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           Yahchouch, Wild Nature - Plantes, Animals ...  
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   1- List of the Trees and the Shrubs in Jabal Mousa, Yahchouch
  1- the Trees and Shrubs    

Quercus cerris L. – Turkey Oak - عزر

This seedling will grow up to become a tall tree with a beautiful grayish bark and large leaves

Quercus calliprinos Webb – Kermes Oak - سنديان

As an evergreen oak tree, this seedling will never lose its spiky serrated/dentate leaves.

Acer syriacum Boiss. & Gaill. – Syrian Maple - قيقب سوري

Grown specimen can mostly be seen in form of shrubs, and are found down in the valley of Nahr Yahchouch

Fraxinus ornus L. – Mana Ash - مران زهري

Also called the Flowering Ash, this extraordinary Ash tree will develop large clusters

Ceratonia siliqua L. – Carob Tree - خرّوب

This seedling is the well-know Carob Tree. Once grown, it will develop large seed pods

Amygdalus orientalis Mill. – Wild Almond - لوز مرّ برّي

This tree is the wild form of the almond as we know it as a snack

Pistacia palaestina Boiss. – Palestine Pistachio - بطم

All around the slopes of Jabal Moussa you can see the red color of its flowers and fruits hanging

Pyrus syriaca Boiss. - Wild Pear - إجاص برّي

Like other wild forms of fruit trees, this species’ fruits are rather small
  2-the Plants    

Malus trilobata Labill. ex Poir. - Wild Apple - تفّاح برّي

One wouldn’t guess from the shape of the leaves – this seedling will grow to become an apple tree.

Juniperus drupacea Labill. - Syrian Juniper -دفران

This juniper species is endemic to the region and typical for heights like Jabal Moussa.

Spartium junceum L. - Spanish Broom - وزّال

The Spanish Broom is a shrubby plant with a wide range that exceeds the Mediterranean.

Crataegus monogyna J. - White hawthorn - زعرور احادي القلم

The White Hawthorn is a shrub or small tree found in Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East

Rhus coriaria L. - Sumac - سماق

Sumac is an important spice in the oriental cuisine. The ingredient of known food products
   2- List of the Wild Flours in Jabal Mousa, Yahchouch
   3- List of the Wild insects and Animals in Jabal Mousa, Yahchouch
   Des Lepidoptera et Tineidae
علماء فنلنديين من جامعة هلسنكي اكتشفوا في محميّة جبل موسى، ثلاثة أنواع من رتبة قشريات الجناح (Lepidoptera):
1- الجديد،  Micropterix jabalmoussae.- عث جبل موسى القصير الأجنحة،  الذي ينتمي إلى جنس العث الصغير الأجنحة في العالم، لا مثيل له قي كل أنحاء العالم،غير في  محميّة جبل موسى. هذاّ الاكتشاف في جبل موسى ياتي بعد مرور 81 سنة على اكتشاف النوع الرابع من هذا العث.
اما النوعين الاخرين، الأول والثاني ينتميان إلى فصيلة السوسيات الفراشية (Tineidae) وتشمل العث الفطري المسمّى كذلك لكونه يتغذّى على الفطريّات والأشنات والحتات. وهذان النوعان هما “العث الفينيقي” و “العث الشامي”:
   Tabsoun,  the Lebanese name of the Animal for the Rock Hyrax
Tabsouns Tabsouns Tabsouns Tabsouns
The Tabsoun,  the Lebanese name of the Animal for the Rock Hyrax

Tabsoun (طبسون) is the Lebanese name for the Rock Hyrax (French: Daman des rochers), a small furry brown animal, unique in its morphology and social life. It is such a particular animal that it is placed in its own order, Hyracoidea, and has its own family, Procaviidae.

The rock hyrax has short legs, rounded ears, blunt nose and a rudimentary tail. It is a relatively “chubby” animal, leading to using the Arabic word “Tabsoun” or its verb in this sense. However, do not let its bulk fool you: the rock hyrax can be quite fast and agile when feeling threatened.
Using its rubbery foot pads, it can climb very steep rocks and trees.
The rock hyrax occurs in Africa and the Middle East. Its northernmost limit is Lebanon, and particularly Jabal Moussa

     Yahchouch   My Village   Wild Nature   Gallery   Forests     
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