And gave him the prescription of the designated medicines used in such incidents, which is consisted of Iodized materials. And a special diet program prohibiting: meat, pasta, fishs, eggs, gravy, alcohol, caffeine, and definitely no smoking. And he allowed him eating, vegetables, especially if boiled, and little bit of meat without any grease, once a week. And also told him repeatedly: be watchfull on your diet, you are still a young man.

           Boulos followed the treatment. And fasted ten days, with little bit of water. And that was of no effect.

           His blood pressure was going between 22 to 24 the high, and 11 to 12 the low. And he happen to have short breathing, inflation of the liver, trembling in the nervous system, migraine, weak vision.   He was continiously in pain. He get troubled eating! Cannot walk more then five hundred yards, without taking a rest. He also had chest pain, and the pain go unto the left hand all the way to the fingers. On the top of all; During the crisis his heart beat cease. Physicians use to treat that with special needles, that stay hunged under the skin.

           He was living terrifyed.

           His doctor defended him living in mountains. (Which, three quarters of lebanon are mountains).

           Now in the summer of 1946 he was in Hrajel (an elevated mountain), to spend a small vacation at his brother`s house. It was night when a crisis hited him. This one physician came and checked his blood pressure, it was high 23! Then he lost conscience. His family now picked him up and took him home, down to the city. After the crisis he took four days to recover, he was tired and got treated with all these medicines.

           Linda his sister in law, Farres`s widow, use to give  him service with his old mother and the handmaid, Leila Khalil.

           The members of the house was always attentive not to disturb him. But in the contrary they did work so they don’t tire him.

           He, once a while use to go check on his trading market store in Beirut. And also his gardens in Wata Nahr El-Kalb. He was the one, taking care of all this work, before illness had puted him to retirement.

           Coming back home, he go straight to his bed and stay.

           He was always scared of death, as if he was about to die, at any minute. And because of despairing, he decided one day to write all his heritage down for the benefit of his nephews, whom he raised, the sons of his deceased brother Farres.

           Then one day he stoped taking his medicines, and treatments, believing in it`s vanity. It was one week before a visit to saint Sharbel.

      2. Light is shining from the tomb
        He aimed to Mar Maroon monastery, from all his heart with christian faithfulness. Along with his cousin, his oncle Semaan, Amin El-Faloughy`s wife, Linda his sister in law, and her two daughters, Antoinette, and Georgette. Each one was aiming having his owne mind, and petitions.

           Arrived to the monastery, and visited Sharbel`s tomb.

           Boulos, in piety the tears dropped of his eyes. And everybody have seen light shining of the tomb. And he was rubing with his hand, the marble stone that is on the tomb. He have seen two miracles happening while there, this had touched him, and strenthened his faith. He shared a procession with a group of people praying, crying, and imploring.

          Then he felt an ease and inner joy. And also felt he was healed.

           Then Boulos ate of what they got with them, some sardine, and eggs…

           When they return home. He ate with his kin and slept comfortable.

           And since then he start smoking -نرجيلة

           Linda broughted with her a little branch of an Oak tree from the yard of the monastery, as a blessed relic. She soaked it in water, and it oozed out a burgandy color like wine. He drinked some of it. His body shiverd little bit. Then he felt getting reliefed from The pain he had for all these years. The next day, he got diarrhea. And as fat man,   he checked his weight, he found that he lost two kilograms!. Diarreha stoped after the forth day, when he kept drinking of that water for eight days. Then kept loosing weight, one kilogram a day. He felt comfortable, and start climbing the stairs without fatigue.

          After that he bounded for doctor Dehhan, laughing and on his face the signs of happiness and joy. He extended his hand, so confident of himself that there is no more blood pressure,  and told him, take my pressure. So the doctor did and it was natural: 14on 8 ! he repeated the checking twice, then looked astonished at Boulos: what have you done Boulos?! Who else treated you then me?! I know your illness is uncured!

           So he told him what had Sharbel did to him.

           He was amazed and told him Boulos: What is for God, and father Sharbel, and his saints, is not for doctors, he is omnipotent!.

           Even so he did not believe this result is gonna last long!. For that he asked Boulos to pass by once a week for a test to verify, was this going to last or not. Also he asked him not to keep any diet, but to eat freely drink and smoke.

          So Boulos did, and he was passing by the doctor once a week, and the result have not changed.

           He also start going to the mountain more often without any problem.

           Many was touched with such a story, and visited him congratulating.

      3. The Oak water
        Linda, Farres Akiki`s widowed testified: I had a nine years old daughter, whom was permanently ill. This was caused by a  high fever. She was checked by many physicians, and got no result.

           After the visit for saint Sharbel, I started giving her water of that oak branch.

           This one night, the church was all adorned. So my daughter asked her oncle to go visit and see the ornament, he objected, telling her how ill is she. And she said: no oncle, the saint appeard to me and told me,< you are going to sleep tonight, and tomorrow you will wake up with a regular body temperature of 37 (cellcuse)>.

           This what happened. And she got healed, thanks to God.

      4. The healing of the spirit
        The healing of Boulos, had its influence on the region. Big part of people came back to the faith more then before.

            Boulos had not enough warmth, in persevering religious dutys. But after the healing took place in his life, his fever augmented thousand percent. And he started persevering to approach holy sacrements, Masses,  confessions, and also attending church conventions or assemblys. People who was away from the church, came back with warmth. They start coming frequently to the church. Among them, someone named philip Asaad, who was also away from the church. Now he is first among active and zealous members. And he says,
        [ I was one who does not like church. But today, I like attending daily masses, and I also like to take costumers every day to saint Sharbel (he was a cab driver) to take advantage from the visit].

           Anyone of Boulos neighborhood or connections got sick, Boulos ask his sister in law, to give him water of that oak tree branch for healing. Some muslims people ask him relics of saint Sharbel. (Boulos lived in an islamic neighborhood). And he gave them.

      5. Sister Mary Abel Kamary
        1. complete health

          Sister Mary was since her youth, living the common life of a christian villager girl. At home and in school.

             She later on joined the monastery, and became a legal nun. She was striving for sanctity. With a very good manner, and a good example to others, she was very pious, zealous, of a good spirit, nice behavior, and a clear mind. Very diligent in doing some work, she had sobriety, and wisdom in her precisions, enlighted, sharp mind, just judgment, strong will. And she is someone who measure things with her mind, not with her emotions.

             She became a teacher, in the elementary school, which belong to the Jesuits.

             She also had a very good health conditions, and a strong body.

        2. chronic sickness

          New year`s day 1936, sister Mary got inflicted by vomiting, that stayed with her for a while.

             The mother-superior checked on her, and brought her, doctor John Shamy. And after checking her, and see how healthy she was, with a strong body, he said: this is nothing but a nervous situation of the system, coming from her sharp mood. He informed to treat her with a standard medication like some carbon.

             But vomiting kept going, and increases day after day. And her body was lessening. Even though, she kept persuing her duty in school, regurarly till the end of the scholastic year.

             The day of the exams, she was attacked by a dizziness, and she couldn`t continue doing her job.

             She was sent to rest. The next day, she was trying to get up. Here she start sweating, and passed out.

             She was so skinny at that time, and already lost thirty kilograms.

             She went to doctor Yousef Hetteh. And when he saw her that skinny, down to the bones. He gave his guidance, to be well fed, and rest, and change climat, and said: we cannot give her any treatment nor pass any surgery, with such conditions.(that she is very skinny).

             She was sent to Ain Zheltah, (village in the south), but it wasn`t fittable for her. She got caught by diarrhea, and start vomiting untill she got exhausted. From there she was sent to Hemmana, (village in the mountain), where an egyptian physician consulted her Joseph Marajel, a specialist for stomachache. He happen to be there for summer vacation. He gave her a treatment for eight days, with a special diet program. Vomiting had diminished, considering the small amount of food, and its light quality. Then the doctor, ordered an X-Ray. And the result was an enormous ulcer in the intestin. The doctor gave her as treatment some injection. But no result.

             After that she was sent to doctor Baaqlyni. And when this one consulted her, he start blaming and cursing the pysicians who treated her untill now.

             And she was  deliverd to the Sacred Heart, the french hospital, in Beirut. So they execute for her a treatment of  series of injections, serum and a stomach wash, by a hose.

          Vomiting kept increasing, and blood is showing in the stools.

             She was X-Rayed again. Doctor Baaqlyni then decided a surgery.

          So the surgery was done, in the presence of doctor, Ibrahim Abou Haidar, and a list of other adjoining doctors. The surgery took two and half an hour. They found the gallbladder the kidney and the intestin are connected together.

             She stayed in the hospital for over thirty days. And the cut was left open for excretion of pus, thrue a tube that was connected to her belly. Later on when the the cut was stiched out. She start vomiting again more then before. And some yellow to greenish liquid was seen when she throw up. They assumed (doctors), this is a result of a nervous act.

             They tried to keep away from her the recipient where she do vomit in. And she tryed to press on herself not to throw up. But in vain.

             Then she received another surgery, and that was for four and a half hour. Doctors found this time, that the gallbladder, kidney and intestin sticked again together, and not only that, but the liver and all the intetins are now sticking with together.

             Doctor Baaqlyni couldn`t finish the surgery, because her heart was running with hundred and seventy beat per minute.

             He lost hope of achieving all the seperations of all the organs. So he gave up, then left her alone, to God`s mercy.

             Her condition became critical. Therefore she received the sacrament of Annointing for death. And she stayed under risk for a while.

             She ubstained from eating. And she was nourishing from the serum only. Later on she started eating again, and again she`s back throwing up, this time lesser then before. Doctor Baaqlyni foretold that this is only a momentary recovering attributed to the inner cleaning he achieved in the surgery.

             She left the hospital in mid october, aiming to Bekfaya,where she stayed three months. And vomiting start increasing again.

             About 1938 she was sent to doctor Kalimat, in Hotel Dieu hospital. He indicated to extract the gallbladder. She refused after taking the permission of her superior, seeing what she went thrue for no result.

             Then she was sent to the monastery of the beginners for rest. Right there she spent many years, between life and death.

             She wasn`t given big job to do, but teaching catechism, and giving some personal lessons.

             In the beginning she was walking back and forth in the monastery, without no one`s help. But because of to much vomiting, she got very weak, and she could`ve not walk without a crutch, and a nun to lean on.

             In mid 1941, she had a stroke, she turned dumb, her right hand was paralyzed, and she had severe pain in her spine, up to the back of her head, to where she couldn`t sit anymore.

             She had more then one stroke, which put her just near death. And father Yousef, the youth preacher gave her again the death annointing. After seven days, she got just a bit better, but her hand stayed inoperative, and the pain in her back stayed still.

             Doctor Abi Haidar, and doctor Michel Farhat, from Hammana, agreed, that the cause of this Crisis, was weakening and dryness in the bones and in the vains, coming from bad nourishment.

             Her hand stayed inoperative for seven years. And one day got healed because of annointing her with   some soil. The mother superior had brought it from Rome. That healing took place the following day of the annointing.

             Then she stayed like this, untill 1950. Crisis flares much often, and vomiting accompanied her. Then her teeth got ruined. And worst she became.

             Doctor Hikmat Jabbour was consulting her, and kept saying her sickness is uncurable. Her stomach is not able to hold even light food, nor any liquid. Father Yousef the Jesuit, the youth preacher said, he does not understand how possible, sister Mary Abel still alive, since she vomit any thing she eat. And every time he sees one of her nun`s sister, he asked if sister Mary was still alive?!

             She remained in bed, ajoining with the recipient for vomiting. Then she could`ve no more get up from the bed. And every body was expecting her death, at any moment.

             In her sickness she showed extraordinary virtues: her patience, her smiley face, her longing for prayers, and her  complete surrounding to God`s will. Sometimes they called her: nun saint.

        3. They brought her to die in here

          She heard news about saint Sharbel`s miracles. And his picture is on her bed, and she is wearing his relics on her neck.

             She, before visited him was imploring him, saying: if you have the will to cure me let me see you in a dream.

             Not to long after that, she saw him in a dream. He appeard to her wearing a white garment, standing next to her bed, extending his hands above her, then dissapeard.

             Another time he appeard to her in a dream, and gave her the blessing.

             The first time he appeard to her, she told the nuns. And they asked her if he look like the picture that present him, where he is drawn kneeling on that reed platform, which was the only known photo for saint Sharbel, back then. She answered: no he does not look like that! So they said back: then this is not him.

             However this did not weakend her faith in him. Also she never asked to visit him, but she wished of. Knowing for sure he`s going to heal her.

             In July-11-1950, she visited saint Sharbel, accompanied, with mother Isabelle Ghrayeb, the mother superior of Jbeil monastery whom she was insesting telling, sister Mary`s mother superior of how dueable is taking her to Ennaya`s monastery. Also with Matyld Zanbaka Al-Bawshriyeh monastery mother superior, the elementery teacher mother Bernadette Neffaa, and sister Leotinyn Rahmeh.

             In the way there, she was very disturbed. She was vomiting all the way up. The car was stopping every other moment, so the nuns give her injections. They were scared she may die, on the road. They even thought to have her resting in Jbeil monastery, one night before getting to Ennaya. But she refused.

             And after five hours on the roads. Finally they arrived, but she was decayed. She was brought out of the car on a seat. People around her, seeing how she look, said: how narrow minded are these Jesuit nuns! They brought her to die in here! Let her die on her bed at home!

        4. Throw me with the poors

          Michel El-Sroujey, victor Ghawi, and fouad El-Sayegh, official employees, of the health squad departement, for Ennaya`s monastery, carried her to the tomb, on a chair.

             Upon entering the tomb area, and upon laying her hand on that peace of marble that is on the tomb, she felt like a tremor in her back, and a power entering her body. And also she felt the presence of the saint in that place; the feeling she didn`t have, nor before the empty coffin, or in the church, but at the active tomb where the saint`s body exist (there are some empty coffin there, where the saint`s body was layed, throughout the examining period, by the order of the head church).

             Then she was taken to a room  where she was layed down on a bed, which was prepared for her. She was offered some fruit. The minute she ate she throow up.

          At night she told mother superior Isabelle Ghrayeb: I don’t sleep on a spring bed. Throw me with the poors, on the floor by the tomb`s Ground! But she answered: there is no  room for you by the tomb!. So she submited and said to saint sharbel: Look you are a monk, and so do I, you know what obedience is. So I obey, and the rest is on you.

             Then she pass that night praying with the nuns, in a room that was prepared for them.

             The next day, early morning, the nuns participated, in a procession for the holy Host, then a Liturgy, then after Holy Communion. She was put in the tomb`s room before the marble of the sepulcher. Right there she participated, with three Masses. Also she was sharing with people, their cases and pray like them: they cry, so she did! they mourn, also she did!.

             An extraordinary state of prayer was shadowing over, in the room, with a special common loving feelings.

             At that point she start feeling, painfull anguish in her haunch, and more in her right knee, but she foresaw goodness in that, and said to herself: he is healing me no doubt! Because she heard before: that if he is willing to heal, he increases pain.

        5. A touch from God
          At nine fifteen AM, after finishing a walk that was held, from the monastery to the cell, (where saint Sharbel lived) mother Izabelle, came back and proposed to Mary, to join her for breakfast, maybe she can have little thing to eat or drink. She refused and said: it is better for me to stay here and pray! Leave me and go I`m not coming out of here but walking on my feet! She left her and gone.

             After a little while, the health squad team came to do the cleaning, and spray the hall with the (D-D-T), for insects. So they mooved the sicks to the outside. When they arrived to sister Mary, she ask them to put her in the front of the tomb, from the outside. They picked her up with the chair she was sitting on, and they puted her where she wished . After finishing spraying. They brought her back in. so she thank them saying: I already botherd you twice picking me up! But this one is the last!.

          And she sat before the tomb starring on that marble over the tomb, it was like something attracking her! She couldn`t even moove her eyes away from it! She was taken with the site.

             Beside her there was this blind man, whom he was touching with his eyes that marble, while saying: have mercy on me Oh God, have mercy on me… then he lift up his head and try to open his eyes with his hands, and he repeated that act many times.

             Her pain was yet still continuous. And while she was praying she looked, where saint Sharbel`s name is incised, on that peace of marble, and saw! it was weted out with couple drops of what may look like water, these drops was held in place!

             She rejoiced and said to herself: this is for me! and she willed to take a napkin, and catch these drops, then rub her stomach and her body, with it then stand and walk

             And so she did, she took a napkin, and tryed to stand up, there was this one women trying to help her, she refused help, but insisted to make it on her own! And when she put the napkin on that marble, it turned wet, she was so impressed, and start rubing her stomach, her spine, and her haunchs. But no one else had seen the drops of that water but her!

             Now she turn to see around her, if her sisters nuns was there so they witness and rejoice her healing miracle, especially how hard they work helping her all these years. So she found some of them, and she asked the nurse, to call for mother Bernadette. The nurse rushed and brought her. Mary stood next to her and handed her the cain she was leaning on, and stood up straight! And shouted with loud voice: moove (in plural)! Make room for me! Then she walked! Her steps in the beginning was stable and firm, she was lifting her feet, above the standard measurement, then she didn’t take to long to walk like everybody. The people around her cheering and applauding.

             Next to her there was this one sheeite muslim man, who have seen her when she first arrived to the monastery and how she was, and seeing her now getting heald, he raised his voice shouting: I want to become christian.

             People start snatching her clothes! The bells runged! the crowds acclaimed. Sister Izabelle Ghrayeb hearing that, her body shiverd, she was deeply touched and said to herself, I hope of God, our nun have walked! She rushed out between hope and fear! and met sister Matild Zanbaka shouting and saying: sister Mary Abel is walking!.

             Father Ageya, walked slowly, he was also deeply touched, arriving to the church, he entered, And his knees was shaking, he could`ve barely stand up, because of the influence of the incident, the church was packed with people. And one of the monks, was giving a sermon, with a fiery zeal, talking about, the authority of God and the intercession of saint Sharbel, while sister Mary Abel was standing on the stairs of the Altar like a candle stick, just straight, starring at the priest and listening to his words. When the sermon was over, father Ageya felt he is mooved to speak, so he recall for, repentance and faith. The audience was crying of joy and participated with his feelings.

             After the procession of the holy Host. They celebrated a cult of veneration, a procession around the church, for over two hours, sister Mary participated with, and did not feel tired. She was even jumping over the blocks of stones that was piled in the yards of the monastery. Michel Al-Sroujey came and picked her up again, as he did when she was all crippled. He was shouting to the crowds saying: look people, nothing is difficult for God! look who is picking up  who! Wow to whom he have no faith!

        6. Who is Michel Al-Sroujey

           I was a sick man, since 1947, untill May-9-1949. I had a joints illness. And the sickness reached to the internal and exterior membrane of the heart, and caused me an infection, that put me off work. Which then results of puting me to retirement, from my job at the police. November first 1949 I left the office.

             The next month, December-27-1950, at 5:00PM. I was riding a bus, when a quarrel happened between me and this one man, named Victor El-Khoury from Al-Hadath Beirut. The bus stopped and he ends up giving me a kik by his foot when I was at the door. I fell on the ground, and my back hited the edge of the sidewalk, I passed out.

             This has resulted of breaking me, two vertebras of my spine, the twelve`th and the thirteen`th. Which paralyzed my legs and my urinal. This was confirmed after X-Rayes, by physicians which I do carry their certifications with me.

             I stayed like this untill May-9-1950, when I heard about saint Sharbel`s miracles.

             I asked my wife to take me to visit the tomb of father Sharbel. She prepared a car, and she asked her cousin, father Boutros Al-Tannoury the general deputy of the Maronite monastics in Aleppo Syria back then, to join us for the monastery.

             I was carried to the car. And aimed to the monastery.

             I was so disturbed in the way there, and my heart was in a very bad condition.

             When I arrived to the monastery. I was checked by physicians appointed by the monasticism, whom they are, doctor Ibrahim Bakhos, doctor Sakher El-Khazen, and doctor Antoine El-Beaayni. They reported that I was in a critical condition. Their report is registered in the memorandum of the monastery.

            I was carried down to the sepulcher of the saint, but I couldn`t enter because of the crowds. So the people brought me back up to the church.

             I approched confession, and confessed standing up, the priest was holding me, and another priest, father Gebrayel was holding me also by my side, I was tired from that position. Then I was picked up to the holy Altar table and partaked of the holy Communion. After that I was carried again down to the sepulcher, and stayed before the tomb layed down on the grownd, surrender myself to crying and imploring, of a wounded inside.

             After three quarter of an hour, I felt all my joints shuddering, and somehow I felt suffocating. I stood up quickly, my body was shaking, I blew up mourning and I screemed all at once like someone was just frightened!

             Right there, was this one man named Espiro, who was putting marbles for the floor of the sepulcher. He was just started, and placed only three marbles.

             He went out  and spoke openly that a miracle had happened to me!

             I aimed toward the door shivering, walking like a baby in his first step! Then I heard the bells ringing and the women trilling, and people shouting: miracle! Miracle!

             I took a napkin to dry out my face that it was sweating, the napkin was wetted out with a yellow liquid, I proceeded and found a frock hanged on the wall, by the church door, I wiped my face with it, then people burst forth, toward that frock, and teared it apart among themselves as blessings. Then I walked to the church alone without leaning on anybody, so I visited the holy Host.

             After that I was brought to a room, where Master Boulos Salami was layed sick, on a carriage bed, I was yet heald for only fifteen minutes, I approched him and told him: Master of poets, may God give you healing, like he did to me. Then people was crowding in that room to look at me.

             Then doctor Sakhr El-Khzaen came, and checked me. He had me taking of all my clothes, and start checking my heart, and knocking on it with his hand, he checked all my body and found me just in a good condition.

             After that I dismissed the case I had opened, in the criminal court against Victor Khoury, for the gratitude saint Sharbel, had offered me.

        7. The presence of God
          At night, sister Mary Abel along with some nuns climed to the cell (saint Sharbel`s) walking, from the point of the car drop, (about half a mile) and spent the night sitting on a chair, before the recluse`s cell.

             In the morning she went back to Bekfaya, and the congregation of the monastery there, was rejoicing. She had breakfast with them, this time without vomiting.

             She start again doing hard work both, mental and physical, like the best nuns whom they are in a complete health conditions. But she kept taking some vitamins, because as it was mentioned, she already lost her teeth, which unable her of receiving enough nourishment.

             The chance for her zeal, came back even wider then before.

             One time she was giving a speach, telling the story of her healing, before a large community in Hemmana, among the crowds, there was this one durzy man, (a similar religion of islam) he cried when he heard the story of her healing.


      6. Iskandar Obeid
        1. the wounding of the eye, and a first healing
          Iskandar Obeid was hit in his right eye with a fiery splinter, while working as a blacksmith. The wound was infected, and caused him, a loss of sight.
          Along with doctor Toufiq Salhab, he headed to this one frensh specialist for eye sight, doctor Dober Long. The doctor checked him and found the wound is on the whitening of the eye. Then gave him as treatment, injections in the hand for seventeen days, which enable him to gain part of his sight. He became able to see big things, but not things small in details, nor can read.

          His mother already took a vow for him, to saint Nohrah Asmar-Jbeil. Later on when he recoverd, he payed the visit to saint Nohrah, to pay the vow. And  spent the night in the church. He slept and saw himself in a dream standing with, priest Gerges Labakey, the servant of his congregation back then; he saw him chanting at the reader stand, then he handed him the Senexarian to read. Iskandar answerd: my eye hurting father, I can not read! Then he stinged him with his staff strongly and said: I told you take and read! Then he wokes up from his dream, dread and terrified, not even knowing where is he at. Then he took a lamp that was on the bench, litted up, then realise he was still in the church. Right away he start pondering, what possibly that could be, then he closed his left eye and read with ease. He knew he was healed. He gaved thanks to God and saint Nohrah. And he stoped going after physicians.
        2.  A long term pain
          In year 1937, Iskandar was with his brother in law in Bhersaf (village in Lebanon), for the election day. While walking on the road along with his brother in law Asaad Sharbel, he was pushing away from his face, a cypress tree branch, then left it all at once, it happen that the branch, was slamed back and hit his right eye. A hit made him going out of his mind, because of its heavy impact. Instantley he lost his sight. He screemed out of pain to his brother in law: Asaad I lost my eye.

             They took a car and went straight to Baabdat (village in Lebanon).

             Seeing doctor Salhab, again he recommended, to go straight to Beirut. they did and went to doctor Nephrey Khalaf, together with doctor Dober Long the french. After examination they recommended to rest for one week lying in bed on his back, and to keep his vision fixed on one point. He did that for seven days, with the eye fixed on one point in the ceiling. At the second day, he gained back his vision, but not completely. He start seeing and distinguishing things, and faces, from About seven yards away. He stood up to go to the doctor as recommended. Now he felt like something fell on his eye and   covered it, he couldn`t see no more. That was to hard for him. The doctor told him again to lay back on his back this time for fifteen days, presuming that the eye retina was ripted of, and it may mend again this way. He went back to his bed and did  what the doctor had recommended. He gained back his vision, but after fifteen days, when he was trying to stand up same thing happened again, and he lost his vision one more time. He went back to doctor Nephrey, now he kept him in the hospital for ten days. But he gained nothing. When doctor Nephrey saw this. He orderd an immediate surgery to plug his eye out. He refused and left the hospital.

             He checked many other eye specialists, among them Habib Abella,  Shahin El-Saliby, Philip Touma, and doctor Oliger, but in vain. And that last one had reveald to him saying: Your eye is out of order permanentley, and had adviced me not to go check any other physician any more! But consider yourself born with one eye!.

             Afterward he submitted his case to God`s will. He forgot about his eye and went back to his job, as a blacksmith. He wasn`t feeling well especially when he had a very delicate job, which require to be very fine and accurate. He then used to ask someone else help, to check for him, whether the job was well done or not, that his eye went completely blind.

             Things went so difficult for him. Pain was coming back every once a while, from fatigue and heat. Doctor Touma alerted doctor Toufiq Salhab: that it is better for him to plug that eye out, so it don’t deactivate the other. But he refused.

        3.  I am calling you today for visiting me
          People was prompting to go visit saint Sharbel, after his healing miracles became very famous. They called for Iskandar to join them more then once, but he refused, and left his wife go alone. she came back with some blessings: cotton with oil and, a small peace of saint Sharbel`s clothe. She rubed his eye with it.

             Iskandar decided to pray the niner Rosary for a demand of healing. And asked saint Sharbel to inspire him, to visit him, whenever he decided to heal him. The first niner Rosary passed, and yet no answer. He repeated the petition, second time, third and forth. And nothing he received. Then he kept on praying.

             One night while sleeping, a monk came to him and told him: I am calling you today to visit me.

             The next day when he wakes up. He told his family: I`m going to saint Sharbel, today. His wife objected saying wait at least, so I prepare for you, a meal for the journey. His son asked him to wait untill Saturday, so he will have the chance to join him without missing school. He refused, and insisted to go.

             He rolled down to Beirut, it was a Tuesday, October-17-1950. He took a cab, along with one polish, and two russian ladys.

             Upon their arrival to saint Maroun`s monastery they visited the church, then shooted down to the sepulcher, where they stayed praying untill eleven at night. Then everybody went to sleep, except some people, and Iskandar stayed with them praying untill after midnight.

             The next day, he aimed to kfarkeddeh village in Jbeil region, to visit a friend (a close village to the monastery).

             In the way there, pain started in his eye, with tears. He spent a blank night in kfarkeddeh, he couldn`t sleep. He wasn`t knowing why.

             Thursday morning he went back to his village Baabdat. Yet he did not loose hope. But he was saying to himself: my time did not come yet. And the pain was increasing little by little.

        4. I`m going to get you some powder for your eye
          Friday october-20, while working in his shop; pain increased much on him, but he beard it all day.

             Coming back home at night, he met with Mary El-Jemayel`s father, riding on his chariot. He asked him to fix a screw that was broken in the chariot. Iskandar apologysed saying: I`m tired and my eye is hurting me too much! The man answered quickly: your eye is going to heal! These words gave him big hope, so he turned back and opened the shop for him and fixed him his chariot. Then went back home.

             Now at home he was washing his face and tears was droping heavily from his eye, like a faucet, and the pain increased unbearbly. The pain kept increasing up to where he start crying. His family was so worried, and his wife was insisting to call for a doctor, or at least using some eye drops for pain relief. He refused at all, and kept on suffering. He was then saying: Oh Lord, either take my eye off and and release me or, give me healing!. He stayed like this untill, 4-AM, then fainted out from fatigue and sleepiness. He slept on a cushion he was lying on.

             Now he saw in a dream, that he came to saint Moses`s monastery on a truck, carying iron, along with a driver, whom he is a partner of the monastery. Then when they were unloading the truck, the driver took a staff of iron and hit him on the eye, so he screemed: I lost my eye!. People at home woke up on his voice screeming, they saw him all sweat and his body was shivering from cold. Another ten minutes, he covered himself and slept again.

             He start dreaming again. This time he saw a monk with gray hair emerging, and asked him what is the matter with you? He answered: I lost my eye! The monk answered back: why don’t you speak it out? Tomorrow I`ll get you powder (medicine) for your eye. He entered the church, and came back with that powder, and spinkled it in the sick eye. Then he told him: close your eye. He closed his eye, and opened it again, then he did not see the monk! He saw the asfalt of the road near him cracked of with -----karshouny------ language, was written: Sharbel, God`s servant.

        5. I can see
          He woke up frightened, he call his wife, and told her: take a look of my eye, see if it`s swelling? For the monk who appears  to me in dream, and puted the powder in my eye, told me: it is going to swell, but fear not. His wife looked and saw it was puffed out from the eyebrow down to the cheek! Now he knew, that the saint has visited him!

             He asked for saint Sharbel`s photo, his wife brought him one, so he covered with one hand his whole eye, and caught the photo with the other hand, and looked at it, he nevertheless seeing it clearly! He shouted I can see! He kissed the photo crying, and knelt down and prayed.

             He closed his left eye, and looked, he saw at about some seven yards away master Elyas, in his bed, this man was an agent for the DMV, and he was a tenant in his property, and he shouted at him: master Elyas I can see, I am seeing you! Elyas start forming signs to verify that, and Iskandar was seeing every thing; master Elyas jumped from his bed, knelt down and start kissing the floor (it is a way of humbling oneself before God) and thanking! And the whole house stood up cheering and thanking. The neighbors woke up at the noise and saw Iskandar`s house all litted up, so they came to check the matter. And when they knew they rejoiced with him, among them was doctor Toufiq Salhab. At night his son doctor Emile Salhab came and verified his healing

        6. The healing of the spirit
          Iskandar was religious and a good man, practicing his religion dutys in deed and in faith. He was a religious Ideal in his village Baabdat. So if per example he was absent, means he was at saint Moses`s monastery, or saint Iseiah. His noblety and faithfulness increased after the marvel, that happened to him.

             And that marvel created, in Baabdat and all regions, an up side down turning, in spirituality and morals, among people; we start seeing people who was away, and do not practice religion, now they do, and others whom used to come to church as a habit, now they do in faith and fever.


        7. He hunged his scrutches at the sepulcher
          Najib Tabet testified: I went to visit Sharbel. There was a disable man at his sepulcher whom I knew from my home town, Furn El-Shebback. He use to lean on two scrutches, and beg to live.

             This man touched the marble`s sepulcher with his hand and rubed his legs. Then slept a night next to the sepulcher.

             The next morning, he stood up and start jumping like a deer. Then he hunged his scrutches at the sepulcher

        8. untill it deformed his eyes sight

             The year of 1955, Father Mbarak Tabet testified: My nephew Abdo a fourteen years old boy, was born with a tumor on the upper side of his cheeks. And it was growing  untill it deformed his eyes sight.

             Physicians was saying, it can not be cured without surgery.

             But his father took a walk from Furn El-Shebback, Beirut to Sharbel`s sepulcher, Ennaya, and back barefooted (about twenty hours walk each way) .

             He came back another time  with his son and visited the saint`s sepulcher and went back home . The following day, the tumor started diminishing and after a while it disappeared completely.

        9. She thanked Sharbel whom he directed her to the medicine
          Another testimony for Father Mbarak Tabet in the same of year of 1955: Najibeh my niece wife of Georges Conforty living in Beirut.

             On her Cheek appeard a little pimple, when she was at the Nazarette`s monastery in Beirut. She was getting treated for it but it kept growing and developping untill it cover all her cheek up to half of her mouth. All  physicians of Beirut and groups of physicians, even those coming from Europe not one left, but all have examined her, and none of them could`ve get to cure her.

             She went to Saint Maroon`s monastery Ennaya, and stayed next to Sharbel`s sepulcher, praying and crying, and asking him for curing. She stayed there three days, and when she found she didn`t get cured, she told the saint: I would`ve like to stay here untill I get cured, but my time is over. If you are willing to cure me show me a way that do so.

             She returned back home. Her place is a dulplex, she occupie the down areas, upstairs living her roommates. And as she entered home she went upstairs to see her friend, she saw her little child carrying a small book, she took it from his hand, she opened it, and she found written about a medicine for the same pimple she have. She took the book to doctor Hakim, and showed him the medicine. He saw that was brilliant, then said: we just didn`t think about it, take it and use it.

             She did use that medicine, and within few days she recoverd and the sick side of her cheek was looking almost like the other.

             Right after that she payed a visit to El-Bramiyeh`s monastery to show her people, her cheek so they rejoice with her, and thank with her, Sharbel who leadd her to that medicine.    

        10. She Shouted and trilled of joy
          May-5-1950, Gerjourah Aoun from Jdeidat El-Matn testified: Tanios my son caught a lung desease in one of his lungs, when he was six months old. Doctor Shekrey Al-Hasrey treated him. He became well only for one day.Then the next lung caught the same desease, and the boy was in a risky condition. Then after two months of treating, the risk had gone. But he became so weak, which made him vulnerable to any sickness.

             Many physicians had treated him among them, doctor Phylip Shedid, who kept have him X-Rayed over and over, seeking out the real cause of the sickness, that made his hands stiffed and bended his legs. The X-Rayed photos revealed, he had weakness in the bones.

             And in vain physicians treated him with needles and pills, it was just of no benefit. But in the contrary, he became worse. And he couldn`t walk but with a big effort. He was swaying on both sides. His belly got inflated, and his right hand got stiffed, he couldn`t lift it up to his mouth to eat, but he was using his left hand.

             He stayed like this untill we heard about Sharbel`s miracles, and we was affirmed of its authenticity, through the miraculous healing that occured with Akl Wakim, whom we both live in the same building.

             May fifth-1950, we headed to Ennaya, with hearts full of faith and certainty in God that he is going to fulfill our demand through his servant father Sharbel.

           We was eight people, among us a Checkoslovakian Jewish man Mr Chervanka.

             When we arrived to the monastery we saw the crowds packing the place, so we couldn`t get to the sepulcher but by cutting through the people, and that was a hard task to achieve.

             When we reached the sepulcher I bowed down before it and I indicated to my son to prostrate next to the wall where behind it sits the tomb. I started touching the wall by my hand and rubing my son`s body and massaging his stiffed parts. I was praying with fever and piety saying: My Lord! If I was a sinner and not fitting to receive the fulfillment of my demand, just look after this child who did not yet accumulated seven years of his age, and he have no guilt that deserve such a punishment, have mercy on him and give him the healing through the intercession of father Sharbel. I also taught my son to ask the healing of God through his faithfull worshiper father Sharbel.

             The crowds was packing the place looking to get closer, I had to give them the chance, so I withdrawed back with my son Tanios. And as he was walking before me, I saw his shoulders straight, and his walk are natural, I thought I am seeing this because I am under the influence of an illusion, or I am overwhelmed by the need of healing, but when my wife saw our son walking straitght she shouted and trilled of joy.     

        11. I will pray alone
          Montaha Daher from Bkasyn testified: I caught a high fever when I was one year old, it created me a hunch in the left side of my back, and it was growing over the time.

             When I visited Sharbel`s sepulcher in May-11-1950, I stood up afar from the tomb, because of the crowds and said to him: I am not disturbant like the others, I am only reciting to you one time the Our Father and Hail Mary, asking you to grant prosperity to both of my orphans nieces. And I for myself will ask you for nothing because I am fifty already, and not much, what is left for me to live. Just keep my eye safe, so I can keep doing my job, (which is tailoring).

             I retuned to Beirut without feeling anything. The night of May-15, I have seen in my dream, that I am in a church surrounded by my relatives, so I told them: share with me in the prayer, they answered back: we are doing a job, we can not share with you. Then I told: better leaving, I will pray alone. Then I woke up, it was four thirty in the morning, I stood up at the mirror and start wearing my clothes, and how strongly astonished was I, when I saw my hunch disappeard.

        12.  You are annoying us with your prayer, (if it was gonna rain, there must be some clouds first!)

             May-14-1950, -----Hesen----- Al-Mhayar testified: My right leg was shorter then the left, I was born with it. I used to walk bended, and I always felt, the bone of my wrist is bulged out. That deformity was very painfull. And it always hurted me seeing my friends walking naturaly, and I bended.

             Then when Sharbel`s miracles appeared, my cousin told me about it; I thought he is moking me. But he affirmed to me that truth.

             Since that time I started praying and asking God to heal me of my disability, at his servant`s hand Sharbel.

             One of these nights, while sleeping I screemed: Sharbel is in our house. Without seeing him.

             May-8-1950, I went with my sister and my cousins to Ennaya`s monastery. About a kilometer before reaching the monastery, I stoped the car, and took a walk straight to the sepulcher. Right there, I knelt down on my knees , and my heart was filled with faith and certitude, that God is going to respond to my demand.

             We stayed there about half an hour, then I went up to the church, and settled down for the night, because when we reached the monastery, it was already seven o`clock at night. We stayed there,  praying for hours.

             In the morning, people was mooving forward to partake of the holy Communion, I approached and partaked with them.

             After Communion, and while still in the church praying, I felt too much pain in my hip. I returned and visited the sepulcher and took as relics, some soil some blessed water and some blessed oil from it. And because I had a strong faith I ate of that soil, and I took some and hanged it on my bad hip, and I wiped the marble of the tomb with my napkin and rubed my hip also with it. Also again when I wanted to leave the monastery, I went to the sepulcher, and kissed its wall, and I said to Sharbel: I am leaving don`t forget me.

             I returned back home, and I was praying and supplicating God the most high, like I used to do before.

             Yet the pain in my hip stayed like it was in the church.

             The next day May-tenth, I dreamed while sleeping, that it is due to warm up the blessed oil I got, and rub my leg with. I did not respond in the beginning. Beside that I used to rub my hip  with the blessed water, I used to hear it cracking.

             I went with my mother to visit some relatives, and the pain was accompanying me always. About four thirty in the after noon, we headed back toward the house, and I was praying in the way home, my mother blamed me saying: you are annoying us with your prayer, if it was gonna rain,  there must be some clouds first,( a lebanese way of indicating , no hope). I answered my mother: you are commiting a fault by doubting, and my faith still like it was, and I `ll be heald in God`s willing. When for my sister Aafaf she was sharing the prayer with me.

           When I reached home, I warmed up the blessed oil and rubed my leg with it, and I brought the photo of the Lady of the Rosery and two candles I also got them from father Sharbel`s sepulcher, I litted them and put them before the icon, which it start having some drops like someone sweat, I start touching it and rubing my leg with it. And I start hearing the cracking again. Finally I took the measurement of my legs and found them equal. Then I start walking like the rest of the people. And I have all confidence that God responded to my petition, by the intercession of Sharbel.   

        13. She was praying one time and chanting another

             May-24-1950, Badawi Nasr from Tarablous testified: When my daughter Juliette was born she was in a complete health. Then when she started walking, her mother and I noticed, she`s tottering. We was thinking this is because of her been a baby.

             When she became two, her swaying grew up. We verified and found her legs are not equal in height.

             We took her to our very friend, doctor Abd El-Latif Bysar. He examined her diligently and urged a surgery for her.

             He passed her the surgery with lots of care and finesse. Then we`re backed home with our daughter. And she stayed  in bed for six months, suffering pain.

             In the end, doctor Rabbat took off the -----gypsum-----. He found the surgery has not succeded. So he passed her another surgery. Again Juliette haded to stay another six months in bed. Now it is time to take the -----gypsum-----off, doctor Rabbat did; and he was grieved finding out this surgery also failed. He said: I am flying to Germany and at my return, I will pass her a third surgery hopefully will be successful. Her mother did not accept.

             Two years ago we took Juliette to doctor Frisho in Beirut and after very delicate examination, he said that he will pass her a surgery but he do not guarantee the healing, and that he will keep the tottering as is but he will prevent its growth, but she had to stay three months in bed. Juliette this time refuses and said: God will help me and will remove my tottering gradualy.

             Juliette stayed in her condition till the end of April-1950. Then in May-5, she went with her mother and brother, to visit Sharbel`s sepulcher. They stayed there two Hours, then returned to Tarablous. In may-19, Juliette headed to Beirut with her sister, and right there she met with a group of ladys seeking to visit Sharbel. The next day they all together went and stayed all day in the monastery. Then when they willed to go back to Beirut, Juliette refused to go Back with her sister. But she stayed in the monastery desiring to make a blank night in praying. She did and made that night live, praying to God in faith, fever and piety, imploring him to comply to her petition and lavish to her the healing through the intercession of his servant Sharbel. She was praying one time and chanting another.

             At three in the morning, there was a procession for the Virgin Lady, Juliette knelt down on her knees, when she couldn`t do before but on one knee. At that point she felt a strong shuddering throughout all her body, she was scared it may be a strike of a high fever, she started crying. Then she went to Sharbel`s sepulcher, asking him having pity on her, she said in fever: Oh our father Sharbel I am satisfied with what I was before, bring me back to my parents the way I was, and you can heal these people laying down before your sepulcher. That shudder stayed about an hour.

             When the morning rises, Juliette returned to Tarablous with some friends.

             Here she felt complete changing in her body, her legs came back equal, as a natural state, she became whole and healthy, walking easely without disturbance. Through the intercession of saint Sharbel, we thanked god for our daughter whom she owe him her life.

        14. He asked for a piece of cotton wetted with the blessed oil

             June-6-1950, doctor Iskandar El-Ghrayeb testified: My grandson Samy, of my son Elyas, was attacked with-----شلل الاطفال-----in his right leg, when he was two years old. Then after recovering of the high fever, he started walking on his toes to keep balance and to prevent tottering. Then that caused to him having a swell in the higher part of his foot, that looks like an arch. He started wearing a four centimeters higher boot to bring it equal to the left.

             Now he is twelve years old, he informed his father, that Miss Juliette Nasr, was heald of tottering she was strickend by, in her childhood, after she visited Sharbel`s sepulcher.

             He asked her for a piece of cotton, wetted with the blessed oil, she brought it with her.

             He annointed his crippled leg, and it just became natural, and he was able to walk on the palm of his foot. The swell in his foot disappeared. He took away his higher boot.

             Today he walks, and boths legs are equal. We thanked God for such an extraordinary reslut.

        15. like a crazy

             June-9-1950 Mariam Akoury, from Aajaltoun testified: I head migraine, for eighteen years. And the pain caused me nervous crisis, making me like a crazy. In the beginning it use to strike me once a month, then it start increasing, and lately it start to happen several times every hour sometimes.

             Jesus`s Heart hospital`s phisician doctor John Kirkyan treated me about ten years ago. He passed a surgery for me, in my head, and extract, the sum of about 500 grames of-----عمل-----. I rested for some eight months.

             Then the crisis attacked me again. And I went back to doctor Kirkyan for several times, he prescribed for me some injections and many different medicines. But it helpd me not.

             Then for years ago, I went to doctor Phylip Touma, and after he consulted me twice, he stated that my healing is not prospective.

             I went back to doctor Kirkyan, then doctor Mounir Kenaan, whom he prescribed for me some analgesic injections. But in the contrary pain start increasing instead of decreasing.

             The crisis became so intense, I started having pain in that bone close to my left ear, were I couldn`t eat or sleep unless I hold that sick bone in my hand. Again doctor Mounir Kenaan gave me more of injections, without any benefit.

             And for this matter my niece came to me with some blessed water and a piece of cotton wetted with blessed oil, from Sharbel`s sepulcher. As soon as I annointed my head with that cotton and drinked of that water, I immediately felt the routed of pain.    

        16. I stayed ten minutes at Sharbel`s

             June-10-1950, Sheikh, (muslim clergy) Mahmoud Taqey El-Dyn testified: four years ago I started feeling degradation in the hearing of my right ear, and it was lessening over the years, untill it was about to get muted.

             About two years ago, doctor Oliver checked my ear, then doctor Dyab, whom both agreed that the ------طبلة-----is pierced and there is no hope for its healing.

             I was mooved by a higher call, I couldn`t resist it, to go to Ennaya. Where I headed an visited Sharbel`s sepulcher, asking his intercession.

             I stayed there around ten minutes. Then returned to Beirut, without any strange feeling. But after several days I noticed I started hearing with my sick ear.

        17. because of too much pain he looses his rationalization

             June-23-1950, Georgette wife of Gergei El-Zeghby testified: Six years ago my husband was sricken, by weakness in his head`s tendons, which caused him a sleepless situation, he also caught crisis, pain in the head twice a day, and a shivering in his body, and because of too much pain he looses his rationalization, and does not know anymore what is he doing nor what is he saying. He became very thin because of lack of sleeping.

           He got treated by physicians, doctor Maurice Nassar, Hanna El-Shemaly, and Maroun Shebr, for six years, and he profited nothing.

             Doctor Hanna El-Shemaly declared to us, that my husband sickness is uncurable.

             When Sharbel`s miracle appeared, I went with my husband accompanied with a group of people, to Ennaya`s monastery, to visit his tomb. we stayed about half an hour, then we roled back.

           Since then, my husband was cured, he started sleeping well all night long, the crisis had gone away, pain, shivering, Dizziness, and mind trouble. And now he is enjoying full health.

        18. The signs follow the faithfulls (Mark 16/17)
          1. I have seen father Sharbel

               Naeem Ghawy from Wady Shahrour testified: I had the chance to be the appointed physician for Ennaya`s monastery, by the health portfolio minister, doctor Elyas El-Khoury in 1950.

               The crowds was packing every spot inside the monastery and outside. And the sicks fulfilling the hall, where inside its wall exist father Sharbel`s body.

               This one time, a thirteen years old arminian boy came to the monastery after staying a long term in the American University Hospital, getting treated of the bones -----سل-----disease, but got no result.

               He was carried in, by his father. He had with him his files and the hospital statements indicating his risky state.

               Father Yousef Khashan helped his father carrying him down to the sepulcher. The second day I was informed, that he`s having a chest pain, and it is about to finish him. I rushed to him; and in vain I was trting to convince his father to bring him into the clinic, for better accomplishing the treatment. But he was answering strictly: it is better for my son to loose his life, and not loosing his place next to the sepulcher…

               The same night, about midnight, arrived to the monastery four buses, from Deir El-Qamar and its surrounding. The visitors came down and entered the church chanting. And upon starting the procession of the icon, one of the visitors tried to pass the prayer book to an old monk he had accompany them entering in the temple, thinking he was one of the monastery`s habitant, so he can recite the ruled prayer of the priest. Then all at once, a mighty astonishment took over the audience, and fear locked down their breaths.

               What happened? When the visitor got close to the monk, he suddenly dissapeard!

               I was then close to the church, when I realised that sudden quietness. I rushed to the window, to see what happened, thinking must be somebody passed out, as it come to happen sometimes. Before I reached the window, I have seen a monk walking out of the church, and passed by me to close to where our shoulders touched. Then people told me what happened, so I hurried to the outside, to find out about that miraculous monk, I looked toward the cell and I saw him ahead of me walking toward the east. I rushed after him, and pointed my flash light on him, the moment I reached him and my hand touched his clothes, I was freezed, perplexed and I was frightened, a fear that was going to make loose my concious, the monk dissapeard from before my eyes all at once.

               I was puzzled, confused looking here and there, then I have seen above the cell, a strange brightning, dazzling.

               Then when I was in that state of trouble, I heard coming from the sepulcher, high voices shouting and applauding, I ran to see what happened, I found the young arminian boy completely heald.  

          2. I was threatened by cutting off my tongue

               July-1-1950, Wahibah Khalil a sheeite (muslim) from Bafely, Tyr testified: When I was a prisoner in Jdaydet El-Matn jail. I ----stole---- a purse from the jail director`s room. And when I was asked about it, I lyed and I sweared in the name of father Sharbel, falsily that I didn`t see it. The director asked of father Sharbel to show his miracles by revealing the thief who did it.

               In the after noon I went to take a nap, and within half an hour, I woke up, I saw in the room a monk wearing a black frock, with a rod in his hand, he came near me and told me: put your tongue out. I did, then he hited my tongue with his hand, then it stayed out.

               I was trying to pull back my tongue inside my mouth but in vain. It was twisted out, sticking by my lips to the left side, about five centimeters out of my mouth.

               I became dumb, I couldn`t speak. So I went to the director, and she took me to the warden. And when he saw me, he thought this is just a wile that I`m fabricating, and turned me back behind the bars.

               And when the story spreaded out, doctor Hanna El-Ryashi came and was trying all methods to bring back my tongue inside of my mouth, but in vain. Finally they threatened me to cut off my tongue, if I don’t pull it in, but I definitely couldn`t. Then their threat had gone with the wind. Also doctor Antoine Rizk-Allah, couldn`t do, anything.

               I stayed like this three days. Then I was turned to El-Raml jail. And upon my arrival there, with a tongue extended out, and cannot speak. The director gave me some blessed relics from Sharbel, to wear on my chest. I did, then right away my tongue was loosend and returned back inside my mouth, and I started speaking.

          3. I used to mock Sharbel`s miracles as if it was superstitions

               Mhammad Ali Mrouweh from El-Zrariyeh southern lebanon testified: November-9-1948, I entered the jail, and I had a whole body, exept I used to feel some nervous sickness.

               In the jail, problem increased and I was troubled because I had a family.

               One day I felt some pain in my body and weakness in my left eye for about five months, the fingers of my right hand was stiffed.

               I was treated by doctors El-Hetteh, Joseph Farhat and Albert Zbouney the head of physical checking in Hotel Dieux Hospital.

               And after long treatment the vision of my left eye, shuted down. And I couldn`t see at all with it.

               Then about a month ago I had joints inflation. Again I heard about Sharbel`s miracles, which I use to mock as if it was superstitions, I always also thought it was a propaganda to make money out of it.

               In the end when I revised the news and read more about the numerous miracles of healing and seeing the photos of the cured sicks, who received the healing thrue Sharbel`s intercession. I believed in his holyness, and vowed to pledge fifty pound for him.  

               I charged, the nurse Avdokiya Saliba to visit his sepulcher and help me fulfilling my vow. And here is the text of the petition I had: I am a man  whom was imprisonned unjustly, and lost my vision, and my health in the prison, therefore I shelter to God and Saint Sharbel. And if he heal me of my sicknesses, and got out of the jail, then I owe him five hundred pounds. And if I am guilty, I don`t like to come out of the jail, but blind and crippled, and here is a fifty pound money down with Avdokiya…

               The nurse had gone to Ennaya along with the nun president of the hospital, and the corporal Shafiq Baydoun the police chief officer for the hospital. I was optimist for the fact they had gone.

               Upon their returning at night they gave me incense and blessed water, some soil of the sepulcher and a piece of cotton which was wiped on Sharbel`s tomb. I started rubbing my eye, the inflated and painfull spots, and all my body after I weted it by this blessed water they got me.

                About two hours later, after I wiped my eye, tears flowed from it, after four months of dryness. I also was optimist because of that too.

               The next morning I woke up early, I felt and verified my body, it was completely heald, and there are not even any trace for the inflation nor any pain, I became able to moove my stiffed finger naturaly. My eye started recovering day after day. And here I am now reading large letters, and it is about to catch full recovering.

        19. an apparent tottering

             Yvone and Janette Hanna Antoune Roukez from El-Batroun, were stricken with an apparent tottering, since they were born.

             Doctor Tawfiq Sarah from El-Batroun, and other physicians have treated them, but never got heald.

             And after their visit to Sharbel`s sepulcher in 1950, they came back whole.

        20. the healing of Elyas Lishaa from Ras Baalbek

                Emile El Khazen recite: the night of July-24-1950, I came to visit Ennaya`s monastery and to have the blessings from father Sharbel`s Sepulcher.

           It was about ten in the night, I climbed to the cell (where saint Sharbel recluses), with my family. I approched confession, and repented of my sins.

             I came back to the monastery about midnight, and shared with the

           Prayers till morning without resting. Then I attended mass and prayed in fever, I repeated my confession, then partaked of the holy communion, then attended another mass.

             After all before leaving I intended to visit the sepulcher. While there it cross my mind to implore pardon with fever, so I prayed and asked father Sharbel to give me the grace of watering my napkin with the plasma that dripp of his body. Within a moment I saw some drops of water on the wall, when the weather was so dry, so I sticked my napkin right by the drops, it absorbe these drops, its color was like dryed blood. I cryed, I kissed the tomb`s marble, and gave thanks. I considered that act, like encouragement for my repentance, and the perseverance on it, the complete believing in God, and his precepts, his representatives, and the holy church.

             About nine o`clock in the morning, I was with my fourteen years old son in the inner courtyard of the monastery, I have seen a man helping thi six years old crippled boy walking on crutches. Stimulated by faith, I did not know how I dared to do that: I shouted to my son Hady saying: son do you want to see this crippled boy walking! He smiled and said: yes! I grabed the boy and set him between my arms, then entered the tomb`s hall, I asked the boy to implore father Sharbel`s affection, and I started my role in praying, I asked father Sharbel the healing of this boy as a proof of absolving me and of accepting my repentance. I stayed like this about some ten minutes, supplicating in faith and fever, then I puted the boy down from my arms and I felt like a voice inside of me saying: he was heald. I threw his crutches to the side, and shouted to him: walk alone with father Sharbel`s protection, and don’t be afraid. The boy walked somehow slowly in the beginning, then his walk started progressing quickly, he walked out to the courtyard. After that he climbed the stairs alone toward the church.

           His parents came and thanked me and told me the story of the boy and how he got crippled by falling from a camel`s back, and broke his legs.

        21. he can`t see at all with his eye

             Linda, Tanios El-Awsat`s wife, from Wady Shahrour in may-27-1952 testified: my son Abdo who is seven years old, got hit on his eyes with a stone four and a half years ago while playing with his cousin, and gathering almonds, in its season.

             He got a black eye, then over the time, the blackness was washed away. But he lost his vision, he couldn`t see at all with eye. I was so sad and I dedicated him with a vow to the holy  father Sharbel, and I willed to visited him at the first chance.

             This one day I had the chance to go. A group of people of my home town prepared a visit to the venerated sepulcher. So I brought my son Abdo and went with them to the monastery.

             I presented my son before that piece of marble of the tomb. and I taught him to ask father Sharbel the healing of his eye.

            He did in his childish language and he cryed. Then spontaneously, he start looking and seeing motion before him.

             I tested him by closing him the left eye, which he can see with, and brought before him different things, he was distinguishing it and naming it, correctly. The goups of the visitors gathered around him and each of them was testing him by tern and he passed that exam.

             I do thank God for his grace, and Sharbel for his intercession.

        22. Nothing is separating me from death but a step

             May-18-1952 sister -----Saint Georges-----, from the sacred hearts monastics testified: I am thirty five years old, and eighteen years ago, I had pain in my stomach. Physicians could`ve not guess what the sickness, is.

             Pain was growing and their treatments made it harder. I had an appendix surgery. But the pain stayed still. Then in 1948 I had a doubled surgery, an ulcer and-----مرارة -----but I felt no ease at all. I was always disturbed, could`ve never sleep for fifteen years, because of this very severe pain, that is undescribeble.

             In November-10-1951, pain started days and nights, with heavily vomiting that stays straight for over fifteen minutes. After vomiting I used to feel a gradual weakness, accompanied with severe pain. And afterward disability of eating, sometimes for straight three days.

             And even though, I kept persevering doing my dutys in teaching, because life to me was whether shortened or extended, only its dutys just matters.

             January, fifth, 1952, doctor Faraj Saadeh decided that I needed to see doctor Baaqlyni, because he saw the pain coming from a new ulcer.

             I have seen doctor Baaqlyni, accompanied with sister Consdtat, he checked me and was worried, and ordered an X-Ray. And he told Consdtat: poor is this non!

             Two days later, I felt motivated to pay a visit to father Sharbel and ask him, to stop this vomiting for me, but leave the pain.

             I proposed my idea to my mother superior Isabelle Ghrayeb, She agreed.

             The next day. Even thrue snow condition, I headed to Ennaya, along with my sisters nuns, and some of the students. Then in the after noon we went to the cell. (Sharbel`s cell)

             I was praying and asking for my healing with all my heart.

             After this visit I never vomited again.

             In March-12-1952 after I was treated in Jbeil by doctors Tawileh, Shamy, Shahid and Saadeh.

             I went to the frensh hospital. I had high fever and a hard cough even with the treatments and the needles. I stayed in the hospital nineteen days. Without a benefit, but in the contrary, stomach and chest pain increased, plus vomiting and continious-----حمض-----. I have had to many X-Rays, for the chest, the stomach and the right kidney.

             After all, doctor Baaqliny confessed before the physicians the nurses and some nuns among them sister Germaine, saying: it will be easier for God to create a new creation then to heal this nun. Because her kidney and her left lung are bad  and she have four ulcers in her stomach.

             I left the hospital with an extreme depression, when I knew doctor Baaqliny told my sisters nuns, that he couldn`t do anything to me.

          In may-16, I caught a crisis from five AM till eleven thirty AM, I felt nothing is separating me from death but a step.

             Saturday, May-17, I headed along with sister Josephine Mary, to Ennaya to my tender hearted father, the virtuous father Sharbel, where I asked him for healing, and that was under obedience of my superiors, it was there will, that I get cured.

             I had a desire to sleep at the sepulcher, but my sister nun prevented me, considering how cold it was and how weak am I.

             The next day in the morning I felt, great pain from four AM to quarter to twelve noon.

             I felt like an electric circuit passing thrue my back. And with all the pain, I stayed in the church, and attended seven masses. And I was praying with all confidence and fever saying: Oh saint sharbel tender hearted give healing to all the sicks! Oh saint Sharbel the obedient, you got to heal me in fulfilling obedience…

             Twelve at noon, even with all my pain, I felt real hungry. So I ate a loaf of pita bread with labneh (kind of milky cream), when lately I needed five days to finish one loaf of bread.

             At one o`clock I attended last mass. Then I walked with my sister nun to the cell without pain.

           Then in the after noon I understood, that my sister nun like to go back to Jbeil, but she is afraid to leave me alone, thinking that I may go and sleep atthe sepulcher, which is gonna hurt me.

             So I planed to go with her, and we walked out to the courtyard to catch a ride. Then we met with the monastery superior telling me don’t leave untill you get a complete healing. Tonight I`m going to get you a matress, that will enable you to sleep at the sepulcher. I heard these words and my heart rejoiced exultant, now knowing assuredly of my complete healing.

             We entered the sepulcher`s hall at nine thirty at night. My sister nun slept and I stayed awake, writing my promissorys, to father Sharbel: #-1 obedience like his image, because he heald me in responding to obedience. #-2 sacrifice oneself. #-3 the ruled and regulated life. Then I puted these promissorys, on the tomb`s marble, with a white napkin I wiped with it that marble several times. Then I layed down on the matress, and I was asking father Sharbel saying: oh my tender hearted father Sharbel, you have healded me by the merits of the blood of Jesus. And because you already did I ask you fervently, to give me a tangible mark for this healing. At midnight I felt great ease in my body, and I started sweating. Then when I was in this state between awake and asleep, I heard people screeming and shouting saying: oh saint Sharbel please give her healing! The door was pushed in, and a group of people entered, both laymen and monks, having with them a sick women that is hopeless. It was one o`clock in the morning. I stood up and grabed the napkin that was on the tomb and wiped the sick women `s face. Then I starred on that napkin, I saw a reddish spot similar to the liquid dripped of father Sharbel`s body… At that point I Knew saint Sharbel responded to my desire and gave me the tangible mark I asked for.

             I thanked him of all my heart with tears dropping of my eyes.

             Monday I returned with my sister nun, with an unmeasured joy.

        23. the healing of a-----بلغمة-----in the brain

             Naziha daughter of Nicola El-Aajeil from Behdidat, eleven years old. She, all of a sudden felt her knees are untagled and weakness in her vision.

           She stayed eight days in Al-Khandaq El-Ghamiq hospital. Physicians right there, agreed of an existence of a-----كيس ضغط -----in the brain. It was prooved by a portrait made by doctor Fouad Sabra, the specialist of scaning the brain, in the American hospital of Beirut.

             Physicians decided in conclusion, that there are no solution for the healing of this girl but by cutting in the skull bones. And such an operation, no one can do, but Parisian physicians.

             And since the father financial situation unable him of doing so. His daughter`s pain kept increasing, day after day.

             Four months later she was attacked by a crisis, for straight five hours, when everybody thought she died. And they start crying.

             Her father at that point recognised father Sharbel and rushed to where his photo are, and start asking him for a miracle, in all faith and certitude. And he promessed to visit him and donate all what he can do, if his daughter get well.

             The next day the girl woke up. And got completely heald.

        24. The healing of a broken skull in 11/16/1952

             Majyd El-Haj from Aintouret El-Maten testified: my son use to work with me somewhere above Aintoura. And when we was coming back at night to the village. We saw passing by, a loading truck full of people of our relatives. Some of them called my son Youhanna, to jump in, while the truck kept rolling. He jumped, when one of the riders gave him hand, but couldn`t pull him in, his hand slip off, of the other man`s grip, and his head was slamed on the truck body. His skull was deep wounded, and lost conscious.

           Quickly we rushed to a certain doctor from Dhour El-Shoueir. He checked him, and found his skull broken, and there is no hope for him to live. But said: let us take the risk and send him to the American faculty hospital.

             Right there he was checked by this one Armenian physician Jodiak, whom he also presume that there is no hope for the boy to live. But if his parents agreed, he will pass him a surgery, but it is going to be a risky one.

             The surgery took three hours. The doctor cleaned the skull of the boy. Then inform his parents, of a hope that he  may speak again.

             The boy stayed in the hospital for sixteen days, with no benefit. At this point physicians agreed that there is no hope of him, and they indicated to his parents to take him home.

             When his mother heard so, she knelt down and called to saint Sharbel for succor, his father also adjoining the supplication he promess father Sharbel to visit him barefooted.

             Two hours later, after the physicians gave up on him, and that his mother puted him under father Sharbel succor. Life came back to him and he started mooving. After three days he started talking. Not to long after that, he left the hospital healthful.

        25. The wonders of God
          1. don’t be afraid!
            Linda El –Yamani testified: my son who have three years old and a half, got a belly-----فتق----- to the right hand side, and the intestin fell over the-----كيس البيض-----, that caused him a swell and a fast growing puff, which made the risk rising day after day.

             I took him to the army doctor, Berjawi, he recommended to be girded. I fulfilled his order for three days. The ----- -----فتق and the risk kept increasing. I headed to this one surgeon Anis Makhlouf, after the examination, he indicated that the intestin is knoted in, and  he have no more then three days, to receive a surgery! Or otherwise the child will risk death! He asked for two hundred Pounds for his expense.

             And since we are average people, living of my husband`s salary, and we cannot afford to pay this amount. We then bounded for doctor Shehab El-Dyn for help, and he promessed to give help in Hotel Dieux`s hospital, and also indicated of the need of passing surgery.

            Before starting anything, I picked up the child along with my husband and the whole Family, and headed to Ennaya`s monastery in september-11-1950, and we layed the child on Sharbel`s tomb, and asked him, thrue his love to the poors and the sicks, to have pity on the child, and heal him without going after physicians. And we annointed him with blessed oil and water, and censed him with father Sharbel `s blessings, and girded him with a waistband from the saint. We stayed in the monastery for a night and a day. We had vowed to stay there for three days and three nights. But my husband`s job doesn`t allow him so. When coming back home. An elder monk appeard to me in a dream, wearing white, he reproched me saying: why you did not let stay the boy for three nights before the tomb? Get up and take him. And do what I ordered you to do. And you will see that the boy will be heald. And don’t be afraid!.

               In the morning she found her son in a natural state

          2. the surgery succeeded

            November-6-1950, Yousef Assaf El-Sheweifat testified: five months ago I had a severe migraine.

               I went to doctors, Zbouny, Elyas Baaqlyni, and Kiwane. They have me X-Rayed, then told my son Shaker: we diagnosed your father`s head and suspecting a cancer. However there are no curing  for him at all!

               I was surviving my pain with analgesic injections and pills, for sleeping little bit, because I use to feel like knives piercing my brain.

               They had me having twelve X-Rays. And all indicated that I had brain cancer. And it appears catching the brain like a crab.

               About a month ago I was having a meal with my family, when a severe crisis hit me, I puted my hand on my forehead,  food fell from my hand, I screemed get me a doctor then I passed out. Doctors Karakian, Ajarian, Zbouny, Kiwane, and Rizk all came and checked me, and all agreed, that there is no solution for me! My stools and urin was coming out without feeling.

               I had a neighbor, who was George Beyk Hemeiry (Beyk is like sort of a count) he offered to take me to the American University Hospital immediately, and so he did.

               Upon arriving I was in a coma, doctor Rajnian, declared to my son: it is absurd to have your father in here! Because he have fifteen minutes left to live. And the doctors of the faculty refused to pass a surgery for him! At that point my son went back and told George Beyk Hemeiry the story. George contacted the hospital chief doctors and told him to pass the surgery when in both ways he is dying. This way he may have the chance to survive. And this what happened.

               This took place in late october 1950. they took me to the operations room  out of conciense.

               My kin in the outside was waiting, carying saint Sharbel`s photos, kneeling on the floor, shouting, wailing, saying: Oh Mar Sharbel, change the cancer to blood (thinking that a blood clot will be easier). And they puted saint Sharbel`s photo on the glass at the operations`s room, repeating: change the cancer to blood.

               The surgery started, they opened a cut me on the right side, on the top of my head and found nothing, then they stiched it with three stiches. Then they opened another cut on the left side, at a measure of thirty eight stiches. They took of the bone. And found something dark black appeard covering the brain. So they sucked it out with a needle. It was hundred and twenty grams of darkened blood.

               At that point, doctor Jarakian the faculty president, left the operation room, and stepd out and told the people with a very loud voice: saint Sharbel has changed for you the cancer into blood! The surgery succeeded!

               The surgery took two hours. Then three hours later I stood up and walked, like I was never ill. I even asked to go home.

          3. Poor, and my family consist of nine members!

            Shaker makhlouf testified: I, as a daily handy worker, was carying a heavy load at Edward factory in Naher El-Kalb, I felt some pain in my back, I thought it is just little passing fatigue. But it lasted long, it stayed for about two months.

               During that period of time, I was checking physicians, among them Emile Geagea and Abou-Rjaileh, and some others. They told me that I need a surgery. Then I had X-Rayes in Hotel Dieux Hospital, right there I also have been told, that I need a surgery, because the vertebras are mooved from its places. I consulted two other Arabic physicians, one said the same thing, the need of a surgery, the other said, It takes a long time to recover.

               Then I was thinking that I am a poor man, and that I am responsible of nine persons, so I rememberd saint Sharbel healing many, and that I am of his kin and of his village, and that I must take him for shelter.

               At that time I couldn`t walk without leaning on a staff. And at the second I willed to visit his tomb, my backpain dissapeard instantly, and I threw the staff away, and walked like I never had pain.

               Then I visited saint Sharbel`s tomb. To pay thanks to the grace of God, given on the hand of his saints.

          4. Go and teach the whole world (Mat 28/19).   The healing of a Child son of Hasan Rmaihy the summer of 1952

               Hasan Rmaihy (a muslim) from the village of Karkiya close to Kartaba, his son who is six years old fell from a high roof. His brain shaked.

                Doctor Farres saaid consulted him, and found no way of his healing.

               Then his father took him to doctor Habib Al-Khoury`s hospital. The physicians there, sent him back, to die at home.

               In the way home his parents saw him giving up his last breaths. They asked of Yousef Fransis from Janneh, who was accompanying them, to pass by Mahmoud Nasr El-Dyn (a muslim), who is staying next to Aalmat, right at the Al-Meshnakah`s curb, to call him to attend the funeral (muslims, start funeral right after death). When they reached Artaba, Ghattas Karam`s wife heard his parents weeping for the boy, she rushed and grabed him from their hands after she urged them to believe in father Sharbel, the boy was out of any indication of life. She took him home and annointed him with water, from saint Sharbel`s sepulcher. Right away the boy, regain concious and shouted: mama!.

               Everybody rolled back and headed to Ennaya`s monastery to baptize the boy and to give thanks to father Sharbel.

               In the way there, they arrived to Al-Meshnakah`s curb, they stoped to informe Mahmoud Nasr El-Dyn, not to go to the funeral. By coincidence, they met right there with Yousef El-Khoury Boutros, they recited to him the event, and asked of him hoping to accompany them to the monastery, to be the god-father for the boy.

          5. Sharbel in Iraq

               Noura Karkaji testified: My son Nawal who have four years old now. He caught a high fever when he was twenty five days old. Which hit down the tendon of his legs and cramped his toes. That  made him hunchback like an arch. And dryness hit the brain nerves, then it spreaded to all his body.

               Then he turn to be, a hopeless conditions. when I try to set him on the floor he fall on all the four sides. He was suffering the pain of his conditions all the term of his sickness.

               His father showed him to all the physicians in Basrah and, elsewhere. He even showed him to the english doctor Terd and doctor Davis, the physician of the oil company in Karkouk.

               Our house become looking like a pharmacy, because of the uncountable number of medicines we brought him.

               And with all these efforts, the boy attained no result at all.

               Finally, we brought him to Beirut, and took him to many doctors, among them, the children specialist doctor, Philip shedid.

               This was taking place in 1949.

               And after much of treatment the boy stayed the same, if not to mention he was becoming worst after treatment.

               His father decided to take him to london. But when Sharbel news and great miracles became widespreaded in year of 1950. we picked up our son and bounded to his holy tomb, many times.

               The boy started gaining healing time after time untill his back got fully straighted, and his legs`s tighs was completely released, and backed to its natural state. His continuous migraine had left him, and gained back full health.

               He also gained appetite, after he was someone who does`nt know what food is about. When feeding him I use to put an amount of a bite in his mouth and it stays there twenty four hours, without swallowing it. Today he become eating good, sleeping good and calme.

               She furtherd: In June-27-1950, saint Sharbel appeard to my son conciously before lots of group of people at his cell. After I had asked saint Sharbel to take of the blessed gird from my son`s legs. So he started talking to the boy with a high voice everybody there heard it, then we saw the palm and the wrist of a hand on Nawal`s leg, who started crying. After that we found the gird loosed out of the boy`s leg, and also he took of his socks.

          6. Sharbel in Brezil
            • Ulcer and weakness of the heart

              The News, Brezilien news paper wrote: Victor kimawy, a man residing in the city of Byron Pears in Saw Pawlo state. He is the director of health and rescue, for that city. He had a very complexed stomach ulcer, and got heald from it. He said: I caught an ulcer in my intestin, the twelfth, (deodenum.) For more then fifteen years.

                 Many specialists physicians undertook the assurance of my curing. And I also took enough precaution, in eating and drinking. All these efforts was just in vain, with no benefit.

                 During that period, I also had sickness of my heart.

                 The hardness of my sickness pushed me to where I entered one of saint Andrew hospitals, thrue its director, whom he is a famous surgeon, and a specialist for stomach sickness.

                 After an X-Ray, he decided to pass me a surgery, after four days, so they will have the chance to take all precautions needed for the surgery. Next a group of physicians, have checked me, and found my heart cannot resist a surgery. So they cancelled the decision of passing it. And they left me in a state of despairing, which because of it I may not go out the hospital alive.

                 That night, a Lebanese friend visited me. And the fact seeing me in that state, he start calming me down, proposing saying: there are a physician who will give you healing, like he did to many, and he is present and absent! Alive and dead!

                 And he recite to me the biography of saint Sharbel. Then I vowed to him, to confess and partake of the holy mysteries, every Friday for nine months. Then I started a niner-Rosery for the sacred heart of Jesus, thrue his beloved Sharbel, so he may assume for me the Grace of healing.

                 That night I slept calm. In the morning I woke up, feeling hungry. I asked for food and I ate with appetite, without feeling pain like I used to. Therefore I quit taking medicine and stoped abstaining from certain food. I started eating whatever I desired. Three days passed and I didn`t feel any pain in my stomach, nor in my heart.

                 I went back to my residence, and got back in the office, continuing my job, in health directing.

                 A year passed and I am in a complete health and vigor, even though I am almost sixty five years of age.

                 Beside the physical health I received a spiritual one.

            • A dentist in Rio De-Jenero

                 Doctor Ibrahim El-Khoury testified: I caught a heart desease, followed by diabese, and short breathing, for fourteen years.

                 My illness got hard, and put me to bed, motionless, couldn`t even speak, in answering, I used my hand signaling.

                 I`ve been treated by many physicians, but with no benefit at all. Then when physicians gave up on me, they urge me to go see this one famous specialist Jayro Ramos in the city of Saw Pawlo.

                 Then I have been carried to his clinic. This one after checking me, and seeing the X-Rayes, presume in spot, there is no hope for my healing. But thrue treatment and watching, I may live another year or two.

                 I have been brought back home, and I am in a total risk.

                 But my curing was with a just Godly miracle, at the hand of father Sharbel the wonderworker, thrue this one lebanese person Mr Louis Khoury.

                 And this one coming back after visiting Lebanon, and having the honor of visiting Sharbel`s tomb, got a blessed peace of clothe of the tunic Sharbel use to dress with for Liturgy. Been kind and generous to me he gave me a little peace of it, and I putt it on my heart with a living faith. And I started praying for God in honoring father Sharbel, after I and my physicians had lost hope of my curing.

                 Right away I felt a sudden progress, and I was driven to a speedy recovering.

                 I left the physicians completely, and got of my bed. And I felt no more in none of my three deseases.

          7. Sharbel in Egypt

               Image, the frensh issued magazine in Cairo, wrote in August-15-1950: they notify us, about many miraculous healing events in Egypt, that happened with people, who drinked from the water imported from Ennaya`s monastery, where the body of Sharbel exist, or have touched a piece of his clothe, was sent by faithfull people by the intercession of the holy man.

               We did not give enough attention, in the beginning. But here is a doctor and professor, in Al-Ayni palace faculty, and a well known surgeon, in Cairo, are getting ready to testify that they have seen, an extraordinary healing incidents, by the intermediary of the recluse Sharbel.

               So, is it the good effect which had touched that holy man, is appearing even in Egypt?

               We wanted to be sure of that point. So we went to visit, people whom the miracles happened with, from afar distance.

            • The healing of Mrs Adma Yousef Yssa

                 In Shobra street in Cairo, a heavy populated street, living an old lebanese woman, named Adma Yousef Yssa. She have been living in Egypt for twenty three years, among her children and grand children.

                 She have been suffering for a while, from blood pressure, which causes inflation in her legs, provoking pain that prevent her from walking.

                 She told us one day: I woke up at night under lots of pain, and took the bottle of water, which a friend of mine had sent me, from Ennaya`s monastery. I drinked the whole thing and not like I was informed to take drops at the time.

                 The next day, I was completely heald, all the pain in my legs had gone. and I start walking and climbing stairs as you see.   

            • The healing of the lebanese star Joseph Al-Jalekh

                 There are, some other lebanese, living momentarily in Egypt, the star Joseph Al-Jalekh, one of the very believers, of Annaya`s hermit (saint Sharbel). Last month was attacked by a very high fever, which measure fourty cellcuse (equal to hundred and four fhernheight).

                 He received an envelope from his mother, having a small part of father Sharbel`s clothe.

                He said: I rubed my forehead with it, and after half an hour, I felt a violent tremor in my body, then I slept.

                 The next morning, I woke up heald, a complete healing. Plus I was suffering pain of a joint illness in my knee and it has disappeard just miraculously.

                 To show gratitude, I invented a painting portray, representing the monk Sharbel, of my own immagination. And what is worthy to mention, is when the french press reporter, Charles Dede saw the drawed portray, assured to me he look like this one monk`s photo he have seen, at the maronite patriache in Bkerke, Lebanon.

            • The healing of an Egyptian Surgeon

                 Doctor Samir Aabdallah, the professor of the surgical dentistry in the faculty of medicine in Al-Aayni Palace, declared: I myself observed the goodness and the benefits of father Sharbel, and I declare that I got heald instantly from a very high fever, thrue the intercession of Sharbel, the second I touched a piece of his clothe, it was sent from Lebanon.

            • The testimony of doctor Sabeth Michayl

                 Since I did put a piece of clothe of the monk Sharbel, in my clinic, I noticed a quick and tangible recovering with many healing events among my patients.      

            • My daughter Amale is in critical condition

                 Abd Al-Aziz Mhammad Ali testified: I am the business representative of the lebanese count, Edward Shedid in Egypt.

                 I was in Lebanon when I heard about father Sharbel`s wonders. So I willed of visiting, and I accomplished it. I got as blessings, oil and water.

                 Upon my arrival home to Al Zaqaziq in Egypt, entering my house I found my daughter Amale sick, of typhoid, and already got treated by two physicians.

                 She was in a critical condition. I annointed her forehead with the oil I got, and she slept that night unconcious.

              The next morning was just virtuous for all of us, that we found my daughter`s health in a good condition. And God took the risk away from her.

                 Nowadays my daughter is in good condition, by the grace of God thrue the visit of father Sharbel`s tomb.

                 May god give us the benefit of his blessings, asking him mercy to me and my likeness. Amen.


          8. Sharbel in syria
            • In Damascus

                 Miss Yvone daughter of Georges Khoury from Damascus. Upon accumulating first year of her age, she got caught with high fever,which hit both of her hips, and left her crippled, swaying in her walk, in a way that attract the visions of people and mooving their feelings of pity toward her as a young lady.

                 Her mother Hasibah, thirty years ago, her knee also got caught with a sickness that made her stiff, plus she had a heart sickness.

                 In June-3-1950, Yvone and her mother came to Beirut along with her brother Dimitry whom he is a new married young man with a lady from Ashrafiyeh Beirut.

                 At five PM, Dimitry mooved on with his mother and sister, toward Sharbel. Yvone already prepared herself for the visit by fasting three days without water, so she can assume the grace of healing together with her mother thrue the intercession of Sharbel.

                 They took a ride going there. Now two miles before reaching saint Maroon`s monastery. They got out of the car. Dimitry, huged his mother and sister each on one side and walked toward the monastery. The road was unpleasant to walk, it was full of thorns, bushes, stones, and meanders, which they were not customized for. They walked for an hour and a half.

                 Dimitry was prepared for his mother, he took the medicines for the heart, in case she needed it. In the way there he proposed the medicine for her, she refused clearifying: I am relying on God and saint Sharbel.

                 After all, they arrived to the saint`s sepulcher and found the groupes of visitors gathering around it. And the sicks are praying and crying, demanding healing. They were hundreds, some staying at the tomb, others sleeping in the walkways in the monastery or in the new temple, next to the sepulcher.

                 The mother and her daughter was touched by the seen of the sicks, which most of them are inflicted, with much greater disability then them and cannot work to make living. So they felt pity for them, and said to one another: we are in a better state then these miserables, we can at least make living, but what these paralyzed people can do to live?

                 The mother forgot about her sickness and start praying for the sicks that are lying down before the tomb, likewise the daughter did. They spent the night between the church and the tomb, in praying and imploring without sleeping.

                 At six in the morning, the three of them return back to Beirut, each having in the heart the fever of the faith, and gladness. But Yvone and her mother received no healing.

                 When they arrived to Ashrafieh. The mother lyed down in bed, to rest, the journey was so hard for her.

                 Not even half an hour later, she start feeling her dry leg numb. Then start feeling severe pain in her stiff knee, then she heard like a crack in the knee bone, then screemed! What`s with me? Right away she stood up, and without noticing she bent her knee and with an immediate act she knelt on her knees praying, yet she did not know she`s heald, Yvone shouted my mother is heald, miracle! miracle! Members of the house with Dimitry ahead of them rushes to see the matter. He rejoiced seeing his mother kneeling and praying, then turned to see Yvone, and now this time he shouted you also sister are heald! Because he saw her knee is mooving freely and his sister is walking toward  his mother a just natural walk, like she was never crippled or disordered. Yvone who also was`nt aware of her healing, she was troubled and did not believe herself, screemed: how possible can be? Her brother was affraid something may happen to her from the heavy impact of such incident, he refer to her to go upstairs an watch herself on the miror how she looked and walked straight. She did, and when she saw herself straightened standing and walking for the first time in her life, she start crying and cheering of happiness, and shouted of a high voice: Thank your goodness oh saint Sharbel! Two wonders in our house for me and my mother! She called home Damascus, and proclaimed the good news to her kin and neighbors. She recommand them to offer sacrifice an animal and call the poor of the neighborhood for a ceremony of Cheering and thanksgiving to God.

                 June fifth the family was back home in Damascus, people was crowding in the house family, friends and connections, congratulating, sharing the happiness, but above all of that, to see the two miracles.

                 Damascus spoke about these two miracles happening in one house.

                 Yvone start walking all the hours of the day, even sometimes late at night, before her visitors, so they see her and give glory to God for such a healing.

            • in Aleppo
              • An unseen hand hited me 
                Gebrayel Yasmin testified: I am an orthodox christian, I have thirty five years of age.

                   Two years and a half ago, I caught a very severe stroke on the right side of my body, and it became motionless, like a wooden board. My sense of feeling went dead, from the shoulder to the buttom of my foot. Sometimes when I got injected with a needle in my right side, I wouldn`t know it happened unless I look. My head shake strongly and fast, my crippled hand too. And I used to drag my hip with disturbance when walking.

                   Then I heard about Sharbel`s amazing events.

                   My mother and I took a ride, and came straight to visit his blessed tomb.

                   Then when I was there for even less then two days, the morning of June -12-1950 I felt like an invisible hand, smacked me on the right side of my jaw, a hit made me fell on the ground. My body start convulsing especialy the right side. The crisis lasted for about two hours. My mother thought I am giving up my soul.

                   Nevertheless, the moment the crisis ended, my right hand and leg started mooving, and gained back its sense of feeling, my head stoped shaking and rested in its natural position. then I never felt any problem.   

              •  That will develop risk for the boy brain

                   In 1950 his parents declared:  our son Tony who have six years old was born with an empty-----كيس البيض-----. He was little ,we wasn`t paying attention for that.

                   But two years ago he started complaining of a pain in his-----محالب-----. I his father started observing then I found the -----كيس البيض -----empty. I was scared. I carried the boy to doctor Antoine Seccal our relative. He consulted the boy and found----- كيس البيض----- empty, and assumed that the البيض----- ----- are sitting on the top of the ----- محالب-----, and that will develop risk for the boy brain in the future, which may make him dumb.

                   Fearing that, we took him to beirut, to doctor Norman, chief doctors of the American faculty of medicine.

                   After a very delicate consultation, he came out with the same determination of our related doctor. And he gave him prescription,  a series of injections as treatment to go for a while, and after that urged the neccesity of a surgery.

                   A year passed, and the injections gave no result. So we stoped the injections, and gave up on medicine.

                   People use to tell us, he is fittibale for priesthood!

                   We stayed like this carrying this burden, untill the proficient heavenly physician came, father Sharbel, whom was sent as mercy to many by the care of God.

                   So we carried our son to him, us his parents accompanied by his aunt Aalyeh.

                   We arrived to the sanctified sepulcher. And bowed down before it, sharing the prayers with the believers. Then I his mother Mary heard, a voice in my depts, my son Tony was heald and his البيض----- ----- slided down to its place.

                   And it was so. البيض----- ----- was in its natural place, fixed, in the size of a big olive.

                   he was checked by doctor Antoine Saba, the designated doctor of the monastery health departement.

                   The miracle took place in August-29-1950.


            • in Qamishly

                 September-2-1955 Mounirah stano testified: In March-9-1954 I caught a desease of -----السحايا------and I stayed ill for twenty one days.

                 My parents had brought me groups of physicians, among them, Ahmed Nafez, Francois Shadaravian and Paul Boulghary. Unanimously all agreed that the chance of my healing is very low.

                 The clergy came and gave me the death annointment. Bishop Yousef Janenjy came and was there attending my case.

                 During my sickness days, father Yousef Khashan the Lebanese monk was giving a spiritual training lessons, in our town Qamishly. He learned about my case, and he gave me a blessed oil from father Sharbel`s shrine. And also blessed me with a napkin having Saint Sharbel`s photo.

                 I slept and saw in my dream father Sharbel telling me: I gave you healing.

                 I woke up relaxed, and after three days, I got completely cured.

                 Thank God for his gifts. And thanks to Sharbel, for his intercession for me.  


          9. Sharbel in the United State of America

               Salim Ghantous from Florida wrote: I had diabetes, and my physician willed to put me in the hospital for my diabetes was so high which puted me in risk.

               But I received a little piece of Sharbel clothes. I did put it in a little wrapping coat of clothe, and hanged it on my chest.

               I vowed to pledge $ seventy five, and to accumulate the (niner) Rosary for saint Sharbel. And since there are no (niner) Rosary for him. I vowed to confess and partake of the holy sacrament fo reputated physicians, but without a benefit. They even saw that he was in a high risk of death, And the hope of his curing is out.

               And since he had no children, thus he wrote to his brother Aalwan in Ayto, to come to America to inherite his wealth.

               At that time Mershed was in a hospital belonging to one of the medical universitys. Right there, he saw in a dream , a monk conversing on the phone, with a physician of another hospital, askimg him, <such a medicine for such a desease (and he named for him the name of the desease and its medicine),do you have that? Doctor answered: yes I do. At that point, Mershed woke up, and found no one around him.r nine successive Sundays. And I did.

               After three days the Lord granted me the healing thrue the intercession of saint Sharbel.
            • I became like crazy

                 Wardeh widowed of Ibrahim Sharbel from Bkarzlah, resident of Utica, New-York, USA. Wrote in July-4-1961: I had kidney, liver, heart, and -----طحال----- problems and-----حصر بول-----and -----سويداء------. I kept seeing, numerous skilled and proficient physicians for fifteen years and my health was kept going from worst to worst.

                 This one day after fifteen years passed, one friend came and visited me. The fact she saw me as I was miserable, like a crazy! She had pity on me, and told me to take saint Sharbel as a shelter. And he is worthy to give you healing thrue the the help of God. His wonders are widespread around the world.

                 This what had happened. Thrue the intercession of saint Sharbel and after I asked him. I was heald and became well, and my health like before I was sick.

                 I do thank saint Sharbel from all my heart.   

            • A monk speaking on the phone with the doctor

                 In 1955, father Antonios Aalwan testified: I remember an incident happened with some of my relatives in the United States of America, named Mershed Aalwan from Ayto Lebanon, resident of Bior, Ellinoys.

                 This man caught a chronic desease. He was treated by lots of well reputated physicians. But with no benefit.

                 The hope in his healing was out. Physicians informed him of his condition and that he was in a high risk of death.

                 And since he had no children. He wrote to his brother Aalwan, in Ayto, to come to America to collect his heritage.

                 Meanwhile when Mershed was in this hospital belonging to one of these medical university. Right there he saw in a dream, a monk speaking on the phone , with another doctor then his, in a different hospital, and telling him about such a desease and such a medicine (and he named to him the desease and the medicine) then asked him: would you have that medicine? And that physician said yes.

                 At this point Mershed woke up and found no one around him.

                 He assumed that was saint Sharbel in the dream. Because he always venerated saint sharbel with a special exaltation. And have always sent to saint Maroon monastery in Ennaya, where saint Sharbel`s sepulcher are, presents, oblations and vowes.

                 Thus he understood that was a true vision from saint Sharbel, and that the medicine named by the saint, is what going to heal him.

                 He recited the dream to the doctor, in the hospital he is in. Then asked him to go to that other doctor in that other hospital. He was delivered by air, with his wife and a nurse.

                 Arriving there under a very critical condition. He met with that designated physician, and told him what he had saw in the dream. And asked him about the foretold medicine.

                 He gave it to him. He got heald.

            • Sharbel in Australia
              • physicians were perplexed

                    July-6-1955, Joseph Antoune from Sidney testified: I was crippled, always lying in bed, and couldn`t walk but on two crutchs. Because of my left leg which was fully disabled.

                   It come to pass, that I was suffering severe pain for two weeks.

                   Then I told saint Sharbel: be with me oh Sharbel, to walk without a crutch, and to relief me from pain. The next day, I stood up and threw the two crutchs away, and start walking little by little. The physicians were perplexed seeing this happening.

                   I thank saint Sharbel for this grace.

              • her eyes dropp tears, days and nights

                   December-15-1959 Gerges Khdair, Al-Baney from Sidney Australia wrote: I was on the street one day, when a sixty years old woman stopped me. Her eyes dropped tears days and nights.

                   She was seeing her physician repeatedly every week. Then he decided to pass her a surgery.

                   So I proposed to bring her, some blessings from Sharbel the great saint. And I recited to her, part of his life. She fully believed in him.

                   The next week I gave her, a small part of clothe of what I had. It was of the saint`s clothe, I brought it in with me  when I visited his monastery.

                   She was heald when she rubbed her eyes with that holy piece.

                   The surgery was cancelled and the pain has gone, from her eyes.


            • Sharbel in the Argentina

                 In Noken city, there are a hotel, called saint Sharbel one of the very modern hotels, owned by two lebanese people, Wadih and Emily, from Mayrouba-Kiserwan.

                 A pilot of a personal plain, had a reservation in the hotel, accompanied with three persons, whom arrived to the city to accomplish some transactions, with the state Governor, related to an orphanage and a shelter. Under the name of the evangelical school for orphans. And they spent three days in the hotel. Then time came to go back to their state. So they asked the hotel owners, why this hotel is called saint Sharbel? And who is that saint? They told them, that he is a saint from Lebanon and that he brought forth miracles around the world. The pilot and his associates said: we are expecting a possibility of some failure flying back. Therefore we may ask for some photos for saint Sharbel, so he may save us. And they gave them the photos.

                 The pilot name was Edwardo Morario, with the passengers, Hozey Befran, the engineer Antonio Morgio, and Benito Befran. Their airoplane was theirs, it was a just little Bayber.

                 Half an hour after their departure from Noken airport, they had a failure in the plain engine. The passengers screemed saint Sharbel save us! The plain crash and was destroyed. But they came out whole.

                 Pilot Edwardo Morario declared, that this was the first plain crash in the world with a distruction of the plain, that happen without bodily damages. And we are going to visit saint Sharbel in Lebanon to give thanks to him.  
              Also the Argentine news letters, wrote about the incident, on their cover pages, with photos of saint Sharbel and his biography.

            • Sharbel in France
              • Ici Paris, Newspaper

                In year 1957, father Louis Wehbe wrote in Sharbel`s Magazine: I was lucky having the chance, to live in Ennaya`s monastery for several years, where I fulfilled a mission, nothing could`ve had pleased me as it did, which was: responding back to people`s letters.

                 The day I reached the monastery, was a Thursday in late september of year 1951, the monastery received 1422 letters, from all around the world, and eventually from France.

                 For better evaluation for the overflowing amount of letters that was answered from October-2-1950, untill august 1952, was 18483 letter.

                   In the beginning the most common subject of these letters was, discribing the different problems of people, like sickness, calamitys, spiritual or financial problems. Next we start seeing, people looking mostly how to grasp the grace, and rejoice and thank…

                   But thinking how father Sharbel news was spreaded to such a faraway localitys, we know  how powerfull the capability of God if he will, to glorify those who glorified him in their lifetime.

                  We now give the chance to Ici Paris newspaper. The newspaper that was never intrested with religious news. Its reporter now is going to discribe to us one of the many factors, saint Sharbel worked through. That describtion was published in the copy of, 10-09-1951, under the title of: Father Sharbel have heald me in a miraculous sort.

                   We`ll translate the describtion from french to arabic by letter, ( a way to say, a precise translation).

                   Mrs B-B, from La Rochelle said: This is the Healing prescription, the whole city is waiting for.

                   When I reached the first floor, and the door was opened, I suddenly met a woman, she has a mighty head, she was dressed with old fashion clothes, and her face was beaming with clarity. She was the one father Sharbel had lavished to her a miraculous healing.

                   The miracle in this woman`s view, is a regular matter. She speaks with simlicity and certitude, just like receiving mail. She is about seventy two years of age. She narrated to me with all kindness, the solid miracles, which its echos are to peal on, in all the religious part of the west.

                   So she said: yes sir, it is the tender hearted father Sharbel who cured me. But the biggest miracle had happened with my daughter.

                   Me, I had joints illnesses for many years, and in the end I became a motionless. Suddenly the pain vanished, and here I started jumping like a deer! Oh! How affectionate father Sharbel is!

                   The joyfull tears was flowing of the eyes of this virtuous lady, and her face beaming with gladness while pronouncing the venerated name, her lips didn`t wanna give up kissing a photo for saint Sharbel displayed in the newspaper, untill the photo lost its shape and it was about to be ripted of.

                   Then she continued saying: yes, father Sharbel the affectionate, is so powerfull, he heal the faithfull and the ungrateful…and what  is he capable of, men`s brain cannot figure!

                   Mrs B`s faith surpass the describtion. A strong faith, clear reigned over my feelings and mooved deep my sentiments. In that little room, where things are in order, and silence govern, the supernatural feeling also govern, degrading the common sientifical precepts. By then, entered the lady that received the greatest gifts of healing.

                   She`s a fourty seven years old lady, she lost her husband, he was a deputy police officer, she is well shaped, with good appearance. And alike her mother she`s calme and sober. She told me I was heald in a miraculous sort and by the intercession of father Sharbel the saint. And she start discribing to me the manner of her healing, and how anyone who will, can receive the same miracle.

                   So she said: for many years I had pain from a swell that appeard in the right side of my chest, and I was scared that will turn to a cancer.

                And when physicians in my town, was not capable of healing me, I went to Poitier, where there was a specialist of my case, who is doctor M… I felt better with the injections he gave me, but the tumor stayed as it was. Not long after the had pain gone, it came back much stronger, up to the degree were I lost with it my sleepiness.

                   Last April, I read in Ici Paris newspaper, an article of its accredited reporter, discribing the strange healings that is happening in Ennaya. So it came to my mind to write to father Boutros Zahrah, the abbot of saint Maroun Ennaya`s monastery, in Lebanon. And I had the certainty that God`s care is going to put me on the salvation`s drag.

                   And here is the letter`s text:

                   Deer father, I redd in Ici Paris weekly newspaper, the description of the miracles that is happening in Ennaya. And I am suffering great pain in my chest, were the most famous physicians couldn`t cure it for me. And since I have a strong faith, then my healing is of no doubt is eligible, if you grant me some relics of father Sharbel… I enclosed with the letter little bit of my hair, I did put it on the sick part of my chest.

                   No more then twelve days had passed, and I received the following answer:

                   Most respected lady I`m sending back to you the things you sent to us after we watered it with the miraculous sweat perspiring from saint Sharbel`s body. And we recognized you in our prayers.

                   Now what I sent for is in my possession! I blessed myself with the sanctified sweat, and some relics consisted of small pieces of red clothe, I didn`t hesitate to swallow them, mooved by an irresistible feelings of faith. The rest of the relics I put it on the spots where I feel pain. After that I went to an adjacent church, the Savior, to pray before the Virgin.

                   The moment I started praying, the miracle started taking place, I felt like an electric circuit penetrating me, and shuddering my body. At that moment I started sweating and my chest started itching in a strange way.

                   At night I felt in my mouth a sharp taste of sweatting. In the same time the abscess moved from the right side to the left, the inflation in my leg and in my hand that remained with me for a long term, had vanished away, and the heavy cough that use to strike me with much of spitting, I was saved from all of that pain! I was healed!.

                   This is what Ici Paris newspaper wrote, and it had wide echo in all parts of Europe, not much longer after that it reached America and Africa.

                   That gifted lady had worked tirelessly, to show gratitude to whom he granted her  that grace. So she didn`t stop spreading the miraculous news, not only in her town but in all towns and villages of the suburbs.

                   Now everyone that have a sick relative start feeling mooved by the power of faith and hope, to write to Ennaya asking for blessings, following the footsteps of Mrs B-B, by sending some of the sick person`s hair, with a piece of clothe that was layed on the sick or the painfull part of the patient.

              • Letters from France
                • France in 02/05/1952
                  The two pieces of relics you sent have done two great miracles: the healing of my prostate. And a healing for my mother for her liver.

                •  Bordeaux, France in 02/15/1952
                  I received from father Sharbel, great spiritual and secular graces. He saved me from a critical panic situation, I happen to be in.
                  And a very severe migraine that put me in risk of loosing my mind. All my was dispersed away, as soon as I called for saint Sharbel. Therefore I always shelter to saint Sharbel and in fever, and I spread his news around me.

                •  Lower Sein-France in 02/10/1952
                  I received in the month of December, relics for saint Sharbel from Ennaya. When my husband who have cancer had carried it, he start recovering in a strange way. Astonishment took over the physician who was in charge of him, after he gave up his healing

                •  Geronde, France in 02/21/1952
                  You have granted me in 03/01/1951 with a small fragment of clothe wetted with the perspiring liquid of saint Sharbel`s body.  I have a brother who had a surgery for his cancer in 02/20/1951. He was getting thinner every day, fearing death he called the priest.  But after he kissed the relics, few days passed, then he was able to leave the dispensary, where he spent two months. He regained quickly his power and his appetite. The surgeon who passed him the surgery was just perplexed, and he visited him several time.  Now my brother became very healthy, like he was never sick before. He returned back to his jobs. His weight returned just natural which is 98 kilogram

            • Sharbel in Belgium

                O. de Munch – 94, Brussels, Belgium, in 10/26/1951

               Most righteous father, I thank you so much for your letter that included Father Sharbel`s relics. I felt comfortable. I also gave part of the relics to a friend of mine, whom she was in pain, she benefited greatly from it. For me the traces of cancer, which was I feard had disappeared. So all my thanks to father Sharbel.

                 Charle-Roi, Belgium, in 11/21/1951,

               My gratitude had driven me to write these lines.

                I received back, ( the socks that I sent, to be blessed from father Sharbel`s sepulcher) the moment I put it on I never felt the pain again. After thirty four years full of intense pain.

               This is just great in reality. That`s why I never get tired praying and thanking father Sharbel.


            • Sharbel in Malte island

               Malte Island, in 12/30/1951

              Father the Abbot, I thank you for father Sharbel`s relics that I received. It has been pleasure to declare to you, that many of whom they shelter to saint Sharbel and carried his relics, they received special graces. Among them, a lady was risking death because her kidney was poisoned during birth delivery. The moment the relic was put on her exhausted body, the pain disappeared. Thus she called her new born: Alexander-Sharbel. The physician seeing this sudden change, he was nothing but astonished.


          10. Sharbel in Bekaa-Kafra

            1. January-9-1960, the intellectual and poete Younis El-Ebn wrote in Al-Aamal newspaper: And the teller, gone forth with the supernatural narration, and I am listening with a sense of humor, because naturaly I don’t believe, but what sience has prooved as solid concepts. But my narrator don’t care much about my mocking smile, and he was kept mooving zealously with what he was telling:

                 Few days before Christmas, father Gebrayel Sekkar the supervisor of saint Sharbel`s house. The house that became a temple. He was praying in it and he was surrounded with some people of the village, when a strange light illumined the place, and a deep scent flares in, and from a cross made of ewers of cedar tree, dripped some drops of scented water…

              In the same time there was some girls praying in the cave, where Sharbel use to lodge, to pray and stay in solitude, they have had the same phenomenon, light, scent, and water drops, glittered on the cheeks of a statue for the Virgin, hewed out of a white stone, and running of the ----------مآفيlike tears. And in the same time, same kind of liquid with the same smell of scent, was dripping of Sharbel`s photo that is hunged in the abbot`s bedroom in the monastery. Shouting arises, bells runged, people came forth and started wiping out the dripping liquid, which they call, the bloody sweat.

               Glittering and dripping was augmenting.

                 Hearing the bells ringing, people came from Bsharrey to see what happened, so they saw by naked eyes, the light and the sweat and they smell the strange scent! After that, miracles took

            2. I have seen by myself

                 I entered Bekaa-Kafra filled with the desire and curiosity, to get to know about the miracles which I`m going to see by myself.

                It was about sunset, and I wasn`t carrying a flash light for the camera, when I was opting to photograph the places where the phenomenons had happend before sunset, leaving conversations with the others untill night. I went to Sharbel`s cave, and among the people accompanying me, there was this young lady named Badiaah Zaarour, she`s twenty six years old, she dedicated her life to be watchguard for Sharbel`s cave…Why!

                 She had stomach cancer, and had a surgery that failed. She had statements from four different physicians that prooved her cancer.

                 They brought her one day, from death bed to Sharbel`s sepulcher, where she slept one night. And in the morning she was consulted by many physicians, and they found no trace for the cancer.

                 Badiaah was one of the girls that was praying in the cave, the time the miraculous phenomenon occured. She was guiding the group, and she was pointing toward the statue saying: this is the statue; and as I was pointing the camera towards the statue I saw two drops of tears rolling down the stony cheecks, and I thought that will be just a ruse, or it is a matter of humidity. I wiped out these two tears, and I waited, meanwhile people around me, knelt down praying in reaction toward a miracle taking place, which they became accustomed to. Then again, I was pointing the camera toward the statue; two tears occurred again…

                  I took the picture, and everybody around me was on their knees praying and chanting.


            3. Sharbel have heald us

                 And at night, people who have seen strange wonders, came and recite it to me, it was all meeting with the narrative, I have been told.

                 They presented to me Nahia Sahallita, a seventy six wears old woman, it was said, she was one of the people whom Sharbel cured when these phenomenons occurred.

                 -what was the the sickness you was heald off ?

                 -My dear, ask them they all know me… Four years ago I fell off, of a berry tree, I broke my hand, and it became stiffed… I couldn`t moove it, it has been four years… then when the light shined in saint Sharbel`s house, I rubed my hand with the water that dripped from the cross, and I prayed then slept… I woke up and my hand was mooving, like it didn`t have a problem before… and when everybody was confirming the truth of her story, she was lifting up her hands towards heaven, and she was saying gladly like a child: look my dear, my hand now is mooving.                                                                             

                 Another lady in her thirtys walked forward:

               -And you my lady?

               -My  name is Leila Antonios, two years ago, in one of my three sons body appeard a strange kind of pimple, then rapidly pimpled developped and coverd all his body then it was transmitted to his two brothers, and it coverd their bodys from the noses to the toeses… and in vain the physicians treatments and their pills had gone.

                 Then the night the phenomenon appeard I wiped my sons`s bodys with the bloody sweat, and I lett them spending the night at saint Sharbel`s house, and I stayed all night praying.

               -have the pimples disappeared ?

               -it disappeared, look sir.

               She pointed out three boys, who`s bodys have no trace of pimples, and said: the village residents all know them, ask them.

                 And they thirdly represented, she`s scared of me, and scared of the camera. Then when she knew I write about Sharbel, she stepd forward and said: I, Sharbel heald me. Her name is Mary Hawshab Makhlouf, she`s eleven years old.

               -And what Sharbel have heald you of my little girl?

               -Since I was born and I was inflicted with a constant shuddering in my hands. And when I heard the bells ringing, and miracles happening in Sharbel`s house, I ran with the runners, and threw myself before the Altar praying and crying, and I stayed all night before the Altar, and in the morning the shuddering had gone away.

            4. New sweat

                 At that moment, shouting arises; What? And I overlooked to where people gatherd, when something like sweat was dripping of a photo represent Sharbel, and the same strange scent flares out, the one I smelled when I was in the cave. I wasn`t much interested with that phenomenon,  but I preferd seeing those who are told of, they have been heald of sicknesses and disabilitys, and hearing their storys. In vain I was seeking. And now praying time is taking place, the prayer after every marvel. I stood up watching the praying village, men and women, elders and children, young men and young ladys, all of them knelt down and praying together. They don’t stand up, but to switch from the monastery to Sharbel`s house, and from Sharbel`s house to the cave, then they return to the monastery.

            5. I experienced by myself

                 A young pretty lady walked forward, she`s in her sixteenth, her name is Mary Shalhoub:

               -I was on my knees praying together with my friend (girl) Nour Lattouf, when a bright light beamed in from Sharbel`s photo, so we escaped, and since then I couldn`t dare to enter the room, the light shined from, untill I`ve seen the new miracles by myself.

                 But even though, yet I was still confused and skeptical, 1- perhaps the liquid is a result of weather reaction, even thinking that such a possible reaction did not occur but on Sharbel`s photos and the statue of the Virgin and the Crucifix! 2- Perhaps the strange scent, are just some new incense, getting litted somewhere. 3- And possibly that the healing is, but self deception.

                 But the next day, I stood up astonished like the  rest of the astonished people, before two phenomenons, I experienced by myself.

                 The first phenomenon was this: The person that was hosting me, had litted charcoals for me for heating (Bekaa-Kafra, is a small distant village, with an altitude over fifteen hundred yards, having freezing weather), the result was, I got a headache and nausea, and I stayed untill dawn feeling like I was gonna explode.

                 At dawn, an old lady approached me, and said: let me wipe your head with Sharbel`s Sweat deer sir. And before I answer she wiped my head with a piece of cotton; instantly I felt like something heavy dropped off of my head, and all the pain vanished! Then when I asked her about that cotton and what`s in it, she said: I wiped with it the cross when it was dripping the sweat.

                 I could`ve never relate what I felt to a deceptive inspiration, because I didn`t think or prayed, nor I prepared myself to receive any charism.

                 The second phenomenon was this: I accompanied Mary Shalhoub to her house, to see the photo she said the light beamed out of, and when she hold the photo with her hand, I have seen a strange light, like lightning, and it shine for seconds. I checked well the photo and I didn`t see in it, anything can emit light! I asked Mary if she saw anything? She denied! Then when I straighted it to photographe it. The same light flahed again.


          11. My husband work as a labor man to make a living

               February-18-1961, Naquiyyeh wife of Brahim Ghaleb testified: my son Boutros was  five months old, I noticed he is having pain in his thigh.

               And when doctor Shedyak consulted him, he told me: your son is in need of a specialist in the faculty. So I took him to the faculty with the company of doctor Shedyak. After examination they told me: a surgery is a must for your son`s haunch, because the hip is mooved off, of its place, and it must be mounted with a special piece of metal, that coast three hundred L.P. . When I heard that I went crazy, because I am poor, and my husband work as a labor man to make a living.

               And that physician told doctor Shedyak: if they don’t do what I said, he is going to suffer pain, and his leg is going to be shorter then the other, then kept silent. Doctor Shedyak said may God take care, and asked the surgeon: when will be the due time for the surgery? He answerd: in due time I`ll call after them, to bring in, the child.

               After a while we was informed by the faculty, about the description of that piece of metal which we need to buy from a store in Bab-Idris

            whom he have these materials.

               I informed our physician doctor Shedyak, and he said; you need to hurry up to bring in, what is necessary. At that time my husband Brahim headed to buy the material, and I headed to father Sharbel, I asked him to heal my son hithout a surgery, and I prayed and I asked of him fervently.

               Thank God, he responded to my petition, and immediately my son walked straight.

               When his father returned back he was surprised, seeing him walking. He told me: I found the store closed, so I came back willing to go tomorrow. And I told him: there is no tomorrow nor after tomorrow, truly the only physician is father Sharbel and he heald your son!

               We went to doctor Shedyak and he accompanied us to the faculty. After examination and radiology, they congratulated me for my son`s healing.

               And yesterday, we came to father Sharbel`s monastery, my son, my husband, my mother in law, and I, to thank father Sharbel, we settled near his room where he lived, and we spent the whlole night praying.

          12. -This night is judging between the life or death of your daughter

               November-7-1961 Rogina Salim El-Sheiah from Fern El-Shebbak wrote: my daugthter May, spouse of Samir Hetteh, was under a definite risk of death, after passing her two risky surgerys, by doctor Khaldy, with the help of five physicians, among them was one American.

               The night she was receiving the second surgery, doctor Khaldy told me: pray for the saints and don’t neglect! Because midnight is judging between the life or death of your daughter. And added: pray for saint Sharbel.

               He refreshes me, and I started praying for saint Sharbel, kneeling on my knees for six straight hours witout stopping.

               Midnight on the dot, my daughter called me and said: mom give me water. I was just surprised, because my daughter was out of conciense, she was cold like ice, and there was no hope of her healing. I gave her water , and I touched her with my hand when I felt the warmth came back to her. I informed doctor Khaldy who was staying up awaiting her news. He came and with astonishment said: what?! Have you prayed? And I said: yes I prayed for saint Sharbel. He answered: the faith the faith only have heald your daughter, peace to the saints and the prophets.

          13. The retired first lieutenant in the syrian army Mhammad Helmy Irbelli

               The date of December fifth 1965, when I was home, in Al-Shraibat quarter Damascus, I saw on the lebanese television a presentation of father Sharbel Makhlouf and his beatification in saint Peter`s Basilica, with the presence of his beatitude the Pope. I have seen all theese spectacles untill the end of the show on Beirut television.

               The fact that I was very attentive watching all details with interest… it touched me deep in the soul. And an idea came to my mind, to speak with this saint in my while sleeping, and implore him to heal the pain of my foot which was wounded six years ago.

               After I went to Germany several times for hospitalization, and I consulted many physicians among them doctor Shrouder, the physicians president in Louison hospital in Aven city, but all theese treatments was of no benefit. Then I gave up taking all theese medicines, and my hope in healing my foot got cut off.

               That same night, I went to bed and said: oh father Sharbel Makhlouf, if you really are a saint, implore God to heal my foot and if he does, I will believe in your sainctity, and I fell asleep.

               I have seen in my dream, an old man sleeping in a box, wearing white clothe and on his head, same like what the Pope have and a-----مقصب-----and on his chest a wooden Cross. He stretched his hand and cutted a small piece of my ear and said to me: that is not gonna hurt you, and truly I wasn`t hurt at all.

               The morning of December sixth 1965, when I woke up from sleep, I didn`t wear the stretch socks that reduce the pain of my foot, like usual, because I said to myself, perhaps I was heald. Then I took a walk inside of my house, and I didn`t feel any pain! I walked to down town for four hours and I didn`t feel any pain like before. Now six months already passed and also I didn`t feel any pain, and I walk on feet with all ease.

                Now I sent you this statement not for publicity especially that I am a muslim person.

          14. I prayed to saint Sharbel and I got heald

               Father Ghassan the congregation minister narrated in 01/16/1966: A durzic women married to Ramez Hmaidan. She had some water congestion in her knee, and a severe pain in her left shoulder.

               She tried all she could`ve, of medical ways to suck the water out of her knee, she benefited nothing. And the more the water was sucked out, the more the congestion grow.

               Then physicians ordered to pass a surgery, that is to put an outlet underneath the skin, thus when there are congestion it will suck it out. She agreed, but did not appear at the apointment date.

               The day of December fifth 1965 I went to the Church, and after Mass I passed by her house, so she asked me if saint Sharbel still preforming miracles. I answered yes and in fact today is the day of his beatification in Rome, would you like to know about saint Sharbel? She said: yes definitely. So I gave her a booklet of saint Sharbel, I had it in my car.

               Then the nineth of that month, it was a Thursday in the afternoon, about two o`clock, I passed by her, and she met me out by the door shouting: father Ghassan! father Ghassan! the tears was immersing her eyes. I said what happened to you have you gone crazy? She start bending her knee and twisting her left shoulder. I told who treated you? Have you had a surgery? She said Sharbel, Sharbel, I prayed to saint Sharbel and I got heald!.

          15. Ali El-Hejjar

               A counsel member of the American inventors institute in ------Washington------, and the general secretary for the lebanese atomic research association.

               ---------Ali El-Hejjar is a muslim man, who understands saint Sharbel through muslim scriptures. The following is an anticipation of his storys, a proffer of koran passages:---------

               In the name of God the Merciful, the Compassionate

             Those who believed and did the goods, the Merciful is having cordiality for them.

               Father Sharbel, a monk who dedicated his life to worship God day and night. So he found an abode for him in Ennaya`s monastery. And did not take his religion for diversion, and life has not conceited him.

             So he believed and bewared - thus he prayed and fasted, and worked so he prospered and corrected, then died and not decomposed- challenging the law of nature.

               The lord selected him to be a good example in  an age, were people have rebelled against his obedience. God selected him as if he was aiming to attrack people`s vision to his chastity. So he bestowed his verses on some of the people as signs, perhaps people will be leadd to the right path.

               So it was from the Merciful to this sober and virtuous monk, that extraordinary miracles appeared on his hand which exceeded the concepts of science and art, however for anyone who visited  him in Ennaya`s monastery or have thought of him.

               I myself  have signed Down two miracles that have its reputated degree in mecanical science and medicine.

          16. The mecanical wonder

               Examination on Sharbel`s body took place in 1950, in Ennaya`s monastery, and it was found whole after fifty two years of his death.

               One of theese days when I was coming back from Trablos to Beirut passing through Jbeil, I saw thousands of people driving toward Ennaya`s monastery to visit father Sharbel, so I also destined in my little Renault, to accomplish such a blessed visit. Upon reaching the village of Toarzayya, right next to a fountain, this one person advises me to cool down the engine before starting the old route that goes from Ehmej to Ennaya`s monastery so the engine temperature won`t go over heated, which will break me down, taking for example what happen often with others, because of the difficultys they face, very high hills, with an angle from 12 to 16% , no asphalt, dirt road full of holes, bumps, and stones, with an average speed up to 3 k/h, and you can only go on low Gear. I did not listen to his advice, and I kept driving untill I reached the turn to the route Ehmej to Ennaya`s monastery, where I stopped behind a convoy of cars that stopped truly because of over heating, and the drivers was buying the waterb from people for that reason. I took advantage from the break and I boat a jar of water, and I asked the person to fill up my radiotor when I loosend the the down faucet to empty the hot water. Upon starting the cooling job, the convoy ahead of me mooved on, and the cars behind me started beeping, so I was forced to drive forward, forgetting to shut down the faucet. The water was leaking. Seeing that. right behind me colonel Sheikh Raad El-Hashem, he started blowing the horn, to let me know, then I stopped, but it was to late, the engine was completely empty. The colonel asked me to park the car aside, and stop driving, so the engine won`t burned up. I looked at him, and told him: I am destined to visit father Sharbel whom God granted selection of miracles, and I`m going to keep driving without water in the engine, let it either get burned or it will take me to the monastery. So I kept going relying on the blessing of God, with a strong faith. Later on I met with two other colonels Najjar and  the deceased Semrany at the last curb of the hill before reaching the monastery, were they stepd out of their car, the was a station wagon, because it was proceeding slowly and with extreem difficulty at that dangerous curb, they told me: look at your car how stongly it is mooving! I answered them: it is mooving in God`s willing without water in the engine relying on father Sharbel. It sounded strange to them and they willed to verify if this was a mecanical miracle. They reached me at the end of the hill, where we uncovered the engine before hundreds of visitors, and we was all astonished, finding the engine just cold, when it was expected to look reddish because of the heat and its oil boiling, burning and smoking, theese are factors that could easily happen even if the car was driven for a shorter distance, and on flat areas.

               The present people wanted to be certain there is no water in the engine, they brought a jar of water and filled the radiotor when everybody saw it absorbed its whole amount, and that made them be convinced of a miracle occurrence.

          17. the medical wonder

               The end of the year 1965, I got stricken with an accident in my right hand and shoulder. And that caused me an unbearable pain, it stayed with me for five months, even with the radiology I received in Hotel Dieux hospital, and the medical treatments supervised by the famous specialist doctor Joseph Hajjar. And with diversity of arabic medicine treatments, I attain no positive result. I couldn`t drive my car but with difficulty, and only with my left hand, and never I could`ve write.

               This one day of January 1966, I took a ride in my car along the road Beirut-damascus accompanied by Mr Elias Qerbaney from Baabdat, and I was driving with my left hand. The pain in my right hand and shoulder was increasing.

               While driving we was conversing about the miracles that occurred on father Sharbel`s hand, amongst it, the mecanical miracle that happen in my car, the year 1950, then Mr Qerbaney said: since you believe strongly in father Sharbel, why don’t you ask him for healing? So I said: my lord heal me through the intercession and the honor of the good father Sharbel, were if I got heald, I will visit him in Ennaya`s monastery, driving with both hands.

               The next morning, in the way to my job in the Civil and Provincial Order Directorate, located in Al-Makased Islamic Organization building in Al-Berej Beirut. And upon my arriving to the elevator in the southern section of the building, arrived a monk, I asked of him to enter first, he did, then I entered after him, and I told him: to what floor you are heading father? He answers me: to what floor you are going? I told him to the fifth, he said: go ahead.

               While going up he was looking at me with a sublime modesty and chastity. So I looked at him and I saw on his chest a round patch of clothe, written on it in arabic < saint Sharbel`s monastics>, and in his face I recognized the countenance of father Sharbel as he appears in his photos. So I said to myself: oh glorious God, yesterday we was remembering father Sharbel and asking the healing of God; and today what a coincidence I meet one of his monks, plus that he look like him. It was a pleasure to me to invite him to my office for a coffee, were I can recite to him the mecanical miracle happened in my car in 1950, in order to register it in the memorandum of the monastery,  but unfortunatly I arrived to the fifth floor and I walked out of the elevator, when the monk stayed in, and I missed what I willed of, inviting him in; I started thinking that was a mistery, and I assumed he dominated over my mind, and made me forgot everything.

               Then I entered my office and I started writing with my right hand for a while unusually, as it was healthy, and the pain disappeared completely, and for good, without even noticing.

               Then when it was clear to me, the healing was a strange matter and miraculous. I thanked my God, and I was in a state of astonishing, thinking about the monk who accompanied me in the elevator, and that between his presence with me, and my quick healing, there are a misterious relation, and the missing of inviting him to my office was a bigger mistery.

               Later on I willed to make a quest of the core of this mistical medical miracle. So I asked of one of my assistants, Mr Elie Farid El-Khoury from El-Naaemeh to investigate about that monk if he ever went to any of the managements of the civil or provincial order, or to any of its departements, for a job that belongs to him or to Ennaya`s monastery. So Mr Khoury did ask all the departements, and it appeared that no monk came to do any job, nor for him or for Ennaya`s monastery. Beside that Mr Khoury informed me that it is forbidden for the monks, to put on their chest the writings ‘Saint Sharbel`s monastics’ or any other sign, and so the writings that I readd on the monk`s Chest was nothing but an indication, that it was him the monk Sharbel.

               Sunday January-30-1966. I bounded to Ennaya`s monastery, to check about these misterys. So I met with the honorable abbot Tobiya Zyadeh the monastery president, and I recited to him both miracles the mecanical and the medical one. So he was greatly astonished of the appearence of father Sharbel in the elevator, and my complete healing that came right afterward. And he confesses to me, he didn`t happen to send to the Civilian and Provincial Order Directorate any monk. And it is out of question that any of the monks can have on his chest the writings < Saint Sharbel`s monastics>. He then certified that  the writings and the quick healing is an indication of the appearance of father Sharbel himself in the elevator. Learning that of the repeated cases, of his appearing in many similar occasions, that produce increasing of faith and certainty.

          18. no need for the surgery      

               Habib Aby Khalil from Hrajel wrote in 07/10/1966: An indisposition happened to my mother, her intestin got knoted. I carried her to the hospital. After consulting her doctors Joseph Karam and Fawzi El-Aadaymi, the owner of Our lady of Lebanon`s hospital, in Jounieh. They urged to pass her a surgery rapidly. They asked me to rush to the blood bank in Beirut, and get her the needed blood.

               Right in spot they took my mother to the operations room, to prepare her, and I rushed to Beirut.

             In the way there I asked deeply from my heart, saint Sharbel to heal my mother and save her from a surgery, and if this happen I go visit him in Ennaya.

               When I got to the laboratory, I found that a phone call preceded me saying, there is no need for the blood because there is no need for the surgery.

               I went back very happy. And I found my mother recovered completely of her illness.

          19. the healing of blood disease----زلال----------in 07/20 1966

               Mr Brahim Merhej testifted: A ------زلال-----in the blood happen to me to the degree of  245, when the average level goes between 20 and 40, therefore doctors lift up their hands off of me and gave up hope of my healing. They even prepared me the coffin, because doctor Shamy said: his case is over, may God bless his soul. And they request for a Holy Communion for me and he last annointing, and upon his arrival reverend father Toubiya Khalil, the superior of -----انطوش-----Jbeil he gave me some blessings of saint Sharbel, and the Holy Communion; the moment the Holys touched my mouth, my spirit was restored inside of me, I mooved and I asked for food, after I was motionless and my mouth was just close.

          20. A healing of a-----شهوة-----in the neck in 09/10/1966

               Asaad Farah testified: my mother Henoud was born and in her neck an apparent ----- شهوة----- flagrant and undesirable to be seen. And every time she look at it she cry and she ask God to take that sickness away from her. And now she`s sixty and still she have that----- شهوة-----in her neck.

               And when she heard about saint Sharbel`s miracles, she prayed for him a special prayer, and she was asking him days and nights to take away her sickness.

               Then she visited Sharbel`s monastery in Ennaya, and had a drink and blessings. And she started rubing her neck of the blessings she had from the sepulcher, for one month. After she putted a condition on him that he have one month to take away that defect.

               Then a month passed and was taken away comletely.

          21. American physician Statment

               I Alexander Thomas the under signer, registered in Boasten Massachusetts # 3789, in the year 1963 as expert in Corpses and Death Burial Administration. I have seen the corpse of the blessed Sharbel in August-15-1966.

               I stood up astonished! The body liquid covering his body. And that liquid was a combination of blood and water, and its thickness is three inches, his clothe looked reddish.

               In all the years that I transfered dead bodys from a coffin to another, it was all decayed, and the decomposition had formed its distruction in it.

               When the honorable father Tobiya Zyadeh the monastery superior, told me: father Sharbel reposed sixty eight years ago in year 1898, astonishment reigned over me. He look like he died twelve to thirteen weeks only. The blood and water in the shroud, is clear red-----قان-----, and the body liquid is similar to the blood that is extracted of a corpse during the taxidermy operation.

               What was left of Sharbel`s body was intact. A whole body, and in good condition comparing to the number of years he have been reposed, and so his clothes. I never experienced in my years of experiments anything that can rival to such a keeping intact, like this miraculous body, and that holy scent emanated from it!

               Father Sharbel`s clothes was supposed to absorbe the bloody liquid throughout these years in the coffin.

               I also learned that the coffin was opened to the public in the year 1950, right there his body was suppose to decay and fall into ashes.

               My only interpretation for this phenomenon, is that it is made by God`s hand the almighty.

          22. the sanctification Miracle

               Maryam Aassaf Aawwad originally from Shakra, Isra, Dara, Syria. Resident of Hemmana, Lebanon.

               She`ve had three surgerys for cancer, between 1963 and 1965. one in her stomach second in her intestin, and third in her right side of her neck.

               These surgerys did not succeed, in extracting all the cancer of her body.

               So Maryam started praying to the blessed Sharbel…

               After that her two glands was infected by cancer, she was suffering pain from them, and had big difficulty swallowing, and her voice started diminishing. They became very red and inflated like the size of a walnut. She rejected all treatments and radiology. But she was asking of saint Sharbel either the healing or the power to resist that sickness.

              One day when she was sitting in her bed. She raised the following prayer to saint Sharbel: will you grant me the healing of that sickness, you are the great saint who heald, the blinds and the cripples! And when I`m heald of that sickness I go give you thanks in your shrine".

               She did ask for healing at night and before sleep. The next day the healing took place, she became whole and healthy.

               And Maryam came to saint Maroun`s monastery, to saint Sharbel`s Sepulcher to fulfill her vow. She came thanking and testifiying to the greatness of God`s work through Ennaya`s saint.

               And pope Paul the six proclaim Sharbel saint in October-09-1977    

          23. Sharbel baptizing a baby the night of his sanctification                    

               A boy was born in Australia for a lebanese family and have a heart problem. He was in a critical condition. Therefore a nun in the hospital asked the boy`s father to get a priest to give him the Sacrament of Christening, before death.

               So the boy`s father rushed to saint Sharbel`s monastery in Sidney Australia, and asked the monks if any of them can and give the boy the Christining Sacrament. The monks apologized one after the other saying: we cannot leave the Church the night of the sanctification, because of heavy crowds of people in the monastery, plus a part of the monks went to Rome to Participate in the ceremony of the sanctification in the Vatican.

               The father lost hope of his child`s Christening. And started awaiting the bad news of his son`s death within hours.

               During the night no one had contacted him, and so in the morning. About noon time the father called the nun asking her about his child`s condition? She said: he became well since one of your monks baptized him, here the father was astonished and said: no one accepted to do the job!? She answered back: yes, a priest came, he has a white beard, he gave him the sacrament. The father realised, and gone to the hospital, he understood it was him saint Sharbel who baptized and heald his son. The boy  became a young man, still vigorous full of life, and work as a bulldoser driver.

          24. Sharbel is blessing the crowds

            The day of sanctification October-09-1977, after a crowded and impressive walk from Jbeil to Ennaya, that lasted for over five hours, sister Jaqueline narrated in Parish Magazine: I was standing up praying and my eyes fixed on saint Sharbel statue, which upright in Ennaya`s monastery square, when his up lifted hand mooved and draw the sign of the cross slowly, I thought this is because of the tireness in my eyes, and I rubed my eye with my hand, but the hand is back again mooving before my sight. I looked at my sister nun, and she whispered in my ear: he is mooving and blessing! Some people started kneeling others started chris crossing themselves. When the same moove was repeated from the blessed hand: shouting was raised: he is blessing! The young man Antoine K who participated in the walk says: I had a camera in my hand and when I got close it was stoped. And every time I was seeing the hand mooving, I was taking a photo, the time he stretched his hand over the crippled boy, whom was heald, I took two photos to the stretched hand. Some people have seen the statue`s eyes blinking, others saw eye drops.

               Astonishment crying and rejoicing reigned over the majority of the presence.

               Reverend father Boulos Azzi who was present the night and the day of sanctification in the confessing ------booth----- in Ennaya told us: the most important miracles was repentance, lots of people came to confession with tears, and numerous was those who hasn`t confess for decades, also came forth.

          25. incense in El-Nabaa

            1. stones was transfered to incenses

                 October-17-1977, I father Hanna Iskandar was a -----rossafore----- monk, in Kfifan monastery back then, together with the ------rossafores------ brothers heard two storys about the incenses miracles in El-Nabaa (a little town adjoining Beirut). The first story was from father Youhanna Marcos the superintendent, who entered the class room, carrying in his hand a sum of little stones and said: look, these are stones. We looked and saw, it was stones. He brought a lighter and burned one of them and said: look Sharbel changed the stones to incences in El-Nabaa. We was astonished! He gave each of us some. I examined my part that stayed with me many years. It is stones the way it appear from the outside, and if broken, likewise from the inside, but it has light weight and burned as incenses.

                 The second story was from the reposed father louis wehbeh, who back then informed us about the story of the miracle, he said: a sheeite muslim father of a family, had vowed to saint Sharbel to offer him incences, the equal amount of the weight of his sick son, if he got heald.

                 But the poverty of that family prevented them from paying off the vow.

                 Then It happen to pass that the boy was playing in a wreck place, where there are remnants of some barricades from the days of war. Saint Sharbel appeard to him and told him: why your parents haven`t take you to me to pay the vow? The boy answered: we do not have the money to buy incenses that equal my weight. So the saint told him: this area here is full of incenses. The boy looked, when every thing around him was transfered to incenses, the stones, the gravels, the sand, the bags of sand (of the barricades), the car tires, so he shouted miracle! People bursted and started picking up the incenses. Miracles of healing also occurred, and because of the heavy crowds, some people couldn`t arrive, so they picked up some gravels from afar hoping it will be blessed, then upon reaching home they found the gravels changed to incenses! What is more strange then that, was some who couldn`t reach the area, and while walking, they were submitted to the road conditions, rain from above, mud from below, angry when a car pass by a pad hole, it was showering their clothes with mud. But quickly their anger turn to joy when they saw the mud on their clothes turning to incences!.

            2. a strange power

                 Hasna Mansour-Karm-----saddeh-----narrated: a splinter of a bullet hitted my elbow and landed in. Then burned my bone and paralyzed my left hand completely. Some physicians saw that it will be better cut it off, so the bones will not splinter in, which may poisened my body and cause me death. But I refused to have such a surgery, so on my husband and my family.

                 This one day, when the news about El-Nabaa miracle was spreading all over Lebanon, I willed to go there, seeking healing. Then when I reached the place, where there was a large arosed photo for saint Sharbel. Then I extended my right hand to touch the photos for blessing and to ask for healing, I did that three times. What happened was, the moment I begin to extend my right hand, I begin to feel in my paralyzed hand a strange power, that started from the finger nails all the way to the shoulder, and stop.

                 That night, saint Sharbel appeard to me in my dream and spoke to me saying: lift up both of your hands together, like I do before you, so I did what he told me, then he continued saying: the three fingers are going to heal right away, but the thumb and the index are going to heal gradualy. And this what happend.

            3. a grain of incense in the hand of a new born baby

                 Father Antoine Sadaqua testified: Maria De Nazareth, living in Bresil, was barren. Medical methods did not  succeed in making her pregnant. Such a fiasco increased, her sadness and despairing.

                 One day she met with this lebanese lady that arrived recently to Bresil from Lebanon, she was carrying with her some incense, as blessing relics from saint Sharbel. And she started narrating about abundant miracles performed at saint Sharbel`s hand. Among theese miracles was: granting the grace of bearing children for sterils women, Maria was touched, and wished the lord grant her a child. Then the lebanese woman gave Mariah some incense and asked her to pray and cense.

                 What she did she swallowed one grain of that incense. She then got pregnant. And she couldn`t wait to see her new born.

               When her time came, she went to the hospital for delivery. When she was delivering the baby the doctor was astonished seeing the boy closing one hand and opening the other, the doctor was surprised, he never seen such a thing before, so he did begin opening the boy`s hand fearing something happened to his hand, then he was more amazed finding a grain of incense. It was that grain the mother had swallowed intending pregnancy.

          26. the joy of faith - Nouhad El-Shamy
            1. I wish I live his life

                    Mrs Nouhad El-Shamy testified: I have seven sons and five daughters. I use to fulfill my religious dutys in a complete way. Attending Sunday Mases, praying the Rosery daily with procession for the Virgin together with my children, kneeling before their sight. Praying the Rosery in the morning, and at noon the ------proclamation-----of the Virgin, the common habits for most people.

                 My first meeting with saint Sharbel was at his appearance in 1950, when I saw the tools, saint Sharbel used at his cell, I was deeply touched and I cryed, I was twelve years old: my mother asked me why am I crying? I told her, I wish I live his life, I don’t want money, nor I want beautiful houses!.

                 Time passed then I got married, and I mooved to Al-Mzaryb (a distant village) even I am a resident of Jounieh (a modern city). And I lived the life of a villager, with all its difficultys: cooking and washing on woody fire, making our own bread the ancient way called < El-Tannour >, carrying trees for fire from the the woods, washing clothes with ashes in the river, cultivating, and taking care of cows sheeps and chickens, plus I had two aged persons, one of them my mother in law, who disturbed my life,  and lately no one want to give her service, but when she became infirm. I forgave her and served her with the best of my ability.

                 And I used to gather the youths of the village, and teach them the Our Father and Hail Mary, the-----repenting order-----and the Creed. My husband use to object me taking responsibility gathering these kids. But the Virgin always looked after us. And we used to pray to her the Rosery every night, and celebrate her processsion. Then when I mooved to Halat, people start bringing me a sick child or any other sick, for healing. And as the recommendation of the Virgin, I pray on water three times the Creed and one time the Our Father and the Hail Mary for the Christ wounds, then dip the cross in that water, and many was getting heald.

            2. first surgery in the kidney

                   I had a stone in the kidney that measure one and a half centimeter it was causing me infection. I use to get treated for that in the hospital for straight week, then go home, and before accomplishing twenty four hours, I got to go back to the hospital.

                 Doctor Antoine El-Shamy the owner of Saint Martin hospital, decided to pass me a surgery, but the fact that I delivered a baby not too long ago, he cancelled it.

                 So I went visiting Ennaya`s cell, I prayed and took some soil from before the cell and swallow it.

                 That night, in the dream Sharbel came and called me: Nouhad! Nouhad! Are you awake? I answered : yes. He told me : sit ,what kidney bothers you. I said the left one. He cutted me and, I was scared when I saw the flesh, but without blood. I screemed to the Virgin: oh Virgin shelter me, how is he going to give me surgery without anesthesia? He answered me I am Bouna (father, as a priest in home dialect ) Sharbel I passed you a surgery for the stone. My husband rushed to me surprised: what`s the matter with you so you screemed like this?! I answered him: saint Sharbel came and passed me surgery for my kidney. He approached and saw the trace of the surgery, a red spot perspiring a liquid. And I got completely heald.

            3. ( Falej la taalej ) means: a stroke don’t bother treating

                 January-09-1993, I got a stroke, my hand and tongue was paralized to the left side. I entered Saint Martin hospital in Jbeil, Doctor Joseph El-Shamy received me. A specialist for heart, -----vains and tendons-------. He rushes me to the intensive care unit, and started treating me together with doctor Nashanakian and the family physician doctor Majid El-Shamy. After the treatments, the radiology and the examinations, the results was this: the vain in my neck, is dry with a degree of 80% in the left side, and 70% in the right, which caused me paralyzing half of my body, that is stroke. And there is no treatment for such a case. Like the doctor said: ( falej la taalej )!

                 They recommended to me to go home for three months, then go to Hotel Dieux hospital to get a new X-Ray, then perhaps they can pass me a surgery, to exchange the cloged vains in my neck, with plastic ones.     

            4. a touch from saint Sharbel

                 After that my elder son Saad went to Ennaya`s monastery, and prayed of a wounded heart before saint Sharbel statue. And brought me, a blessed oil and soil from saint Sharbel`s sepulcher. Then when my daughter annointed me with this relics, I felt numb in my hand and leg. Then I came out of the hospital after I spent nine days. At home I stock in my bed. My husband give me lift to the bathroom, and my childrens give me food and water with a hose or a straw.

               I spent three days in this situation after leaving the hospital

            5. admonition and regretting

                 Next, I was sleeping, I saw myself walking upstairs the cell in Ennaya, and attended the Mass with the monks, were saint Sharbel gave me holy Communion!. And in the forth day, Thirsday night or Friday morning which was January-22-1993, I felt pain in my head and in the right side of my body. So I prayed and demanded of the Virgin Mary and saint Sharbel, and said to them: I, what have I done? why have you crippled me in bed? What is my sin? I raised a family of twelve children, with fatigue, in praying and persevering untill they grew up. I am not trying to force my will on you, but if you are willing to heal me, do so, or finish my life, whatever you will I am contented! Death is a must and don’t let my house family suffer my case!. But then I regretted and said: forgive me oh Virgin, I must carry the cross and not flee the pain. With your passion oh Christ.

            6. I am coming to give you a surgery!

                 My husband and children left me to sleep and rest.

               At eleven PM while dreaming, I saw a ray of light entering my room and two monks heading towards my bed, and saint Sharbel approached me and uncovered my neck and putted his hand and told me: I am coming to give you a surgery! So I looked but I couldn`t see his face because a radiant light was beaming from his eyes and his body. I was perplexed and said: father why you want to pass me a surgery, physicians did not recommend one. He said: yes you need a surgery, and I father Sharbel, coming to pass it for you. I looked to the statue of the Virgin that sits next to me and said: oh Virgin you are my shelter interceed for me, how theese monks are going to pass me a surgery without anesthesia and give me stiches! Then I looked to the statue I saw that it came and sat between the two monks. It wasn`t just a rigid statue, but it was beaming with light, and animated full of life. At that moment I felt great pain under saint Sharbel`s fingers that was rubbing my neck… After saint Sharbel finished the surgery, saint Maroun approached, took a cushion and sat me then putted it behind my back, he took the cup of water that is next to me, and took away the straw from it, then putted his hand under my head, and said: drink this water. I told him: father I can`t drink without a straw. Saint Maroun again said: yes, we passed you a surgery, you can drink, and now you are going to drink this water and stand up and walk. Then approached and held my head with his right hand and had me drink with his left.

            7. the tears of joy              

                     After that I woke up from sleep and the water was running down my throat naturaly, and found myself sitting the way the monk sat me, I looked at the Virgin statue and found it back in its place on the table, I felt burning in my neck, and without noticing I putted my hand to see what is happening in my neck, then I noticed my left hand the paralyzed one became just natural, and I felt my leg is mooving like usual under the blanket. So I asked my daughter who was sleeping in her bed next to me with her new born baby: what time it is? She said: two in the morning. I stepd out of my bed, and without full conscience, I knelt before saint Sharbel`s photo and the Virgin to thank them. It was the first time I could`ve kneel on my knee because it was inflict with stiffness, when a physician had indicated to cut it out, to minimize the pain. I walked to the bathroom and I saw my neck have two cuts one to the left one to right, and each cut was about twelve centimeters. Then I walked to my husband`s room that is next to mine, and turn the light on, my husband was praying the rosery, he looked and screemed with loud voice: woman how did you come alone? Now you may fall down and it will be an ordeal over an ordeal, not for my sake but for yours. I lifted up my hand and told him: don’t worry, saint Sharbel passed me a surgery and I walked! My husband fell down passing out! I approached him and smacked him several times ( in order to wake him up ) calling him: oh Simon! Oh Simon! Then when some of my children knew, they fell down also. They started informing each other on the phone, then they gathered, while crying the tears of joy. 

            8. I had cutted you by the power of God so they see you

              In the morning I went to the cell together with my daughter and husband to thank the saint for his graces. So I met that day with the cell`s super, father Michael Mghames, and when I spoke to him about my story and showed him the cuts, he said: this cut is not for you only. This is a sign for the whole world. And you must tell the radios to spread the news, and go step forward on the televisions. My husband answered:  we thank God the woman is heald  and saint Sharbel need no advertisment.

                 We attended Liturgy with him in the cell.

                  Then after coming back home, it was the big surprise for the neighbors and the relatives whom was visiting me as crippled.

                 The next day, I woke up from sleep, and three stiches appeared in my neck on the right side, and two on the left. Doctor Majid EL-Shamy pulled two of them, but couldn`t pull the rest, because he was getting stricken with electric shock every time he was touching the string.

                 Then physicians declared that my healing is a result of the medicines they gave me for the migraine I had. And after they were asked about the cut in my neck: they answered: that is because of too much scratching from the pain!...

               LBC television came and filmed, and the news was spreaded.

                 Visitors came from all Lebanon and from the outside. And our house was packed with thousands of visitors. After one week passed on my catastrophe,  Abdo Yaaqoub the priest of our congregation in Halat likewise doctor Majid El-Shamy told me: we want to send you afar to your son`s house so you can rest for couple of days. I was subjected to their order.

                 But at night saint Sharbel appeard to me and told me: don’t leave the people, keep your belief, I had cutted you by the power of God so they see you, because some had gone far from praying and from the church and from venerating the saints. And you cannot do anything to people! But whoever need anything from me, I father Sharbel am present in the cell always. And I ask you to visit the cell every twenty second of each month, and attend Liturgy all your life…

            9. photos dripping oil

                 I kept in force the procession to saint Sharbel in my house in Halat

              every Thursday, the day the miracle appeard. And in August-15-1993 when I was in my village El-Mzaryb, saint Sharbel appeard to me in my dream and told me: Nouhad I want you to make the procession for the rosery every first Saturday of every month, for a year on behalf of your family.

                 I woke up in the morning like usual and offered incense before a venerated little chapel at home, and I litted a candle and started my prayer,and when I looked to saint Sharbel`s photo, I saw oil perspiring from it, and still untill today. And when I was making the procession of the rosery, as recommended me saint Sharbel, I was accompanied by a flock of visitors and faithfulls at home, and it was the first procession, happening in November six, saint maroun`s photo started perspiring oil, and still untill today.

                 The day of September second, saint Rita appeard to me in a dream, when I was before a chapel for the Virgin, near our house in the village, and she layed her hand on my shoulder, and kissed my forehead, and told me: I congratulate you for this faith! So I looked at her to tell her what happened with me, so she told me: I know saint Sharbel passed you a surgery and saint Maroun gave you a glass of water.

            10. the oak tree leaves

                 Like every year habit I set the Christmas cave and we use to adorn a pine tree which we do cut it from the woods. But that day the government  prevented cutting pine trees for Christmas. So I asked my son Yssam to bring me a branch of an oak tree instead. He did, and that branch looked beautiful, dense with leaves, and had the shape of a bell`s collar.

                 The night of Epiphany, father Sharbel came together with saint Maroun to me in a dream, and told me: we want to bless the tree. I knelt and prayed together with them three times the Our Father and the Hail Mary, and he chanted a hymn in Assiriac language it was so beautiful. When we were done with the prayer, he brought a bucket of water with a sprinkler in it. He put it on the carpet, and light shined from it. He sprinkled the cave with the water, the oak tree branch and he continued sprinkling the house, then backed. I was still before the cave with saint Maroun, end he told me: do not throw this in the garbage (the oak tree branch), this you will give to people as blessings. He continued: I will tell you how they can use it, let them put three leaves in a small pot in the name of the holy Trinity and bring it to a boil, then the leaves will be taken away and burned, then the water will be, blessed water, they can drink of it, and pray one time Our Father and one time Hail Mary, for Christ`s wounds, who sacrificed his blood, to his people. And let their sicks drink of it. I did not take these words seriously, because people are going to say Nouhad got crazy and start doing strange things. I was living in fear of people`s mouths. And I stayed two years living this fear. Saint Sharbel kept encouraging me In dreams and telling me: don’t be afraid, god chose you from among his people, to be a sign here on earth, and many of his people are going to come back to faith and prayers at your hand, don’t resent from people. He added (greetings) blessed be every year a cave and a Christmas tree.

            11. don’t be afraid of passing the oak tree leaves

              I took out the oak tree leaves, and burned the branch like he told me, but I did not dare to give anyone of these leaves. And I already told the people who come to pray daily in my house, the story of the dream I had, and the oak tree leaves. They were taken from it.

                 This one night a lady of our group told me the following: one of my neighbors named Nawal Eid was sick and they were willing to take her to the hospital, so I decided to visit her in the morning. In the morning before I go visit her she came visiting me and told me so I told my daughter get a pot and put three oak tree leaves of what we got from Nouhad and boil them. Then after she drinked of that water, she felt she got heald, and later she didn`t have asthma anymore. Don’t be afraid of passing the oak tree leaves, I myself was very disturbed and when I drinked I felt comforted.

            12. she had a twin

                  One time a-----chidren physician-----visited me named Caroline Abou Jawdeh. She stood before saint Sharbel`s photo that perspire oil and cryed  with fever, I asked her: what`s the matter? She said: I don’t have children. I told her: may God give you some. She said I gave up hope, I was treated a lot, and I was subjected to implant twice and I didn`t bear any! And now I`ve been married for twenty years, and I don’t have hope of having any. I told her God is powerful of anything, and I gave her of the oak tree leaves. After one month she called me on the phone and told me she got pregnant, and we started praying for her, and she had twin a boy and a girl. This miracle was repeated hundreds of times with familys who had no children. But their faith in God on saint Sharbel`s hand, gave them.

                 And I became the Godmother for about four hundred fifty of them.

            13. a trip to Mexico

                 Sharbel`s Fame was well spreaded in Mexico, he his everybody`s beloved. His statues was all over the place, in the churches, and in the hospitals, in the houses, and at stores. His photos was everywhere, even in taxicabs. And if anyone having a surgery, will not accept entering the operations room, unless he kiss saint Sharbel`s statue first.

               Nouhad continued: the Lebanese community called for me through bishop Bsharah El-Raahey, to go to Mexico.

                 I went and they had a festival for me, we had a mass in the central stadium because of the large number of people. And I started annointing people with saint Sharbel`s oil for about three hours. Many miracles occurred there, and this is some of it: a thirty years old man was crippled walking on crutches, he was heald, left the crutches and walked away. A little nine years old girl, had cancer in her uterus, she was completely heald. A pregnant women with a cancerous baby, she wanted to abort it, so I advised her to rely on God and keep the baby. Then a day before I left Mexico she returned and told me, God has responded and heald the baby, her physician assured that for her. And during the last liturgy that was held in Lady of Guadaloupeh`s Cathedral, a blind woman walked in, ledd by her two daughters. I had her swallow a small piece of cotton wetted with saint Sharbel`s oil, and I wiped her eyes with my hands, and I asked of saint Sharbel with a burning heart, to have pity on her. The moment they took her back to her place she shouted loud and said: I am seeing, people was crying and started applauding.  

            14. Sharbel at the muslims
              • Sharbel, the beloved of the children

                   A young muslim lady testified: one very cold night in 1994, I was with my little brothers at home alone, when my mother was with my little sister in the hospital, and I was so scared because I was eleven years old. An elder man entered wearing a black robe and a bonnet, and his beard is long white, he said to me: don’t be scared!

                   The heater was off, because we did not have oil for it, so he brought the empty tank and filled the heater! and litted it up. In the kitchen there was a pot that has some milk, my mother was willing to make some rice putting with it, he entered the kitchen and cooked the rice putting. Then came back and taught my little brothers, while he had his finger on his mouth and kept saying don’t be scared! (the next day was our exams we all had A+)

                   Several hours later my mother came back home. And when she opened the door, the elder walk out rapidly. I told my mother: have you seen the elder that was with us?! She said: no! who is that elder? I told her: he cooked the rice putting, litted the heater, taught my brothers and told me don’t be scared! So my mother went to the kitchen and felt the pot of the rice putting it was hot still. So she said thanks to God for everything.

                   After a little while, we went with our  mother to a friend of hers, a christian lady who had saint Sharbel`s photo hanged on the wall in the living room, so I pointed with my hand to the photo, and told my mother: this is the elder that came to our house that night!

                   How charming you are saint Sharbel! You are the scared little children beloved, you warm them, teach them, cook for them, and you stay with them untill mom comes back!.

              •  Sharbel in, the wounds binder

                   A muslim lady wrote: how lucky are we the lebanese, that we live in Lebanon, Christ the Lord foot steps, the symbol of peace and healing, Lebanon the groundwork for the saints mainly talking about saint Sharbel, the saint of Lebanon and the friend of all the lebanese. I am a muslim woman from El-Bekaa, I adore lord Jesus, that he sent for me saint Sharbel.

                   I was living with my children a very poor and desperate state, when that caused me loosing my daughter!

                   One day, three months after her death, our situation became unbearable, and I couldn`t resist the poorness and the hunger, so I decided to commit suicide, by throwing myself from the roof! But my neighbor saw me and prevented me doing it, and she brought me back home.

                  And as miserable as I was, I saw saint Sharbel near the room door, standing above the Ground about thirty centimeters in the air, and in his hand a staff with a golden ball in its end. He came to the corner of the room where there are the (venerated Coran) he took it in his hand and went back near the door where he was standing first. And I was surprised of how he held the Coran in his hand. Then he redd the following: in the name of God the Mercifull the Compassionate, wi`ll inflict you with little of some fear, hunger, shortage of money souls and fruits, and preach the patients whom they if inflicted with an ordeal, said we are for God and for him we are returning. On those are prayers from their Lord and mercy and those are the well ledd (chapter Al Baquara verses 155-157).

                   The word well ledd attracked my mind, so I knew saint Sharbel is going to lead me to the right path,since he appeard to me personally in these difficult days.

                   And I don’t know how to tell how situation and my job has changed! And how I came to raise my children with grace and wisdom, with generosity and courage.

                 This is who is saint Sharbel, the wounds binder and the friends of all lebaneses.


                1. Sharbel the beloved of the grieved

                     This same muslim woman continued: a week later in a second appearance, I was sitting near the window looking the at kids playing in the courtyard, I rememberd my deceased daughter, I was grieved and so sad that she is not playing with them. Saint Sharbel came to me carrying in his hand a white pigeon, he approached and wiped my tear and said to me: don’t cry (he called me by my name)…! Every time you miss her i`m gonna send her to you. And since that far incident, every time I remember her I see the white pigeon flying in front of me. And some times I see her standing at the house terrace. Thi is who is saint sharbel the beloved of the grieved.


                2. Sharbel the good and tender

                     Again the muslim woman continued: in a third appearance, when we was passing a surgery for my youngest child. The pysician in charged said: the patient is not to leave the hospital, but with a thirty seven degree fever.

                   The next day the fever was forty one degree according to the nurse. So the doctor prevented us from leaving. And at sunset I started praying lord Jesus to do some of his miracles, that he is the only one according to the (venerated Coran) can do miracles, because I left my little chidren home alone. In the same time I heard Majidah El-Roumy (the very famous lebanese singer) chanting to saint Sharbel, so I said with a loud voice, where are you saint Sharbel?! And all of a sudden I saw my child has changed, so I said in an innocent way: Oh God! Oh saint Sharbel how beautiful you are! And I called the nurse when she was saying now he is thirty seven degree. Then there was an argument between her and the doctor about such a high and quick Varying in fever degrees! So I stood up quickly and arranged the situation and told them frankly: this is one of saint Sharbel`s miracles! And it happened that we left the hospital.

                     What can I say about saint Sharbel the sweet, the kind, the good and tender the messenger of Christ the Lord, in Lebanon. And he is assuredly the friend of everybody.


                3. Sharbel in Africa in 1995

                     A person of a very pious family decided to go for a trip from Borkina Fasso where he resides, to a distant region. And even with his mother`s firm objection, she couldn`t convince him to turn away from this dangerous trip. She had no choice but to put a photo for lebanon`s recluse under her son`s car seat. And after driving couple of hours to the place he was destined to, he ran out of gaz, in an area where a human been have nothing to do but count the last moments of his life, because it was an isolated area. Many die there every year because of robbery and predators.

                     And when fear and suspense was preoccupying that young man, he saw an elder man getting near him, carrying In his hand a tank. Right away he ask the young man the reason of his stopping in that place. And he offer him the tank he was carrying, and asked him to fill up the car tank, because its amount will enable him to get to the nearest station.

                     When he reached the station he asked the employees to fill up the tank, and when they opened it, they started looking at the young man displeased, and told him: are you moking us, you`re asking us to fill up the tank when it is over the full.

                     When the young man returned from his trip, he told his mother every thing that happened to him, so she hurried and went and pulled the recluse photo from under the seat, right then the young man got to know whom he saved him from a definite death. And now this young man became the first believer among the christians in the region.


                4. the show representative Hiyam Abou Shedid

                  They said; a saint from Lebanon!? I went thinking and saying what are these lies? Every thing is used for advertisment in lebanon: the greenish of our mountains, the beauty of our weather the everlasting Ceaders and now they invented a new "fashion" the saint…all this propaganda is to conceal the bitter reality we are living in lebanon.

                     And I started my story with this saint without anticipation nor expectation or preperation!

                     I stayed for a month and a half suffering a tremor in my voice untill I lost it completely. I was consulted by a physician, he gave me a treatment, and asked me to keep strictly quiet for two weeks.

                   Then fear and doubt started troubling me. I said to myself, it seems that I`m suffering a chronic desease, it could`ve been a cancer in my larynx, especially that tremor accompanied me for several months.

                     One day my neighbor and friend, Rachel told me:

                   - Mrs Maarbis asked about you, and ask me to tell you to go visit her.

                   - who is Mrs Maarbis?

                   - the lady who`s saint Sharbel`s photo is dripping oil in her house.


                   -in Raifoun not to far from here, would you like to accompany me Monday to go visit her?

                   Now that I was someone who fear saint Sharbel`s site, I told her without showing the least impression:

                   -if you will, w`ll go. But what is she want from me?

                   -she saw something in her dream, she need to tell you about.

                   We visited Mrs Maarbis at her house. And she told me, saint Sharbel had told her in dream that I do not need to fear a cancer because I don’t have it! Not to mention, Mrs Maarbis and I, have never knew each other before, nor she was aware that I lost my voice!?

                     So she gave me a little piece of cotton wetted with miraculous oil to swallow. I did and at the same moment my voice came back like it was before the illness. And there was no tremor at all in my larynx!?

                     Since then, shy and worrried I begin to know more about that saint. And I quit talking negatively about him, untill I heard about the miracle that happened with Nouhad El-Shamy.

                     The twenty second of one these months, I visited saint Maroun`s monastery, along with my friend Rachel. I used to call this monastery before saint Sharbel`s.

                     I saw from far away Nouhad El-Shamy standing, and the people bursting towards her asking for  blessings, they were carrying napkins with their hands maybe they could`ve get a drop of blood from the miraculous cuts in her neck.

                     Without making any effort, and without been blocked off by the praying crowds, I felt like a wave of people carried me and put me before her.

                     I looked and examined her shining faith, the beauty of her face the clearence of her eyes, her peaceful smile, and her contagious joy. She touched me deep in the heart, and gave me a sum of peace, I don’t know how I kept it with me.

                     Since then that saint started tickling my feelings by the site of Nouhad El-Shamy`s face, and I no longer fear him. So I prayed, and first thing I asked in my prayer was, forgiveness. I confessed to him with a shy face, .

                     Then by the effect of that incident, my foot steps was driving my life to this saint, without meaning and without any effort.

                     A lot of people seek to see Nouhad El-Shamy to tell about saint Sharbel`s miracles, so I kept listening believing and ask for more.

                     And one day I prepared a talk show about the danger of Jehovas Witnesses, with witnesses whom was former Jehovas then converted to the faith. And after advertising about that episode, some V.I.P contacted the T.V management, and with whatever power and authority did represente that person he asked to cancell that episode! and it was so!. He was one of the high ranks of Jehovas. Then the management asked me to prepare another subject, as quick as possible, that we had only four days left for the show. It was the holy week and Thursday the Sacramental was the day of my episode. Sleiman Abou-Zeid the producer who is a good friend of mine, thought of having me talking about a religious subject, and told me: what do you think if we prepare a show about miracles?

                   -Sure if we wasn`t able to talk about the ennemies of Christianity, let us talk about the graces we receive through faith, like this we will carry out our mission more powerful.

                     I can not tell how the show was prepared? I`m sure it was the arrangement of God! with the help of the monasterys superiors, in Ennaya, Jrebta, and Kfifan. And this how the saints of Lebanon was gathered, Sharbel Rafqua and El-Hardyni, trough my hosts, Nouhad El-Shamy, Andrey Najem and Sylin Rbeiz. The show was greatly successful.

                     After that I prepared a special show with Nouhad El-Shamy at the feast of saint Sharbel.The doors was opened unto clarity love sacrificing tolerance and peace. And I realy felt, saint Sharbel had picked Nouhad El-Shamy a sign for God`s presence in our life.


            15. magdelene in June-22-2002
              1.  a mortal sin

                Rafqua was eleven years old when her father died. She grew up and many problems grew up with her.

                    When she became eighteen, she had relation with Mansour, she always thought, that was true love which was going to be crowned with marriage.

                   The fact that her sister had a car accident, and was In critical condition in the intensive care unit, the mother was then so busy with her. That gave the chance to Mansour to find her lonely at home and taking advantage of her by seducing her, and taking her to bed, and made her loosing her virginity. Their relation stayed on, for five months.

                   After that she went to the doctor together with Mansour and found she was pregnant! She was disturbed and so scared, knowing that her family object that firmly, and her two brothers may dare to kill her if they know that, according to her testimony!

                   She willed to have abortion, but Mansour assured to her he`s gonna marry her. But he kept adjourning the wedding untill she started her fifth month. Then her mother told her one day; Rafqua why you are getting weight?! She answered mom i`m healthy, thank God. Then Mansour started pulling himself away, then finally refused plainly to marry her.

                   It was a big shock for her, she did not know how to escape her painly and dangerous fact, because she lost her love toward Mansour who lyed to her on one side and now she`s exposed to a scandal and to possibly been killed on the other side.

                 She searched for a solution with many doctor then found someone who accepted to give abortion after supplicating him. That night she stayed at her grandmother. The next day she had to go to her job like usual, under all that oppression.

              2. a momentarily solution    

                   She met Mary and she told her about her story. Then Mary called her to go out at night with friends, and right there she offered her a cigarette of hashish (drugs) and told her: this will make you forgetting your troubles! So she smoked the first cigarette then a second then trippled it. That was making her forgetting her problems, untill the cigarette effect ends.

                   Now because of too much going out night time she started getting late to work, and started coming out with excuses. And one night one of the guys putted heroin for her with the soda, she asked him what was that? He told her; Just drink. She drinked and felt a long ecstasy never had it before! He said: isn`t it tasty? She said yes. The next day he putted the heroin for her with the whisky, again she asked him what is this? And again  he said: just drink, and the same thing happened again. And here her life started changing, she got adicted to heroin, it became her daily bread, she couldn`t stay away from it.

                   The young man who gave her the heroin did that aiming to trap her so she, by her turn give it to other guys, and thus he can sell better, and make more money!

              3. the hell of pleasures

                   Now that she stay up nights, she started sleeping in the days, and missing work which ruined her relation with her employer, then she resigned. But with such a very high expense,around hundred dollars per day for heroin, she started selling her body, putting aside her religious practices, after she was a member of a famous church choir. She shuted down the voice of God in her conciense, more then that she was rejecting listening any hymn.

                   She thought with the first attempt that this the true joy, she stepd from pleasure to pleasure, and from rapture to rapture, but she didn`t harvest except distress, misery, sadness and emptyness. She lost trust in everybody and dislike everybody, she saw that nobody love her but they love themselves next to her at night, and in the morning they deny her, more they talk behind her!

                   Hait, lyes, enmity and rebellion against God and people filled her heart, and on the top of all she was practicing devil worship with her friends, they were celebrating the black mass, in which they use the sacrificed candles for lighting, and the -----------------sacrificed bread to scorn and humiliate it, by spitting and blaspheming on it, and exercising fornication next to it-----------------. She was disgusted from her life, she attempted suicide five times! She took big quantity of analgesic pills at once. Her parents knew about two times she was delivered to the hospital because of it, her blood pressure went down to six.

                   The end of the spring of 2002 and after two years of her adiction to heroin, she took adecision of commiting a final suicide, but after enjoying the whole summer. 


            16. the prayer of the mother

                 June -22-2002, Rafqua`s mother knew that Rafqua and her friends are going to visit saint Sharbel, so she asked her to light up a bunch of candles on behalf of her children. Her mother`s love was the only one left in her heart, that what made her hesitating in commiting suicide so she don’t grieve her mother. So Rafqua agreed apparently knowing this is one of the lyes she commit every days to her mother with her friends.

                 They headed to Ennaya. Rakqua was surprised when she saw saint Sharbel`s big photo that is in the woods, now is above the road, she was stricken! And said :what am I coming to do hear?! Lyers! We agreed to spend the night in Kaslik! The young man driving answered: a quick visit only. Rafqua screemed: who saint Sharbel think is he? What saint Sharbel have done for me? You keep telling me Sharbel Sharbel Sharbel!and she pointed her finger to his photo mocking saying: look at this picture! Her friend interfered: why you talking like this Rafqua? Don’t speak like this about saint Sharbel! Rafqua reacted more negative and said <tozz tozz twice and trippled>! (means she forted), we did not see anyone who went to the next life and came back to tell us what`s in there! Who is he saint Sharbel? It is the people who made saint Sharbel. Where is God? where is the justice? ( she said that in retrospecting what had happened with Mansour, how he left her and she aborted, plus that she was poor and couldn`t afford fixing her teeh, but now she possess lots of money). The conversation was over and they arrived to the cell. They ask Rafqua to come in for praying, she objected, they insisted,

              Then she said: the church is closed, I don’t wanna come out. But because they insisted firmly, she stepd out, took off her high hills, she picked it up and started knocking the shoes against each other, saying again: toz toz twice and trippled. Her friend putted his hand on her mouth and made her stop talking. She arrived to the cell and putted down the candles by the door and refused to light it. Her friend litted the candles. Rafqua mocked her saying: you litted the candles?! Heh (the sound of mocking) what had changed?! Her friend did not answer her.

                 They went down to the monastery, it was about ten PM. Rafqua did not want to come down to the church, but she wanted to stay in the car, her friends insisted saying the church is opened pray and come back. Now she willed to act before them just to satisfy them.


            17. the love of God

                 She entered the church and before going down the stony stairs, she noticed a monk entering the door across from her, and got to go down the stairs, paralelle to hers.

                 Here Rafqua testify about the miracle of her sudden change saying: I couldn`t see but this monk! And I couldn`t think but in confessing! I rushed toward him and before he reached ------the confessing booth-----that is at the end of the stairs he was walking it down, I pointed to him several times to sit in the -----booth-----. He did, I knelt and blewout crying! Confessing my sins: adulteress, atheist, drug addict. When the priest heard the word drugs he whispered that, counsels will help me not. So he took me to the guiding departement, and in spot, he offer to give me help. I thanked him and told him tomorrow, and I gave him my adress. I felt weight in my head and body, I needed to sleep and not to stay up anymore. The next day the priest delivered me to a place, where I received complete healing, thank God.

                 Later on I fell in love with Paul, and got married with him. God gave us children which we are planting in their hearts the seeds of holyness and the free love, my lord Jesus and his disciple Sharbel have granted me, so we`ll be a christian family, and an initial unit in the body of christ.

                 Today I knew the meaning of life! today I knew the real taste of love, I loved my children and my husband loved me! I felted the love of God, and had assurance that < he worship me, and not I worship him in reality >! I am the lost sheep he went out searching for, and carried me on his shoulder joyfuly. Thanks for the graces of God, the Father who is going < crazy > for his childrens love!.

                 In the end, I offer my life testimony, to every soul who walked the way of the sin, where evil brought it to a dead end. Perhaps this soul will find in my life story, peace and joy it was looking for, and it is not gonna find them but in the heart of Christ the redeemer of the world.


            18. there was nothing I could`ve think of but crying      

                 Claude Massouh testified: the year 2002, during my study in france, and while working inside the college laboratory, I felt severe pain in my eyes. I went straight to the hospital. Physician treated me over there then I got back home. In my handbag there was a little bottle of blessed water from saint Sharbel`s home-Bkaakafra, I opened it and wiped my eyes with  full confidence, that I`m not gonna have any problem.

                 I recoverd gradualy the second and the third day. I thought this recovery is from the medicine, especialy yet I wasn`t aware of my eyes problem.

                 Then after a week passed, and I felt good, my eyes started to open, I went back continuing my job in the college laboratory. After four hours of work, I went shutting down the electric lights, the doctor walked in and told me: Claude do not forgot to shot off the -----(ultra-violet)-----rays. I told him: which one is that? No one ever told me about it? and he pointed to the place where I worke. Then told me: this light is used to kill the germs, I was chocked hearing that, and started crying, but in the same time I had an inner feeling telling me don’t even pay attention to that.

                 I took off my white robe, I told the doctor what had happened! He went crazy hearing, I worked four hours under the -----(ultra violet)-----rays?!

                 I called a taxi and headed to the hospital. Right there I met the same physician who treated me last time, and I told him: I`m having the same pain in my eyes, and I added my new information: four hours under the -----(ultra violet)-----rays. He first didn`t believe, he gave me a serum unit for each eye. I was aware of how risky is the situation, knowing that staring on the eclipse of the sun per example for several seconds will put us in risk of loosing site, so of how worst is four hours!. The physician came back and ordered for me an examination of the retina. I entered the examination room, and putted my chin on the edge of the telescope, examination started and the doctor was shaking his head and biting his lip! I asked him: what? He didn`t answer! I insisted, so he asked me saying: how did you come here?! I said: alone, you can tell me anything, I`m not scared! And I take anything. He told me: you didn`t come here alone! Because you don’t see! I told him: how?! I can see! He said there are black spots on the retina, and its cells are burned up! at that moment there was nothing I could`ve think of but crying and in a strange way! I didn`t know why my tears flowed! He furtherd if you stay seeing, see me in two days.

                  I went home with the same medicines, and I used the same blessed water, because I knew that was the medicine itself and nothing else.

                 After a week I came back to Lebanon, and went straight to the eyes specialist for examination, and he told me it is good, I insisted he check my retina, he did and said it is very good. Then added there is no need for all this examination!

                 I visited Sharbel and thanked him, and my life started changing, I started praying and from my heart, when before it was from my lips, I experienced that a little moment of praying from the heart, exceeded all what I prayed with my lips when my mind was away! And if I skiped a night without prayer, I feel lack of joy even in the happiest day of my life!.

                 When this changing happened to me I felt that life is meaningless, and nothing is required of us, but just sweeten our life with the presence of the Lord.

                 He is the one have said: I am standing at the door and knocking. We can open for him or not, freedom for us is something extreemly important.

                 Usualy we are troubled with material things, but today I see it insipid.

                 Now I become to know that my gardian angel is Jesus Christ, and he appear to us through his saints, and I started considering saint Sharbel, more then a friend, companion, or a father, in all cases he existed with me. I started feeling responsibility toward the healing grace I received, and that it is due to me to speak of what the Lord have done for me, people are deeply motivated with God`s supernaturals.

                 When the miracle took place with me I did not get tired speaking about it, nor people got tired hearing.

                 The presence of God in our life is a great matter!

                 I started visiting Ennaya repeatedly. And it happen to pass that a friend of mine -----bought-----a car and aimed to bless it with a visit to saint Sharbel. While riding it about midnight, the car slipp off of the road at a sharp curve, it hit a rock from the bottom and flipped over several times. We came out of the car just whole, him from my door and I from his door, we did not know how! We did only clean off our clothes from the dust. And with such a heavy impact of the accident not one glass was broken! We standed astonished before that site.

               I thanked God`s care for our rescue, when my friend was worried the loss of his car! Later on after thinking and retrospecting the incident and how he escaped a death, he started noticing God`s care.

                 Thanks to God our father for every thing.


            19. Sharbel in the Phylippins 2005

                 A young Phylippina lady, worke as a house maid for a Christian lebanese family in Beirut, called her mother on the phone in the Phylippines. Her mother was crying telling her daughter: I`m gonna die without seeing you, the sickness has distroyed me, and I am in my last days.

                 The daughter cried much the difficulty of her expensive trip to the Phylippines, and the fact she is poor, and she already signed a contract for two years, plus that the husband and the wife both worke and their are in real need of her, for their two little children.

                 She was crying much. The husband and the wife got tired comforting her. Finally they called her to visit saint Sharbel, she agreed thanking.

               She arrived to Ennaya and knelt down at the sepulcher for two and a half hours supplicating and saying: you saint Sharbel, be lenient to my situation, and heal my mother! I need to see her before she die, and you know my deficiency and poorness! I cannot go to her…

                 She returned back with the family, and her eyes just reddish from crying!.

                 Upon arriving to Beirut, her mother called her and said:

               - I thank you oh my daughter, that you sent me a doctor from Lebanon and he heald me.

               - I didn`t send anybody!

                         - yes!( the mother insisted) he told me, you sent him for me from Lebanon!.

                         - ( here the daughter realized and said) how he look like? What is he wearing?

                         - he is wearing a black frock, and he got a white beard.

                         - (the daughter was stricken) at what time he came to you?

                         - At one fifteen PM.

                         - (the daughter rejoiced and trilled) that was saint Sharbel, he visited you, after I knelt before him   

              and that was the hour I was praying before his sepulcher, he was healing you in the Phylippines. The lord is glorified in his saints.


            20. Sharbel a soldier for Christ

                 Susan El-Alam narrated: May-22-2007, I was going down to college in Dekwaneh. I felt asleep, and slept in the bus. Usualy I get of the bus in El-Mkalles then head to Dekwaneh. The bus kept going through, to Dawrah then head back to El-Bekaa. The driver tried to wake me up over and over! But in vain!. Then he took me to my parents, because he know them, he told them: your daughter is sleeping in the bus and she`s not getting awake. My parents was scared, my brother carried me home. They called the doctor and he told them: deliver her now to Khoury hospital in Zahleh.

                 In the way there I woke up in the car, a drop of tear dripped down from my sister`s eye on my cheek, I told her: why are you crying?! She said that I hurted my leg, she got to lift up my pant to show me the wound, I passed out again, and I heard the weeping in the car.

                 Arriving the hospital the doctor ordered for me twenty four shots of (Cortison-Octagon), each shot is a $1000, and it is not available in Lebanon. They requested it from Quatar, and it was to take two days to have it ready, the doctor said: enough time to loose the young lady! Then he knelt on his knees and said: Oh God seventeen years old girl to be lost from among us! Help her oh Lord! Impossible you may permit such a thing to happen!

                 The shots arrived, some politician had payed the expenses.

                 My mother was crying, it was Thursday of the Sacraments of the holy week, she looked at Jesus, she wiped off her tears and told him: I`m not going to cry anymore, this girl you have created her, she`s my daughter and I am in need of her! if you want her take her, but I, need her! She didn`t live her life yet, and yet she didn`t see anything of this world! She furtherd: let her suffer as much as I did or more! But the day of resurrection, I want her to resurrect with you!

                 Next day which was Holy Friday my fever went up to 43 cellcuse, my heart beat stopped then came back.

                 Next was the night of Bright Saturday and Holy Sunday of the resurrection (Easter), I was surrounded with my parents, my father, my mother, sisters, and brothers. My father was holding my hand, shaking it and tapping on it gently for a while. I was out of conciense completely. My mother was saying: God need her, he wants her!

                 Midnight on the dot, I woke up, I saw myself in a room in the hospital, I said: Mom! Dad! I`m here, my parents did not believe what they were seeing!

                 They called the doctor, he was in France having a conference. First he didn`t believe, then he asked saying: Susan El-Alam room 256, is heald?! They told him: yes and she even asked for salt. He said: if she asked for salt means she have no more any problem! Thanks for your goodness oh Lord!

                 After I woke up I said: mom there was a priest here praying. She said: no that was a nun from Beshwait she was praying and visiting all the patients. I insisted: there was a priest who look like saint Sharbel, and all the time that I was out of conciense, I was with him in heaven, a green square has birds and very beautiful. My mother answered: true because you died and resurrected! Your heart stopped, then started beating again!

                 We visited saint Sharbel to give thanks to him. During liturgy, I prayed in all piouty, and at the Holy Communion: the priest told me: take off that seed of your lip! I told him: there is nothing! I putted my hand on my lips, I felt a solid seed, I pulled it off, blood came out from my lip, it was a fragment of incense, the priest took it and told me: I am going to cense with it.

                 After Mass the priest asked me: Have saint Sharbel told you anything? I answered: he told me preach of me, there is none but one Lord in this world, who is Jesus Christ! And the other Lord do not exist! And saint Sharbel is a soldier for Christ.

                 I father (the priest) Hanna Iskandar, met Susan personally, in her parents`s supermarket in Baabdat, and I saw by myself, very shortly after I met her, soil, incense and wax (wax of candles) coming out from her mouth!

            21. Healings in 2008-2009

              1. Sharbel Nasr was stricken with -----the brain electricity----- and entered in coma for fifty days. He was treated in Hotel Dieux hospital, at doctor Sandra Sabbagh. And after delivering him home on a wheel chair. His mother brought him to saint Maroun`s monastery, and clothed him with saint Sharbel`s frock. Coming back home when they were praying, he stood up and walked, then he gained back his health gradually.

              2. Elham Basil had cancer. She asked for saint Sharbel`s intercession, then the desease disappeared from her body

              3. Jalileh Ahmed Wehbeh, a sheeite muslim lady, was born in 1964. She had breast cancer, and had a surgery to extract the desease, in 2006. After a year and four months the desease appeared in her bones. They decided radiology for her.

                   She visited saint Sharbel`s sepulcher and asked healing of him, and she putted her hand on its wall and said : don’t forget me. She heard a voice saying to her: one moment. And the healing took place.

              4. Salim El-Hajj, born in 1945, had a permanent infection in his left ear then was spreaded to his right one. Pain accompanied him for twenty years.   He received a surgery for his ear in Al-Nekkash hospital from doctor Pierre Nawfal. After the surgery, infection striked him for another five years.

                   Then he visited saint Maroun`s monastery, saint Sharbel`s sepulcher, and asked him with faith and fever to heal him, and he annointed his ears with saint Sharbel`s oil. He came out whole. That took place in March-2008. 

              5. Secilia merdilli, from Aleppo, Syria, a Melkite Catholic, was inflicted with deformation in her spine, and became hunchbacked. And in July-31-2008, her mother brought her to saint Maroun`s monastery- Ennaya, asking of Sharbel the healing of her daughter. When she came back to the hotel, she felt an undescribible pain in her spine. There was somebody treating her vertebras one by one with his finger. She felt cold in her hands and her feet, her parents near her couldn`t do anything to her. After an hour of pain, she slept in her bed. In the morning she stood up straight, complaining of nothing. 

              6. Sophia Takla Abb Fersahasyn from Somalia, born in 1968, living in Beirut. She was inflicted with a stroke in the left side of her body for a period of two years. When she is the supporter of her mother.  She visited saint Sharbel`s cell, and wiped her head and body with the blessed water at the entrance of he cell, then anointed herself with saint Sharbel`s oil. She then got heald of her paralysing. 

              7. Antoine Abboud from Karm Saddeh, Lebanon, living in California, born in 1936, got inflicted with cancer in his stomach.

                   He had two surgerys, then the cut was infected. His situation became critical. The physician ordered for him the chemotherapy. So he prayed to saint Sharbel to exempt him from that. And while he was yet in the hospital, he saw saint Sharbel entering the doctor`s room. After a moment the doctor came out to tell him the treatment is adjourned for one month. This event repeated twice, then Antoine was set free from the chemotherapy treatment, because every time saint Sharbel was appearing to him and heal him. 


              8. Yvonne Michel from Menyarah, Lebanon, Chicago resident fell from a ladder, and had several broken bones. Two years passed then she saw people are builting a small shrine for saint Sharbel, so she asked them for a small photo for the saint, and an old women gave her an ancient photo of his.

                Then she asked him to look at her and heal her. After the demand she felt someone pulling her leg and shoulder. The haling occurred. 

              9. Jimmy Njeim entered a state of coma for two days, caused by a pressure of the heart. He was treated in Hotel Dieux hospital.

                  Saint Sharbel appeared to him, and with the prayer of his parents and their vows to saint Sharbel, Jimmy came back to life. 

              10. Sonia Abi Khalil had four surgerys to take out a -----glande----- from her body, in Saint Georges hospital in AAjaltoun by doctor Khattar Rashwan. But again the -----glande----- reappeared. The doctor decided a fifth surgery to moove it out. Sonia gave up from surgerys, and sheltered to saint Sharbel, and putted his Icon on the spot where the -----glande----- are.

                   While sleeping she saw in her dream a monk sewing her head, and told her: < who he have passed You the surgery was wrong, and I passed you the surgery >. When she woke up she saw the pus on her clothes and her chest, and the mark of three surgical stiches at the -----glande----- spot.             


              11. Rashideh Merhej from Quartaba, Lebanon, born in 1937, residing in London. She was stricken with  Pain in her Shoulder by the joint. She neede medicines for six month.

                She saw on the OTV channel, the program < your faith had saved you >, the subject was  a miracle   by saint Sharbel`s intercession. When Saint Sharbel`s statue appeared on the TV screen, she asked him healing, and right away she was heald of her pain. 

              12. Pedro El-Sheaar Rosa, born in 1999, a Lebanese immigrant in Bresil had cancer in the liver, in five spots. He was subjected to two surgerys, and yet he wasn`t heald.

                   His grandfather, of his mother side, Emilio El-Sheaar, from Hadath El-Jebbeh, Lebanon, prayed to saint Sharbel asking him the boy`s healing. Saint Sharbel together with saint Rafqua appeard to him, and the boy`s healing was accomplished. 

              13. Jamy Najjar from Sedd El-Baoushrieh, born in 2007, was inflicted with two holes in the heart at her birth. Physicians discover the holes only four months after her birth, in Hotel Dieux hospital.

                   The night the show program of saint Sharbel`s miracles in 10/06/2008, her father saw the program, then he vowed on his daughter`s behalf for saint Sharbel, saint Sharbel appeard to his daughter, and she started pointing at him with her finger and knocking on her chest.

                   Next in 10/10/2008, her father took her to doctor Sharaf Abou Sharaf, in El-Roum hospital, it appeard that the holes disappeard and the child was heald.

              14. Maria Kshouky living in San-Francisco, born in 1968, was stricken with cancer in her -----lemphatic gland-----in February 2007, and a big tumor in her cheek.

                   She was treated by -----chemotherapy-----when she was pregnant in her sixth month. She called her mother in Lebanon to send her saint Sharbel`s blessed oil, and when she anointed her cheek and her neck with the oil, the desease disappeard from her body. And she deliverd the baby naturally. 

              15. Susan Karam from El-Ghbatiyeh Lebanon born in 1970. She caught a cancer in her brain, in the visual and acoustic area in February 2008. She was treated in Hotel Dieux, and in Mount Lebanon hospitals. She was in a big risk of death. Physicians lost hope of her rescue.

                   She visited saint Sharbel, she drinked of his blessed oil and anointed her head and eat some soil of his sepulcher. She went back home and got completely heald.

              16. Sharbel Abou Eid, from El-Berbarah, Zahleh, Lebanon, living in London, born in 2008. He was yet an embryo when a swell appeared in his-----behind-----. In that swell passing the vessels of the legs and the tendons.

                   Physicians counsel his parents to have the mother aborte him, or otherwise he is going to born deformed with crippled legs.  The mother came from London to Lebanon, to saint Sharbel. She slept in the car facing the statue of saint Sharbel, asking him, her baby`s rescue.  Next she took with her blessed oil and incense, and a tape of maronite hymns.

                   While delivering the baby she ask to run the tape of the hymns, and at the moment of the birth of the baby she ask her husband to anoint him with saint Sharbel`s blessed oil immediately. After the delivery the baby he was carried to another hospital to remoove the swell. It was found, the swell is a -----bag-----of water! 

              17. Madonna Kalash, a Greeck Orthodox from Betram, Lebanon, got ill with her -----glande endocrine-----. She needed a surgery to extract it. She prayed to saint Sharbel, end he appeard to her in dream, and told her: I want to pass you the surgery. He putted one hand on her head and the other on her neck. Whenshe woke up, on her neck appeard saint Sharbel`s finger print for an hour. She anointed her neck like saint Sharbel told her to do.

                   She went early to her doctor Hasan Harmoush in Al-Zahraa hospital. it appeard to the doctor ,that the surgery was passed and she was heald.

              18. Natasha Antony Watson, English lady, born in 1984, living in the United States, married with Johny Yssa From El-Kbayyat, Lebanon.

              19.   In 2006 she caught a desease of -----the shrinking of the cells. After the failure of long treatments, she came to her mother Labibeh Watson whom she live in Zouk Mkayel, Lebanon, at her request, to have her visiting saint Sharbel.

                   Upon arriving to her mother`s house and before visiting saint Sharbel, her mother gave her to drink a drop of saint Sharbel`s blood she was preserving in her house.

                   When she drinked it she felt severe pain in her body, and her nervous system cramped. The relatives and the neighbors started praying saint Sharbel asking for her healing. So she felt a person begin treating her starting from her toses to the rest of her body, including her lungs, chest and her head. And after an painfull hour, she was heald of her illness.

              20. Fady Abi Aabdallah, born in 1980, from Remhalah El-Shouf, living in Australia, was stricken with cancer at the age of five. The desease invaded him heavily, Physicians predicted he will last three days. His mother Sonia sheltered to saint Sharbel, and asked him her son`s healing. And after the treatment her son was heald. But they told his mother he is going to be a midget, and mentally defected, and if married -----he cannot have children-----.  Through saint Sharbel`s intercession, fady became taller than his father, he work in stock marketing, he was married and got his eldest son. He Named him Sharbel Makhlouf. 

              21. Lody Eid from Souk El-Gharb, Lebanon, was stricken with joint illness in her knees. She sufferd that illness for many years. She visited saint Sharbel`s cell, in the company with her brother Fouad who helped her kneeling. After finishing the visit, herr knees was heald.

              22. auline Sabbah born in 1978, living in Al-Mounsef. She caught blood cancer. Before starting the treatment, she visited saint Sharbel and ate grass from on his sepulcher, and the desease from her body.

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