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           My Village - Yahchouch, Ftouh Keserwan, Lebanon  
    Home : Yahchouch, My Village Yahchouch   My Village   Wild Nature   Gallery   Forests
         Yahchouch, Lebanon: infos, photos & Videos  at www.puresoftwarecode.com/YahchouchPage.htm Yahchouch, 81 Photos, Big Size            
     1- Yahchouch, Village
Yahchouch, Ftouh Keserwan, Lebanon
     1a- Village, Center Yahchouch or Center of Village

Yahchouh, Official School

Yahchouh, Village

Yahchouch ,View of cross
Yahchouch Entrance
Yahchouch, Source Water

       Church Mar seman / Saint Simon

yahchouch village, Zouein Home

        1b- Chweaia + Meadene


Yahchouch >>> Chweaia + Meadene + ...
         1c- Houssanie
Yahchouh, Houswany - Official School
        1d- Naher Yahchouch, Jabal Moussa, Snaoubar
Yahchouch, Jabal Moussa Mountain
Naher Yahchouch
Snoubar St Takla Church in Snoubar - 2017
Yahchouch's River, Jaber Water Source
Yahchouch's River
Yahchouch's River Yahchouch's River

       1e- Sahlee


Sahlee Sahlee

        1f- Ghouchria

Yahchouch, Ghouchraya View from Adonis - Jbeil Yahchouch, Beautiful Traditional  Home - (Mr Assaf)
Ghouchria Ghouchria

      1g- Chouan Village


Our Lady Church, Chouan Chouan Village
Chouan Chouan
    2- Yahchouch, Jabal Moussa Mountain - Biosphere Reserve.  (JMBR)
Yahchouch, jabal Moussa
Yahchouch, jabal Moussa Yahchouch, jabal Moussa

          Yahchouch, jabal Moussa, Monastery St Girgis / St Georges


Yahchouch, jabal Moussa, Monastery St Girgis / St Georges

Yahchouch, Monastery St Girgis / St Georges Yahchouch, Church St Girgis / St Georges
Yahchouch, Monastery St Girgis / St Georges + Church Yahchouch, Monastery and Church St Girgis / St Georges
      Yahchouch, Jabal Moussa
Jabal Moussa  
Jabel Moussa
Jabel Moussa
Jabel Moussa
      3- Yahchouch, The Cross on the top of the Jabal Moussa Mountain (1365m) - Salib Yahchouch
Salib Yahchouch / Cross Yahchouch
The cross & the statue of Virgin Mary on top of the mountain

This will be the most challenging Geocache hunt in Lebanon. It's located in the region of FTOUH KESSERWAN on the top of JABAL MOUSSA (MOUNT MOSES) 1365m. (Actually the place is a Reserve known now as Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve) There will be an entrance fee: 8000 Lebanese Lira
The geocacher must be a good hiker to go up to the top of the mountain where stands a big cross which can be seen from very far. There's also a statue of Virgin Mary there.
Here's how to reach the target: First you have to go to YAHSHOUSH which is a very well known village in Ftouh Kesserwan. Then find a church called MAR TAKLA, park your car there and begin walking uphill until you find another church which is very old, it's called MAR GERGESS. When you reach this location you can see the beginning of a hiking trail identified by a white electrical wire on which hundreds of light bulbs are attached. The wire is connected to the cross on top of the mountain. Just follow its directions.
The Geocache is hidden under a rock not far from the big cross. To make it a little bit easy for the Geocacher I marked the rock with a small cross. The view from the top is fantastic...breath taking.
Salib Yahchouch_Jabal Moussa (1365m)
    4- Yahchouch,  Nahr Ibrahim River - the Valley of Adonis
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