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           Yahchouch, Lebanese Village  
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Yahchouch, Lebanese Village, in Kesrouan يحشوش قرية لبنانية، في قضاء كسروان
Yahchouch, Ftouh Keserwan, Lebanon
1.  Yahchouch - History, Geography, Demographics ...  -  En. texts (38 KB zip file)   download
2.  Yahchouch -  History, Geography, Demographics ...  -  Ar.texts (41 KB zip file)   download
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Yahchouch (Arabic: يحشوش) is a municipality in the Keserwan District of the Mount Lebanon Governorate in Lebanon. It is located 42 kilometers north of Beirut. Its average elevation is betyon 400 and 1200 meters above sea level and its total land area is 636 hectares. Yahchouch's inhabitants are predominantly Maronite Catholics and Christians from other denominations.

The municipality has nine Maronite churches (St. Semaan, Wardieh, Saydet Ghoshraya, St. John, St. Takla, St Girgis, St. Therese, St. Bechara and Saydet Shouan) and several other Christian churches. Its inhabitants are entirely Christian. The Lebanese surname "Yahchouchi" derives from this village.
The prominent families
( 22 families) of the village are Zouein, Atallah, Assaf, Barakat, Bidran, Kayrouz, Saiid,  Mouawad, Daou, Yahchouchi, Al Turk, Ghanem, Karam, Ziadeh, Chams, Khalil, Trad, Chidiac, Fahd, Bdaywi, Makhlouf,  Al Jurr
Leading Roads: 
   1- Jounieh, Ibrahim River- Okaybeh, Bazhel-Yahshoush
   2- Jounieh, Ghazir, Kfour, Mradiyeh to Yahchouch
   3- Mayrouba, Wata el Jawz, Yahchouch

 The following villages neighbours Yahchouch:
From the West : Mradiyeh and Bazhel
         From the South: Gbeleh And Jouret Bidran
         From the East: Jabal Moussa (Moussa Mountain) and Nahr el Dahab (River of Gold)
         From the North: Michan, Adonis, Ain Jreim and Sannour.

Location within Lebanon
Coordinates: 34°3?59?N 35°44?11?E / 34.06639°N 35.73639°E / 34.06639; 35.73639
  Country   Lebanon
  Governorate   Mount Lebanon
  District   Keserwan, (Ftouh Keserwan)
  Area   6358000 m2
  Distance from Beirut   45 Km
  Distance from Jouneih   25 km
  Time zone   EET (UTC+2)
  Summer (DST)   EEST (UTC+3)
  Dialing code   +961
From Jabel Moussa to See the Yahchouch Village and others Villages of Kesrouan and Jbeill Yahchouch Entrance


  1. Meaning and origins of the village name:
    • 1st possibility: Distortion of the word “hāshūsha”, meaning the agonized and tortured.
    • 2nd possibility: Present form of the verb “hashsh”, meaning suffered and endured.
    • 3rd possibility: Village of pain and agony  in Syriac.
    • 4th possibility: Syriac word meaning the “Suffering god”

    All four possibilities refer to pain and suffering. To explain this, one must go back thousands of years ago, to the times of the Phoenicians, whose god Adonis dies in the Valley of Adonis River - Nahr Ibrahim , the river that bounds the village of Yahchouch on the North.

  2. Demographics, The total population of Yahchouch is around 4000, 60% are permanent residents; the rest live on the coast in winter and in Yahchouch in the summer. The permanent residents are generally blue and while collar workers, labourers and tradesmen; those living on the coast are in general more educated and work in more executive jobs.

    25% of the Adult population are holders of diplomas and graduate/post graduate qualifications. The first sealed road to Yahchouch was built in 1928, the first car reached Yahchouch on the same year, driven and owned by Philippe Zouein.

     There is only one School in Yahchouch, however a plan is already underway to build a multi-purpose school funded by the inhabitants and the International monetary fund. Yahchouch has around 450 inhabited houses and 175 deserted or inhabited houses. There is also around 33 shops and industrial places.   Yahchouch is famous for the wells and water streams that run through the village into the Adonis river; the 55 wells provide the village with the purest and healthiest of waters that anyone could ever dream of. Some of the major wells and Streams are:Ain El Sheer

    Yahchouch River, a feeder to the Adonis River, and the main provider of water for agriculture.

  3. As is the case with almost all the villages in Keserwan, Yahchouch is another Cristian Maronite village with a rich history of religious zest and dedication.
    Yahchouch is the home to 8 Cristian maronite Churches:
        1- St Simon the Stylite – The main village Church. (Big name day on September,1 every year).
        2- Our Lady of Ghochraya (Name day celebration on September, 8 every year)
        3- St Takla (the first of the Martyrs, name day of September, 23).
        4- Our Lady of Wardieh – (Owned by the Barakat Family)
        5- St Michael (Owned by the Assaf Family)
        6- St John (Owed by the Family of Father Giryis Saiid)
        7- Our Lady of Bechara (Owned by the Nagig Yaacoub Zouein Family) 
        8- The
    Monastry of St George in the Moussa Mountain (Owned by the Zouein Family)
  4. The main well in the village:
         1- Ain Bou Elias
         2- Ain el Hanout el Fawka
         3- Ain el Hanout el Tahta
         4- Our Lady’s stream
         5- Nabeh el Maghara
         6- Ain El Barriyeh
         7- Nabeh el Jawzeh (The walnut)
         8- Nabeh Jaber (Naher Yahchouch or Yahchouch Rivers   >>>>>>


  5. Touristic sites in Yahchouch village:
    • Church: Saint Simon the Stylite
    • Church: Our Lady of Ghochraya (Miraculous)
    • Monastry Saint Georges (Mar Geryes), inside Jabal Moussa
    • The Cross on the top of the Jabal Moussa Mountain (1365m) - Salib Yahchouch
    • Yahchouch, Jabal Moussa Mountain - Biosphere Reserve.  (JMBR) - "One entrance to Jabal Moussa Reserve in Assnawbar, a neighborhood of Yahchouch"
    • Yahchouch,  Nahr Yahchouch River
    • Yahchouch,  Nahr Ibrahim River - Valley of Adonis
    • Two ancient watermills
    • Ancient Olive Press
  6. The first council was formed in 1916 (29th of June), under the ottoman rule.  President: Semaan Afendi Fares Zouein
The Cross, Salib Yahchouch
Church: Saint Simon
حجر طاحون
Monastry Saint Georges (Mar Geryes)
the Yahchooh School
تل الصليب Entrace of Yahchouch كنيسة دير مار جرجس الجبل
جسر على نهر يحشوش معصرة Church our Lady of Ghochraya
من نهر ابراهيم Naher Ibrahim River من نهر ابراهيم
   اهلا وسهلا في قريتي، يحشوش، قضاء كسروان،  لبنان      Welcome in Yahchouch, Lebanese Village,  My Village in Arabic
Click here, to Enlarge  
Jabal Moussa, Yahchouch    
 Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve (JMBR) 
     جبل موسى، جبل من لبنان في قرية يحشوش الكسروانية - انه المحمية Jabal Moussa Reserve in Arabic
        Chouwan  and  Al iibré  
Governorate: Mount Lebanon
Caza: Ftouh Kesserwan
Altitudes: Chouwan: 470m to 650m - Al iibré: 850m
Distance from Beirut: 51 Km

Meaning and origins of the village name:
Chouwan: Even though he doubts its Semitic origin, Dr Anis Freiha assumes it might be a distortion of the Semitic word “Shewê”, plural of “Shewé”, meaning “flat” and “leveled” as opposed to “rugged” and “high”.

Al iibré: The name derives from the root “Ebra”, meaning the crossing, the coast, which is used in reference to “the other side”. The root word"عبر" means to cross and pass.

Touristic sites:
 A- Chouwan:
         1-  Ancient Watermill
         2-  Ancient Olive Press
         3-  Ancient Lime kiln
         4-  Church - Our Lady of Deliverance
         5-  Lake of Chouwan
         6-  One entrance to Jabal Moussa Reserve facing Chouwan Church
 B- Al iibré:
          1- Two Ancient Grape Presses, still functional today
          2- Rita Keyrouz Guesthouse
Yahchouch, Lebanese Village, My Village - History, Geography ... يحشوش قرية لبنانية، في قضاء كسروان
     Yahchouch   My Village   Wild Nature   Gallery   Forests     
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